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Wild and Creative Manscaping Stories from the Internet

Manscaping can be described as a journey. Every man has to face the horrors of his own jungle on his own terms. Some go straight to the pros and schedule an appointment. Others do heavy research so that they don’t have to descend into the unknown. Naturally, there are prideful men who assume they can handle everything. Sometimes that works out fine, but other times these are the guys who live the stories the rest of us retell. 

Whichever type you are, you can find similar minds on the internet. It’s arguably the best and worst part about the internet. In an attempt to combine entertainment with a few learning opportunities, we scrolled through the depths of forums and online discussions to bring you a few stories that are equal parts surprising and worth discussing. While the content of these stories does cover male genitalia, we kept the language safe for work. From horror stories to rallying cries that shook Reddit, we hope you enjoy this installment of wild manscaping stories from the internet. 

The Group Project

Most people on the manscaping subReddit are looking for the same things. They want to share interesting stories or get valuable advice from veterans. Manscaping can be intimidating, and mishaps make for great stories. One redditor had a different plan. He wanted to make manscaping a group activity with strangers on the internet. In other words, he was using the manscaping premise to hunt for dick pics. We’re not here to judge anyone. It seems like it might be a good place to go on such a hunt, but the responses were amusing, and we thought we’d share. If you want dick pics, it turns out that manscaping redditors aren’t always willing and ready to oblige. That said, we don’t have access to this pioneer’s personal inbox. Maybe he was completely satisfied after all.

Blind Leading the Blind 

Have you ever struggled to groom some of the blind spots on your body? You aren’t the only one. One poor fellow on the internet was having trouble seeing areas around his junk. His belly was blocking his view. He was looking for tips to overcome the obstacle because everyone wants to look and feel their best, even if they have room to improve on their wieght. He received some of the worst advice we’ve seen. Rather than suggest mirrors and other options, the great people of the internet told him to ignore what he couldn’t see.

Learn from their mistakes. The parts you can’t see are often the most important for manscaping. The real solution was discovered by someone else. He grabbed The Lawn Mower 2.0, and when he realized how safe the blade was, he tackled the blind spots without fear. His motivation was a bit different, but by sharing his discovery he helped a peer overcome a challenge. Technology is the key to getting the tough spots. Ignoring them will make you look awful.

the lawn mower 2.0

A Hard Problem

We live in a time where men don’t have to be embarrassed about scheduling a waxing appointment. Some might say that this has been the greatest social achievement of the 21st century. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that can make waxing more embarrassing for some than others. RedditSnooper77 shared his problem with the internet, and he was met with a surprising amount of comfort. He suffers from waxing-induced boners.

According to the responses (and anyone with experience), this isn’t entirely uncommon. Plenty of guys get unintentional arousal when they go in for a wax. For most, the pain of the first rip kills the little guy’s mood, but for a few, that’s actually the exciting part. Others mentioned that the skin care after the waxing is what gets them going.

The good news is that professionals are aware of this and handle it in stride. As long as nothing comes out of your boner and you don’t make it awkward for them, they won’t really care. Let your flag fly with confidence. Just don’t make it anyone else’s problem.

The Style Discussion

Most guys who browse the internet with searches in manscaping are looking for one of two things: technical advice or style ideas. The style discussion pops up frequently, and it almost always devolves. One poor soul had to learn a few lessons the hard way. He proudly displayed his landing-strip design around his crotch. He was met with ridicule. He came back after everything grew back and sported a perfectly squared lawn. Again he was teased. Not to be defeated, he came back a final time with a perfectly bare lower region. He was still mocked.

There are two important lessons here. First, you should manscape for yourself. You’ll never get universal agreement on any style, so do what makes you happy. If you have a partner with preferences, they’re worth considering, but this is about you and not public opinion. Second, the safest style for anyone who isn’t ready to experiment is to just trim everything fairly short without going completely bald.

wild and creative manscaping stories from the internet

Why Manscape 

Despite the social progress we’ve made as men, there are always dissenters. One redditor tried to rally a movement to oppose the tyranny of the manscapers. He stood on his soap box and told the world (or the dozen people who actually read his post) how manscaping is bad for masculinity. Sure, it makes the junk look bigger, but is that justification for making it look less masculine?

As you might imagine, he was torn a new one. One of the top responses suggested that the hair isn’t what makes you look like a man. It’s the cock and balls. If you need the bush to look masculine, you might be abnormally small down there.

The most important comment came from a user who explained the ultimate reason for manscaping. She doesn’t like picking pubes out of her teeth. If, as men, we have to choose between grooming and BJ’s, we’re all going to make the same choice, and we all agree as to which is more masculine.

The Great Exchange

One of the most interesting manscaping stories on the internet involves a little innovation and some lingering reservations. A brave, creative soul tried to start the first ever manscaping exchange. What is that? It’s where men come together to help each other with certain manscaping difficulties.

Let’s face it; there are parts of your body that you can’t really reach. That doesn’t mean they should go ungroomed. A manscaping exchange embraces the ancient philosophy of quid pro quo, “You shave my back and I’ll shave yours.”

The reactions were mixed and thoroughly entertaining. Those who lack confidence and still have some issues that need work were horrified. How could they get so intimate with another man?! Others were completely excited. These were enthusiastic manscapers who fully understand when and where they need help. Lastly, there was the cautiously skeptical crowd. Why should anyone trust a stranger to groom them? It seems risky.

In the end, the exchange was born. Perhaps there are some new amazing stories that have come out of it.

Groom Like a Pro

It’s fun to browse the depths of the internet, but it’s not always the most reliable source of information. If you want to explore ideas and knowledge pertaining to manscaping, the ultimate resource is MANSCAPED.COM. We’ve carefully cultivated the knowledge base to ensure you have everything you need to succeed. You can find precision tools for every male grooming job there, endless professional advice on styling and how to achieve it, and tips for how to adult a little more like a modern man. Best of all, we’ve arranged this information free of dick pics (solicited or not), so it’s entirely safe for work.



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