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Why We Created The Lawn Mower

Let’s be honest. If you’re reading this, it’s either because you have fully embraced the joy of a properly manscaped body or you can no longer deny the necessity of updating your hygienic routine. To the veterans, meet The Lawn Mower, a trimmer that will introduce an entirely new concept of quality of life. To the newbies, welcome to the better, sexier you. The Lawn Mower is a tool designed specifically for you and your junk. This is what makes it great.


Let’s start with what matters most. The Lawn Mower’s primary function is to give you an accurate trim that doesn’t endanger the boys. If you were ahead of the curve, and started manscaping before proper tools were available, then you probably already know how easy it is to nick the seemingly endless folds of skin down there. For those of you who don’t know first hand, this isn’t a right of passage. It has a detachable nick prevention guard (please use wisely) and an ergonomically designed, non-slip grip. Simply put, this is a trimmer designed especially for your junk, and as such, it minimizes the risk of trimming the wrong parts.


We’re all guys here. It’s only normal to let hygiene practices slip a little when we get busy. Our kind has been doing so since the dawn of humanity. One of the key design philosophies at Manscaped stems from the fact that we get this. The Lawn Mower is a pillar of convenience. It’s cordless, stupidly easy to clean, and runs for 4.5 hours on a single AA battery. It really can’t get any easier.


At the core of everything we make is a commitment to precision. The term manscaping suggests care and attention to detail. The Lawn Mower keeps to these ideals and gives you more control over your body maintenance. Adjustable cut lengths temper the 4,000 RPM motor and stainless steel dual blade. This is a machine made for a purpose, and that purpose is keeping your otherwise unruly bush in check.

The Lawn Mower is the first and most important step. If nothing else, it empowers you to keep up with the competition of modern masculinity. If you’re ready to push the envelope, then take a minute to learn about a few more of our manscaping enhancement products.




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