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Why We Created The Plow

Being a man in the modern world is equal parts blessing and curse. We have access to mind-blowing technology. On the flip side, modern men are expected to master themselves far beyond generations past. Let’s not beat around the bush -- Letting your hair go au naturale just won’t fly anymore, and it can keep you down in the worst ways. While an untamed crotch might be associated with outdated modes of masculinity, it’s sure to hurt you in bed. If you haven’t missed a golden opportunity because you failed to tame your outer beast, you will. That is why we have spent immeasurable effort to research and develop the perfect tool to overcome your pubic hair. Meet The Plow.

A Safe Trim

Let’s face it. Trimming your junk can be a terrifying concept. A single slip and you could lose everything you hold dear. Or, more realistically, you might find it easy to irritate and nick the most sensitive part of your body. The Plow embraces a design of philosophy that fully understands the risk/reward relationship of manscaping. You can get a precise look in total safety and minimal irritation.

The entire razor is made from stainless steel. This reduces unintended flexibility and prevents corrosion in the face of powerful moisturizers. The double-edge design gives you more freedom to make the right strokes to get the trim you want. Most importantly, the safety guard strikes the perfect balance between protecting your precious flesh and enabling a close, smooth shave.

From Stride to Strut

Managing your hair is about more than a clean appearance in the bedroom. Long body hair pulls, nags, and snags. It is also a veritable sponge for unpleasant smells. When you get these nuisances under control, it will translate into a more comfortable and confident feeling, and it will creep into everything you do. A little spring will jump into your step, and you’ll find that the subtle but unmistakable confidence translates into better success professionally, personally and romantically.

The Plow will give you the control to feel safe and comfortable while you make necessary trims, but it can’t succeed alone. Make sure you do your research and invest in proper moisturizer and trimmers. Let the painful lessons you’ve learned shaving your face save you from a level of razor burn you never want to experience.




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