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Advice For Men: Creative Ideas for Hot Dates This Summer

It’s ok, guys. Everyone runs out of creative ideas for dates at some point. You’re not ready to be a part of the old couple who eats at the same restaurant every day yet. Even if you are, it’s ok to shake things up a bit. You’re about to get a bunch of creative stimulation for dates this summer. Some are beyond sexy. Some are simple and fun. Enjoy them all. What’s the point of having a summer if you can’t live it up?

Romance Her

These ideas are meant specifically to appeal to the feminine sense of romance. It’s ok to also appeal to the male sense of romance; this is just meant to get your brain jump started.

Dance Class

If you already know how to dance, taking a class with her will make you look like a stud. You can also skip the class and just enjoy a night at the club, bar or other joint that lets you show your moves. If you don’t know how to dance, this is your chance to be extremely endearing. Also, you’re not eight. It’s time to learn how to dance already.

In case any part of this isn’t clear, ask your lady about Dirty Dancing. Ten to one odds says she has a fantasy about learning to dance with a guy.

A Night on the Town

This is about being as classy and upscale as you can. By all means, stick to your budget, but plan the night around things that have a dress code. Opera and symphonies have been unlocking doors for literal centuries. You’d be a fool not to take advantage of this semi-ancient wisdom. If you can’t afford for the whole night to be black tie, there’s something awesome about squeezing a decadent, inexpensive bite of food into a swanky night. It just takes a little selling.

creative ideas for hot dates in the summer

Go to a Wedding

Have you ever seen the movie Wedding Crashers? It’s built on real principles. That said, this is not suggesting you crash a wedding — unless she’s into that. The simple truth is that weddings are the sexiest and most romantic events that exist in the feminine space. They probably talk about this at their secret meetings.

Keep in mind that it’s not enough to simply show up. You have to kill it. This is combining dance, a classy night on the town, and the ultimate in romantic commitment into one super night. If you can’t bring your A-game, you aren’t ready for a wedding date. Just send a gift and a card.

Get Sexy

The line between sexy and romantic dates isn’t always clear, but these ideas go far enough past that line that there’s little to no room for confusion.

Wine Tasting

To you, this might be the least sexy date on this part of the list. To her, it might not come across that way. You’re applying romantic principles from the previous section and centering them around alcohol. It’s classy and romantic, but it’s stripping away the cheesy stuff (snacks aside). If you’ve never taken a woman wine tasting, then this will probably blow your mind. Take it on trust; this is about as sexy as it gets.

Skinny Dipping

Getting to the water, be it beach, pool or otherwise, is always a great idea for a summer date. If you want to make it sexy, well, taking off clothes is obvious. Plenty of ladies will be shy about agreeing to this, even if it does appeal to their sense of adventure. Having a plan to keep the date secluded will up your odds. If it isn’t remote, it better be plenty dark. In either case, exclusivity can help with the sexiness.

Most importantly, you can’t be pushy with this idea. It has to sound as fun to her as it does to you. As a last little note, skinny dipping doesn’t actually have to include water. There are a lot of exciting places to get naked together. Doing it during a swim is just more traditional.

The Day of Sex

We’re done being coy. The ultimate date for any hot couple is to stay in and have sex. All day. You can get a hotel room and live off of room service, or you can stay at home and order a pizza. The details don’t matter as much as deliberately blowing off every responsibility in order to devote a day to carnal pleasure.

There are two things to remember with this date. First, you have to be devoted to satisfying your partner. A day of sex for one person is neither exciting nor hot. You’re better than that. Second, don’t even think of suggesting this until you’re sure that the two of you are clicking and have great chemistry. Sexual competency will only get you so far. For the ultimate day of sex, you have to have a good feel for each other.

creative ideas for hot dates this summer

Jack up Her Adrenaline

The last sexy date idea is an oldie but a goodie. If you’ve ever experience the power of a scary movie, you understand the purpose here. The more she’s willing to let you push her adrenaline, the better this is going to be for both of you at the end of the day. Here’s a rough list of escalating adrenaline dates to consider: scary movie, amusement park, zip lining, rock climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving. There are plenty of other ways to go for adrenaline. Google can help you if this isn’t enough.

Save Some Money

We aren’t made of money. Sometimes it’s fun to go big and spend hard on a date. Other times, we want to have fun without having to pick up an extra 20 hours at the office next week. These dates appeal to your economic sensibilities. Just make sure you’re not living exclusively in this zone. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Get Some Ice Cream

This is the classic summer date. It’s simple, enjoyable and pretty much perfect. Ice cream can take as much or as little time as you want. If you guys are having great conversation, you can hang out for a while. If it’s just an excuse to get out and about, ice cream cones are designed for a nice evening walk. The key is to make sure the ice cream date is all about giving her attention and doting on her, even if that doting isn’t in the form of big spending.

Work out Together

You have to be a little careful here. It’s rare that a man and woman are at the same level of fitness unless they’ve been training together for a while. This has to be focused on fun more than the workout itself. So, it could be a hike or a jog. You could play a sport together (don’t be the overly competitive guy). You could even take a training class together. That might be a little more pricey than these free ideas, but endorphins and dating go pretty well together. Keep that in mind.

Take it Easy

These dates won’t necessarily save you time and money, but they won’t overly tax your brain. These are things that are almost always fun and give you plenty of room to enjoy each other’s company without pressure.

creative ideas for hot dates this summer

Sporting Events

If you have a pro sports team nearby, feel free to go, but toning it down a little can actually go a long way. For a relaxed date, hitting up the minor league or b-tier teams is often more fun. No one gets too into the game, and the atmosphere is incredibly light. The tickets are usually cheap, so there’s no pressure to watch every play. You can spend time getting concessions or playing games in the park.

Outdoor Concert

A lot of outdoor concerts are part of larger events. How is this anything other than a great date opportunity. Tons of things to do are baked into the deal. Because it’s outside, you can slip away for a while if you want a little more intimacy, or you can get gung ho into the event if that’s your style.

Appeal to Her Appetite 

Food is a huge part of dating for a reason. They the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s old fashioned sexism. Everyone loves to eat good food. This can be half of your dates and you’ll likely never get bored. Here are just a few ways to build a date around food: cook a meal together, take a cooking class, go food truck hopping, go pub hopping or have an amazing brunch.

If that isn’t enough to get you started, you’re completely hopeless. Feel free to try these dates verbatim, or sprinkle your own creativity into the mix. What matters most is that you enjoy the dates and get a good experience out of it. Have fun this summer, boys.




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