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Best skincare ingredients for men

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



best skincare ingredients for men

Do you remember when there used to be a stigma about men taking care of their skin? It’s a weird thought now, but it was normal not all that long ago. Now, men are expected to take good care of their skin, and that requires some learning and effort for a lot of us who were behind the curve.

The best shortcut you can find is to learn about skincare products and what makes them work. At MANSCAPED™, we make a full lineup in this regard. So, we can go over the best skincare ingredients for men and what they really do for you. You will find each of these ingredients in one or more of our leading skincare resources: Ultra Premium™ Body Wash, Crop Cleanser™ groin wash, Crop Preserver® ball deodorant, and Crop Reviver® ball toner.

Aloe vera

Aloe leaf juice reduces inflammation and helps stimulate healing. So, if your grooming ever goes awry, the aloe is there to treat the problem immediately. It is also amazing for hydrating dry and damaged skin. Really, it’s one of the best things you can ever put on your skin, and it’s why we rely on it in all of our skincare products. It’s an essential ingredient and why our stuff works so well.

Sea salt

Sea salt is a gentle exfoliator that breaks up excess oils. This helps to clear your pores and mitigate bacteria growth on your skin. That, in turn, helps to prevent breakouts. There are other natural exfoliators we could use, but sea salt comes with a bunch of additional minerals that provide a slew of health benefits for your skin. We put sea salt in the Ultra Premium™ Body Wash to ensure that your skin is clear and healthy all over.

body wash

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is great for keeping skin soft. Partially, this is because it provides powerful antioxidants. These help to prevent skin damage by fortifying your skin against a lot of common substances that can prematurely age and toughen skin. The antioxidants also protect against itching and irritation. Considering the full lineup that we sell, we thought it made sense to pack Crop Cleanser™ groin wash full of vitamin E. What part of your body do you want to be softer and gentler than your package?


This isn’t just something for old people to use to soothe their aches and pains (although it definitely helps with that). Menthol is a powerful tool in your kit for advanced skincare. It provides a cooling, refreshing, tingling sensation that soothes and treats feelings of discomfort. There’s a reason we also put it in Crop Cleanser™. After you shave, it’s common for some irritation or itchiness to occur. Menthol is amazing at alleviating those feelings and leaving you refreshed.

crop cleanser

Witch hazel

This is another soothing product that helps with inflammation and irritation. Witch hazel is a natural ingredient. While it helps to calm down reddened or otherwise angered skin, it provides a cooling sensation that is gentle and refreshing. It’s one of the finishing touches in Crop Reviver®.

Tapioca starch

This is one of our favorite finds. We put tons of research into each of our products, and one of the original challenges was finding a way to provide the benefits of talcum powder without actually using talcum powder. Science is still heavily debating how harmful that stuff is or isn’t, so we looked for a way to avoid it, just to be safe.

Tapioca starch is the answer. It reduces friction and keeps you feeling cool and smooth throughout the day. It’s a key ingredient in Crop Preserver® and a major part of the reason why using ball deodorant feels amazing.

crop preserver

Caprylic capric triglycerides

The last ingredient we want to discuss today is caprylic capric triglycerides. That’s a mouthful. The triglycerides here come from coconut oil, making them all-natural. They serve as a moisturizer, and they help to restore lost oils without being greasy. When you shave, you can scrape too much oil away from your skin, and it leaves you vulnerable. The triglycerides help to overcome that problem.

Additionally, they are packed with antioxidants. So, the addition of caprylic capric triglycerides in Crop Preserver® enables it to protect the goods in several important ways.

Ultimately, there are a lot of ingredients in our skincare lineup, and going over everything would take a long time. These are the key ingredients in the four main products we make for healthy, happy skin. Each has a purpose, and each plays off of the strengths of the other. When you make use of the entire lineup, you get the most powerful and promising results.



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