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Why We Created the Magic Mat

You’re taking an active hand in grooming yourself. Good for you. But, it’s easy to let these improved hygiene habits go by the wayside, so you need to take care to eliminate excuses that might let you get overgrown. One of the biggest downfalls to trimming your junk is having to clean afterwards. Even the most rugged among us can acknowledge that a pube forest on the bathroom floor might be a little gross for guests or roommates. That is exactly why we created the Magic Mat. It makes cleanliness easy so it won’t be the excuse that stands between you and your better groomed self.


Don’t lie. You’ve gone through those phases where you put off cleaning the bathroom way too long. Each time you need to scramble to get it passable for attractive guests, you curse your stubble and pubes. They’re almost impossible to completely catch in a mad cleaning frenzy, and the last thing you want to do is to miss a possible romantic connection to a dirty bathroom. The Magic Mat is built with this in mind. It easily catches your clippings, so they can’t stubbornly cling to every orifice in your bathroom. Most importantly, it’s disposable. You never have to fight with removing stubble or funk from your mat. Just fold it up and toss it.

Surprisingly Professional Design

Even if it is a throw-away mat, we didn’t skimp on the engineering process. Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so we have a customizable mat to compensate. Fold it how you need to! We also include replacements in the bundle, so you can go a fair stint before you need more mats. Best of all, the Magic Mat aims to take drudgery out of grooming. The fake news and clever jokes give you excellent reading material and a sense of entertainment while you set about the chore of trimming. Crack a smile and make the most of remaining dutiful to yourself. It also serves as extra reading material while you’re on the can.

Manscaping is all about presenting a cleaner, crisper image. The Magic Mat extends that philosophy to your living space. Make sure you hold yourself to higher standards and never skimp on getting the proper tools for the job. A smart investment can improve your success and save you money down the line. The tools you use on the most precious part of your body should be no less researched and deliberately chosen than those you might use to fix a car.



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