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Why Was Manscaped Created?

why was manscaped created

Manscaped has made a huge splash in the world of men's grooming with its Nuts & Bolts and Perfect Package male grooming sets. Featuring male-only products and tools that keep a man's most personal area trimmed, clean, and fresh, Manscaped fulfills what's missing in the world of male grooming. There's no more "borrowing" your girlfriend or wife's razor, nor using a cheapie drugstore trimmer that nicks and snags.

So why did Manscaped come into being? For the following reasons:

1. Manscaped wants to even the playing field. For ages, women have been going to great lengths to maintain a clean appearance to their below-the-belt zone. It's time for men to catch up! (Note: This is guaranteed to improve your relationships.)

2. Manscaped noticed that chivalry is nearly dead. By creating Manscaped, they aim to revive the refined gentleman. From opening doors to paying for dates to now keeping a neat appearance to one's manhood, chivalry encompasses everything it means to be a real man.

3. Manscaped wants to refine the gentleman both literally and figuratively. A manscaped man becomes more sophisticated in all areas of his life: relationships, career, social ties, and more. He is more aware of everything around him, and he becomes more detail-oriented. Because if you're keeping your nether region right, that attention to detail naturally spills over into the rest of your life.

To put it in a nutshell (haha) the Manscaped Mission Statement states that our mission is: to provide exclusive, professional men's grooming products that deliver a safe, effective, and fun manscaping experience that laves you feeling refreshed, confident, and energized.




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