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Best Male Blogs to Follow

Male blogs are a special thing. They have taught many men how to cook something besides steak or pasta. They’ve helped countless middle-aged dads find a look that isn’t khaki cargo shorts. They help a lot of us find ways to stay and shape, and if we’re being honest, probably every single guy on the planet has looked for advice on grooming certain parts of their body. Male blogs do it all, but it’s becoming a saturated market. Sometimes, it seems like there are more people giving advice than seeking it.

You can scour the internet and eventually find the blogs you like, but if you’re interested in a shortcut, it’s right here. We live in this space, day in and day out. Because we’re so saturated in men’s lifestyle resources, we thought we could help you skip the pain. These are our recommendations for the best male blogs to follow in 2020.

best male blogs

How to Beast

How to Beast tops the list for a reason. This is a lifestyle group that is dedicated to all of the important aspects of manliness. The blog is supported by video channels, social media, books, and any other medium you could want. As the name suggests, the entire premise of How to Beast is steering into aspects of masculinity and trying to be your best self — to a high degree.

A lot of the advice and programming is built around fitness. A man in great fitness is in a better position to be a true beast, but things don’t stop with workouts. How to Beast covers dating and relationship advice, reading recommendations, how to cook and so much more. If you want to embrace an alpha ideology that brings out your best, this is a great place to get going.

Dominick Whelton

This self-titled blog is not exactly a 180 from How to Beast, but it’s definitely a different take on manliness. Dominick Whelton certainly values fitness and traditional manliness, but the perspective of this blog is more toned down and reserved. It’s less about hyper-masculinity and more about finding your place in the world.

He’s a cancer survivor, openly gay, and a thriving social marketing consultant and creator. This is a guy who knows a lot about a lot, and his combination of expert resources and personal experience is invaluable.

Dominick Whelton focuses on wellness, lifestyle, and trying to find that elusive state of happiness. He’ll help you find perspective while you learn loads about social success, fashion, and skills that sometimes challenge modern guys, and you’ll do it from a place of calm, centered focus. If you think you can pursue your version of manliness without an excess of high fives and chest bumps, this might be the blog for you.

The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm is equal parts lifestyle blog and transformation program. The goal is to take guys who are struggling or don’t feel like their best and help them take the steps necessary to truly change. Like other blogs you’ll see on the list, it’s backed by video and audio series, podcasts, and more. 

The Art of Charm offers advice on dating, work-life, fashion, and every other aspect of modern manliness, but it all comes from a place of introspection. If you can find genuine, deep-rooted confidence, applying it to specific areas of your life and finding success will come easily. At least, that’s the underlying philosophy driving The Art of Charm. Until you experience it, it’s difficult to explain how different this is from your standard, cheesy self-help program. It’s an entirely different animal.

best male blogs


While Mantelligence certainly takes things seriously when it needs too, it’s a little less severe and internalized than some of the previous entries. Mantelligence is a straightforward approach to helping guys with lifestyle advice. As you would expect, it covers all of the major topics, but it’s not afraid to give you some help with superficial ideas. If you need a little help coming up with creative date ideas, this is a place to go. It doesn’ have to redefine your life to be useful.

It’s hard to say if Mantelligence will be your favorite male blog or not, but you’ll definitely want to keep it bookmarked. Every once in awhile, you’re definitely going to want to check it for fresh and trending ideas that help you keep things interesting and informed. It really is a staple.

The Distilled Man

The Distilled Man is basically direct competition for Mantelligence. It covers a lot of the same stuff, and from a similar perspective. But, if you value one, you’ll probably value both. One of these two blogs might have a style that you prefer, but both of them exist as a living reference to modern manhood. 

You can get recipes, drink ideas, find new fun ways to stay in shape, and get lots of help with grooming and style. It’s all useful, and you’ll find that through so many different media forms, you’ll find something that works for you. Readers can read. Podcast lovers can listen. YouTube junkies can watch videos. You get the idea. Between The Distilled Man and Mantelligence, you’re never going to be short on what’s trending with guys these days.

Jocko Podcast

You can think of this as the bonus item on the list, and it’s definitely cheating a little bit. A lot of people know who Jocko Willink is, but for those who don’t, a brief overview will be included shortly. First, it’s important to explain that the Jocko Podcast is not a male blog. It doesn’t cover fashion, high society or a lot of the topics that we tend to use these blogs to research. Instead, the Jocko Podcast is a regular kick in the ass to keep you motivated, driven, and pushing yourself. It’s an important resource to help you when you feel like you’re ready to fall off the wagon — in any of your endeavors.

It makes sense when you understand who Jocko is. He’s a retired Navy SEAL officer. More than that, he’s basically the embodiment of the SEALs. He’s the guy the other SEALs look up to. He’s also the guy that can scare them. Jocko’s entire demeanor is direct, confrontational, and never tolerating excuses. He’s probably the guy the How to Beast crew is trying to emulate. When you listen to a single minute of him speaking, you’ll understand. If Chuck Norris jokes were based on a real person, it would probably be Jocko.

The Jocko Podcast is not for the soft or faint of heart, but if you need a little external motivation, he’s happy to provide it.

male blogger

Those are your male blogs for 2020. They’re all going strong, and they all have plenty of new ideas and tips to get you through the year. Each offers unique insights and value, and you don’t have to stick to just one of them. Between all of them, you should be able to find what you[‘re looking for. From practical advice to infectious motivation, there’s something for every guy in each of these blogs. If you feel like you still need more, you can follow the guys each of these blogs recommend. There’s no shortage of information and help out there, and there’s no shame in taking advantage of it.



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