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November 07, 2017

Why We Created Crop Cleanser

It’s happened to you. You’re minding your own business, maybe enjoying a nice meal at a swanky place, and suddenly you’re hit in the face. The eye-watering assault on your nose is excruciating. Some poor soul doesn’t understand the art of subtlety, and that pungent dousing of cologne is a one-way ticket to Perpetually Single Town. On the other hand, being a man comes with smelly side effects. You can’t take care of your body and smell like a rose, so somewhere down the line you have to compromise. It is this dichotomy of modern masculinity that drove Manscaped to create a solution: Crop Cleanser.

The Challenge of Odor

Men today can’t get away with smelling like cave-less Neanderthals. Nor can they justify giving off the musk of a 13-year-old who just discovered those old Axe commercials. If you want success in your professional and personal life, you have to master your odor. This means smelling like a gentleman, and it will require more than simply covering your natural stink with an unnatural pungency. That is why we created Crop Cleanser. It controls odor rather than trying to bludgeon you with alternative stink.

How It Works 

There are two important keys to managing your natural scent. The first is pH control. When your body is properly balanced, the bacteria most responsible for creating BO can’t thrive and you produce less stink. Crop Cleanser helps by managing the pH on your skin -- especially in places known to grow a little funk. It's infused with effective botanicals and other made-for-men cleansing agents that won't let you down.

The other pillar of odor management is trimming your man mane (the one in your pants). You already know that odor sticks to hair follicles, so you have to control your body hair if you want to stop smelling like too much a man. Crop Cleanser balances cleanliness with skin moisturizers. This helps to regulate sebum activity and promotes skin and hair health that is prime for proper trimming.

 Getting It All at Once

A precise attack on odor could require a range of products for each potential problem. The best part of Crop Cleanser is its all-in-one approach. The carefully crafted formula enables you to cleanse your whole self in a single go. Even the nastiest regions of your body, primed by a day of hard labor can’t withstand the effectiveness of this body wash.

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