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Best Haircuts & Hairstyles for Balding Men

We’re going to do something hard today. We’re going to do it together, so don’t be afraid, but prepare for some heartache. We’re going to discuss the fact that you don’t have as much hair on top of your head as you used to. For some of you, the hairline keeps inching higher. For others, the hair on top seems a lot thinner than it used to. Yet more of you have that dreaded bald patch growing in the back of your head. Worst of all, most of us are going to suffer from more than one of these afflictions as the years keep coming.

We’ve faced the hard truth; now it’s time for good news. With a little hairstyle knowledge, you can rock your balding hair and look just as good — if not better — as you ever have.

Some Styles to Help With This Major Life Transition

Even while you’re still lamenting the inevitable loss of your hairline, knowing some of your style options can make it easier to cope and still go out in public. Each of these styles has pros and cons, but they all conform to a general idea. Shorter is better. When you let your uneven locks get long and wispy, it draws a lot of attention to the bald areas. More than that, it draws unflattering attention. If you want to look good, even while you’re losing hair, you have to think about using your baldness instead of hiding it.

The Full Shave

This is a classic look. It’s been around as long as humans have been alive, and it’s never going to fully rotate out of style. Men of any age can pull off a full shave, and you don’t have to fit it to a perfect build. If Michael Jordan and Patrick Stewart can wear the same haircut, it really is universal.

The full shave is about steering into the baldness and owning it. We’ll talk more about ways to detract from baldness later, but the first thing to learn is that hiding balding or thinning hair usually makes the problem worse. When you fully shave, you’re definitely not making that mistake.

Some of you might worry about how your head looks shaved. Here’s a hard truth. It’s going to look bad. At first. No one immediately acclimates to a hairless look, but if you commit to this style, you’ll adjust, and you’ll be fine.

best hairstyles and haircuts for balding men

The Buzz Cut

For those who aren’t quite ready to go full steam with a razor, a buzz cut is a great compromise. It still steers into the idea of keeping thinning hair short. The advantages of a buzz cut are numerous. For starters, if you aren’t extremely bald yet, keeping some hair on top can be a good thing. It can help protect you from sunburns, make it easier to manage scalp care and give you the comfort of feeling some hair on top of your head.

Another advantage of a buzz cut is that you don’t need much hair for it to work. Guys who are mostly bald can still rock a buzz cut. Granted, they’ll lose some of those sun-blocking bonuses, but this is another universal style.

The Caesar Cut

Let’s make this clear. The name of this haircut is derived from Julias Caesar himself. That’s not an exaggeration. This haircut has been around for thousands of years, and it’s still popular. How’s that for timeless?

A caesar cut is kind of like a crew cut, but shorter and not focused on a part. It comes in different lengths and with subtle style differences. For a guy dealing with hair loss, the short caesar is in order. It’s an easy haircut, and it requires extremely little maintenance to make it look good.

The one recurring advantage of baldness is that it gets a lot easier to take care of your hair.

The Crew Cut

Pioneered by militaries at the start of the 20th century, the crew cut is a staple. Guys with full heads of hair still go for crew cuts, but if you’re getting a little thin or your hairline is rising, you can still look into a crew cut.

There are a few tips to get the most out of this ‘do. For starters, it doesn’t work well if you have a widening bald spot in the back of your head. That dramatically disrupts the crew cut, and you’ll want to consider other looks. Also, it can highlight a widow’s peak as it develops. That said, guys can actually rock a highlighted widow’s peak and look great. Refer to Henry Cavill and Jude Law as prime examples.

best haircuts and hairstyles for balding men

The Shaggy Layers

We’re getting into an advanced hairstyle now. Your stylist or barber should be able to handle it, but you should probably understand what it is and how it works. This is a hairdo for guys who are starting to go thin but don’t have overwhelming baldness yet. It’s particularly popular among guys who aren’t yet ready to accept the inevitable.

The idea is to have uneven hair lengths across the top of the head. This creates a somewhat wild, layered look that is still plenty sexy. The unevenness masks areas that are thinning, and it lets you feel the joy of your full head of hair a little longer.

The Natural

When it comes to styles, natural looks have a place in the world. For balding guys, it’s a lot trickier. The natural bald look is referred to by GQ as the “Power Donut.” That’s a silly name that makes a strong point. The emphasis is on power.

A guy who can rock a natural bald look is expressing a level of confidence that few of us have. That’s it. That’s the whole trick. It’s not a great look on anyone, but some guys pull it off anyway. If you need an example, think Terry Bradshaw. He’s been letting his locks (the few that remain) do as they wish for years. No one cares. He’s still Terry Bradshaw.

There is a note of caution for anyone thinking of trying this. You can’t let it go completely uncontrolled. If you don’t get a haircut every now and then, you’re going to grow mad scientist tufts out of the side of your head. Unless a lab coat is part of your daily ensemble, you can’t pull that off. Not even a four-time Superbowl champion is willing to try.

Taking Attention Away From the Head

A big part of styling around baldness is taking attention away from it. All of those hairstyles help, but you can further de-emphasize your baldness by thinking about other parts of your body and general aesthetic.

Here’s another way to think about it. Everyone has a funny-shaped head. You don’t realize this with celebrities because they do such a great job of distracting you from the weird bumps and dents in their bald scalps.

The Beard

best haircuts and hairstyles for balding men

It’s the go-to point of comfort for a lot of guys for a reason. In fact, just about every balding pro athlete goes this route. A beard can frame the face, add an amazing impact to your look and get people focusing on your front instead of your top.

You don’t have to go wild to achieve this effect. A good 5 o’clock shadow is just as effective as a burly chin strap for the effect. It’s about finding a style that suits you and feels good. If you’re big into your beard, have at it. If your beard annoys you or causes problems for your face, keep it under control. As long as it looks tight, it’ll do a good job of getting people to look at your face more than your bald spot.

The Shine

Still, you’ve seen a lot of people with a smooth face and a bald head. Somehow, they still look good. What’s the secret? Part of it comes from the shine. Using wax or other bald head products creates a shine on your head. That might seem counterintuitive, but a shiny scalp provides an interesting illusion. It masks a lot of the smaller bumps and divots in your flesh. It makes your head look smoother, and thus, you look more attractive as a result. Go through some pictures of your favorite bald celebrities. You’ll see this at play a lot. 

The Ensemble

There’s more you can do to look good than grow a beard and shine your head. You can work on the rest of your body. Pull up a picture of The Rock. Look at just his head. No, really. Cover his body with your hand if you have to. His head looks funny (please don’t tell him we said that!). Now, look at him in total. That sculpted physique completely draws your eyes away from the funny shape of his cone head. You can do the same thing.

Muscles aren’t the only way to improve your overall look (although they help a lot). A sharp outfit can go a long way. Even a charming smile is enough to cover your baldness.

The Confidence

Ultimately, everything in men’s fashion comes back to this simple idea. Confidence is attractive and sexy. It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like if you wear it with authority (this is not a challenge). The real key to bald hairstyles is to find something you like. If you like it, you’ll wear it confidently, and everyone else will be swept up in your confidence. That’s all there is to it.



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