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Manscaping Advice for Men Given by a Female Adult Film Actress

If you’ve ever touch your own balls with a razor blade, you’ve probably stopped to consider why you’re doing it. We all have a bunch of answers, and most of them point back to sex. The experience is enough that you may have even read surveys and articles trying to explain what women want out of a guy’s manscaping efforts. Today, you get the chance to learn from a much better source. We actually got to have a stimulating conversation with an adult film actress. While some parts of our conversation have to remain anonymous, we wanted to share the most relevant things she had to say on the topic of manscaping. While this wasn't a formal interview, we include a few quotes that struck a cord.

Intimacy Is the Best Foreplay

She wants to touch your body. Imagine, if you will, two different scenarios. In the first, you and a lady are getting hot and heavy. You’re both hoping it leads to a happy ending, and you take turns exploring each other’s’ bodies. Things naturally escalate until, before you know it, you’re going wild in the sack.

In the second scenario, when you start to explore her body, you find nothing but itchy brillo pads everywhere you touch. If it’s been long enough, you might endure and try to close the deal, but it certainly won’t be the most enjoyable sex you’ve ever had. 

This is how women feel about hairy backs. It can also be a problem if your chest is too dense, and it’s something you need to remember when you manscape. It’s not all about the junk. A woman will be turned on more by intimate foreplay that involves closeness and touching. Body hair gets in the way of that. If you want to rev her engines, you need to take care of business above the waist. 

manscaping advice for men given by a female adult film actress

Give Her Mouth an Invitation

Pubes can ruin otherwise great oral sex. You want blowjobs. Most women want to give blowjobs. After all, we all enjoy it more when our partner has a good time. If you really think about it, though, you can see why no woman is enticed by oral sex that is going to floss her teeth while she goes down on you. It’s just not fun. 

When you tame the pubes, you invite your partner to feel more comfortable touching you down there. Some women need that invitation, and when you extend it, it will lead to many happy returns. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be perfectly smooth below the waist. As long as she can do the deed without hair in her mouth, you’re trimmed short enough. From there it’s a matter of style and preference.

It Helps if You Look Good

Proper grooming can be an aphrodisiac. Leave it to a porn star to let you know which turn ons matter the most. They’ve seen and done it all, and if a little grooming can get them in the mood, you can trust it works for most women. This is really a simple matter of science. Visual appeal matters a lot.

Surely, you’ve seen a woman turn her nose up at a delicious meal because it didn’t look appetizing. Do you think, for some insane reason, that the same reaction won’t apply to your manly bits? A sexy presentation is essential to helping your partner retain the right psychology for bedroom play. If it doesn’t look good, you can kill the moment just by dropping your trousers.

Good Grooming Feels Better

Most guys underestimate how much grooming can improve sensual pleasure. Here’s the thing. Groin hairs aren’t biologically optimized for great sex. They help keep your exposed balls warm (which helps with reproduction), and they can even provide a little protection against some harmful elements. None of those features help with the friction. Instead, those little hairs are prone to tugging. They’re also prickly and can irritate skin on contact.

What does all of this mean? If you want the best sex possible, you want a smooth surface for contact between you and your lady. That means your manscaping needs to do better than just making those bristling hairs shorter. You need to know how to shave your balls. It leads to a superior physical sensation, and that improves the sex for both parties. Don’t take our word for it. Trust in the experience of a veteran porn star.

manscaping advice for me given by a female adult film actress

Confidence Is the Key to Sexiness

Most guys worry too much about the size of their penis. If I can get off with my finger, you’re plenty big enough. Manscaping will help you feel bigger, and that makes you sexier. It feels great to be vindicated! We talk all the time about how manscaping is great for confidence. It can do a lot more than make you look and feel bigger, but there’s nothing wrong with either of those things.

This is the one universal thing everyone agrees on when it comes to manscaping. Thinning the weeds makes the tree look bigger. It’s absolutely true, and if you feel like you have a big log swinging between your legs, your swagger is going to reflect that. Confidence is absolutely the key to sexiness. If you want the kind self-esteem that can help you land porn stars, it all starts with a little manscaping.

Putting it Into Practice 

Now you have some clear goals for your manscaping. Applied properly, it can do great things for your sex life. To better help, we’re going to share a few tips with you that will enable you to achieve those goals.

Trimming Like a Champ

Trimming body hair — any body hair — is most successful when you know your end game. Trimming before a shave is completely different from trimming without intent to shave. The primary difference is stubble. If you’re going to shave anyway, then you want to use your Lawn Mower 2.0 to cut the hair as close to the skin as possible. It makes for a smoother shave and less wear on the razor. This is appropriate for your back and balls, on average, and anywhere else that you want to be smooth.

Most of your body doesn’t need this. Even on your chest, perfect smoothness isn’t necessary. You just don’t want it to feel distractingly dense. The key to these trims is to keep a cutting guard on that is long enough to keep your hair from getting prickly. 

MANSCAPED formulations

Smoothness Starts in the Shower

After all of that discussion about having an inviting, smooth body, you need to understand that grooming your hair is only the first step. Following the grooming with a warm shower and an application of Crop Cleanser body wash is the second step. Its Active pH Control will revitalize your skin and make bedroom time more fun than ever.

If you follow your shower with Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver, that fun will reach a climax. When the three formulas work in concert, you’ll have the healthiest, most inviting skin possible. 

Well, gents, we hope you learned something valuable today. A woman working in the adult film industry told you some things you probably should have already known. It’s all about the basics, and the basics are keeping your woman satisfied. If you did find today’s discussion enlightening, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding grooming, you can find everything you need at MANSCAPED.COM.



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