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Woman Crush Wednesday - 10 Things We Love About Emma Watson

With the premier of Beauty and the Beast in the U.S. on Friday, we thought it would only be appropriate to talk this week’s girl crush, Emma Watson. Not only is she a classy bombshell, she has the brains to go with it! Learn more about why we love her.

  1. She has a Type A personality - That means she’s organized and will keep you in line. She’s the type of girl who has her life together, knows what she wants, and is going after it. We love a independent woman!
  2. She’s a certified yoga instructor - She knows how to unwind and relax. Who wouldn’t want a girl who can kick your butt into shape?
  3. She’s crazy smart - Not only did she finish school while finishing the Harry Potter series. She got straight A’s! We love a lady who can carry on an intelligent conversation!
  4. She can cook - Let’s be honest, there’s no bigger turn on than someone who can cook! She loves a homecooked meal and we don’t blame her.
  5. She’s a UN Ambassador - She cares about bigger things than just what directly affects her. We love a woman who goes above and beyond to make her voice heard about the important issues.
  6. She still keeps in touch with the Harry Potter cast - It means she makes friends for life! It turns out that they are all very close and supportive of one another. For someone as busy as she is, keeping in touch with friends can be difficult but she still makes the time to do it!
  7. She believes in living a sustainable lifestyle - She cares about her impact in the world, beyond her impact in the entertainment industry. There are many people who preach it but she’s actually living it!
  8. She almost quit the Harry Potter series - She almost quit the epic series because it was taking too much time away from her interests and hobbies. What can she say, the girl knows what she wants but she also isn’t a quitter!
  9. She slept through the Vanity Fair Oscar party - She’s not all about fame and Hollywood. She knows sometimes her priorities are sleep and pizza! Who doesn’t love sleep and pizza?
  10. She loves American men - She loves that men from the UK are well-dressed and have good manners but she loves the boldness and confidence of American men. So what we got from this is… she wants a gentleman. At Manscaped be believe in the revival of the refined gentleman! If you are looking to get with a beautiful and classy woman, like Emma, you need to be well-groomed!


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