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June 01, 2017

Why You Should Groom Your Nails

Gents, we know it’s easy to neglect those nails but manicures aren’t just for the ladies! We’re not saying go get your nails done but at least keep them clean, because a classy lady isn’t going to want your dirty nails anywhere near her! Don’t worry, keeping your nails neat is an easy job, when you have the right tools.


Well, because you’re not an animal but most importantly because it's good hygiene! Your nails can harbor a lot of nasty bacteria and dirt that can lead to irritation, infections, and ingrown nails! If you are an athlete or highly active, it is incredibly important for you to keep your nails and especially toenails, short and clean!

Also, don’t forget about first impressions! When you shake hands or gesture, no one wants to see your grimy paws! Look good, be professional, and even score her number when you keep those nails clean.


Start with a hot shower - Clean your hands and feet well with a powerful but gentle cleanser, like the Crop Cleanser. Use a pumice stone to buff away any rough calluses and dead skin from your hands and feet. Try to do this once a week.

Moisturize - Now that you have fresh skin, moisturize that clean skin. We like the Crop Preserver because not only does it moisturize but it deodorizes, perfect for your feet! Plus it doesn't leave a sticky residue on your skin! 

Trim - Find a good and simple nail kit, we like our The Shears kit because it has everything you’ll need! Using a high-quality nail clipper, trim your nails to your desired length, but don’t get too close, this can be painful and can lead to infection.


Smooth and shape - You don’t have to be an expert, just make sure you file down the rough edges and points! You don’t want to accidentally scratch yourself, or worse somebody else. Just get them too look even and clean. Don't forget to pick the junk out from underneath your nails too!


Congratulations, Gent! You are official Manscaped refined! You may just get that promotion you were hoping for or maybe finally score with that girl at the bar! You can thank us later… pssst… we like whiskey!



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