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August 09, 2017

World's Most Extreme Sports

Extreme sports have been around for a few decades now, and it seems like every few years people manage to take crazy to a whole new level. If you think skydiving or rock climbing are intense, then it’s time to look into a world far more intense than you might have imagined. These are three of the most extreme, dangerous and terrifying sports that people actually do for fun.

Crocodile Bungee Jumping

This is exactly what it sounds like. Unsatisfied with the traditional adrenaline rush of a normal bungee jump, the Australians cranked things up a notch or six. The crazy sport literally involves a jump that dips your head in the water of croc infested rivers, lakes and saltwater bodies. In one of the most extreme stories, a female jumper’s cable broke. Somehow she managed to escape the bloodthirsty crocs and live to tell the tale, but her experience is why the sport continues to gather the most extreme athletes from around the world.

Limbo Skating

Unlike the last sport, limbo skating is deceptively named and far more dangerous. To put it succinctly, limbo skating is the sport of roller skating underneath cars. Shockingly popular in India, it requires every bit as much flexibility as you might think. And, of course, there are the craziest of the group who like to aim for moving vehicles. As you can imagine, this is a sport that includes a hefty injury and fatality rate.

Volcano Diving

Volcano surfing is a recent extreme sports trend that involves literally surfing down the side of a volcano. It’s popularity has surged, and athletes around the world are getting involved. The Russians, true to their insane reputation, were unimpressed by this new sport and decided to one up it in dramatic fashion. Volcano diving is a sport that involves jumping from a helicopter and wing suiting into an active volcano. It’s difficult to even comprehend a more dangerous recreational activity. Yet, in a few years we’ll probably be discussing a new crazy trend that makes this seem tame by comparison.

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