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Why You Need a Separate Trimmer for Manscaping

why you need a separate trimmer for manscaping

Now that you’ve fully embraced the value of manscaping, you’re going to have some questions. One of the most common is: do you really need a separate trimmer for the body? The answer is a resounding yes. The reasons why are more important than you think. And this is why we created The Lawn Mower, our custom engineered trimmer designed exclusively for the nether zone.


Let’s not beat around the bush here (ha). There’s large potential for grossness and cross contamination when you use one trimmer for everything. Your balls stink, and you don’t need to bring that funk to your face. Even if you do believe in the cleansing power of a long shower, there are certain fungi and infections that tend to be location specific on the body, but that doesn’t mean a razor can’t bring them to your face. Keep that in mind when you try to save a few quick bucks by skimping on getting an additional shaver.


The traits that make a great face trimmer to not perfectly overlap with a good body trimmer. Something like The Lawn Mower is shaped to get into the nooks of the body. That same shape makes for a challenging trim on the cheeks and chin. More importantly, cords rarely get in the way when you work on your face, but they can be the bane of your existence when you get into the hilariously awkward positions required for a proper body groom. In general, you always want the best tool for any job, and this is no exception. The Lawn Mower is cordless, and can work wet and dry for a quick trim in the shower.


While body grooming should be kept to a tight schedule, most men require the most maintenance on their face. On top of that, facial hair is typically coarse and thick. Those combined properties make for quickly dulling blades, even when you buy premium products. Have you ever used a dull hair trimmer? In case you haven’t, let me clarify. When the hairs don’t cut, the machine simply pulls them until they come free. This turns a comfortable trim into a harrowing wax job. We don’t think you need us to explain just how much you want to avoid that situation. The Lawn Mower won't snag or nick, leaving you with a smooth, sexy package! 


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