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February 08, 2017

Manscaping: Why You Need the Right Tools for the Job

Now that everyone manscapes, it’s time to address some common mistakes we’re seeing out there. First, if you’re not a world-class swimmer, your entire body shouldn’t be bald. Second, skimping on getting the right tools for the job is silly and maybe even a little dangerous. Specialized tools like the Lawn Mower are specifically designed to help you manscape, and they will help you with the two most important aspects of the whole process.


You wouldn’t want the wiring in your house built on paces or some other imprecise measurement. You want reliable results, and you hope the engineers and contractors are using professional instruments so you can trust in their work. While manscaping is much easier than wiring a house, why would you hold the care of your body to lower standards than anything else in your life? If you have a tool designed for a specific task, it gives you better precision. In terms of manscaping, that’s the difference between an attractive, clean look and random patches of unruly hair. If you’re going to invest the time to keep your body groomed, it’s silly to not also invest the small funds required to get the right tool and empower your process.


If you’ve ever worked on a car, then you should know the important difference between a crescent wrench and a six-point socket. While both tools can technically get the job done, the one that is designed for a specific task will save you time and literal pain. This principle applies to everything. If you use the right tool, be it in the kitchen, at work or manscaping, it reduces the corrective effort you need apply, clearing the way for an efficient job. Manscaping feels great and there are a lot of compelling reasons to do it, but sometimes it’s still going to be a chore. If you make your process efficient, it’s easier to stay on top of the routine and keep reaping all of those lovely benefits.

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