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Why Women Prefer a Manscaped Man

why women prefer a manscaped man

While it's true that there are certainly different strokes for different folks, hygiene tends to be one of those things most women aren't willing to bend on. Compromise can (and should) come in many different forms when men and women come together, but when it comes to what goes on below the belt, a well-manicured manscape is often one subject that's simply not up for debate.

Save the Scavenger Hunt for Another Day

Hide-and-seek is great for Easter egg excursions, but it's not really an ideal sport where twigs and berries are concerned. If you want your woman to keep kissing you long after she's left your lips, don't make it an unpleasant experience for her. Women like to be welcomed to the nether region and greeted with a well-groomed pathway that will allow her to pleasure you more easily, not faced with a forest full of unruly obstacles that invade her mouth and make her work hard for the moment.

Of course, that doesn't mean you have to shave it all off, but if you have a fury of fur and fuzz floating around down there, she's more likely to take her adventures elsewhere.

It Presents an Air of Put-Togetherness

Chaos below the equator can signify an unkempt lifestyle outside of the underwear, too. If a woman encounters an un-manscaped man, she may immediately wonder what else is going on down there and elsewhere? Think of it like dirty fingernails and overflowing earwax -- you're not winning any points for being sexy if she spots signs of dirt and grime.

On the other hand, a manscape man shows that he cares about the way he presents himself, which will almost assuredly put an otherwise unsure woman at ease. Can manscaping equate to stellar credit scores and six-figure jobs? If you ask the right woman in the right moment, that manscaping could make all the difference in the way she sees you!

The Balance Between Under-Grooming and Over-Grooming is an Appealing Aphrodisiac

There's something really sexy about a man who can get it just right . Trimming it down without going overboard sends a message that you understand life's delicate balances. She'll see you as the manly, protective dude that you are.

If you're a woman who happened upon this article, this is the perfect time for you to chime in about why you prefer a manscaped man!



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