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Best Men's Underwear and Why We Designed Them

 If you're like most men, free-ballin' isn't an option; however, if you've got a poorly made set of drawers, you might as well leave your balls to the wrath of the denim that rides beneath your boys. After all, bad underwear can ruin an entire day. Not only is low-quality material uncomfortable, but it can also cause your crotch stench to up the ante inside your private incubator. The result? Chafing, discomfort, and the superhero ability to run people right out of every room you enter. 

You don't want to be that guy. Fortunately, we don't want you to be that guy, either. That's why our MANSCAPED team created the ultimate men's underwear. Allow us to introduce to you MANSCAPED Boxers: ant-chafing, cooling boxer briefs.

What Are MANSCAPED Boxers

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. MANSCAPED Boxers are men's underwear, but they're not just any pair of below-the-waist accessories. These nifty little creations were designed to inhibit overheating while simultaneously giving your balls the comfort and breathability they deserve. After all, they're stuck in a rather confined space for many hours a day. Doesn't it only make sense to give them an environment where they'll be happy?

We put a lot of thought into the design of our boxers, so let's take a look at some of the things that set these boxer briefs apart from regular old store-bought brands, shall we?

Best Men's Underwear and Why We Designed Them

1. Crop Cooling Technology™

Just like it sounds, the fabric from which these boxers is made is specifically intended to prevent overheating in your lower region. It facilitates optimum pH levels, which, along with products such as Crop Cleanser, ensures your body is able to stay moisturized and hydrated without becoming soggy or wet. Nobody likes soggy balls. Proper pH levels and a temperature-controlled environment are important because they enable your body to produce sebum—a natural protective barrier produced by your skin that helps keep it from becoming too dry (which can cause itching and irritation) or too oily (which is just gross).

The fabric is a propriety microfiber blend that ensures breathability and repels moisture.

2. Moisture-Wickability

Speaking of moisture, cotton can't do the things our microfabric blend can do. Cotton (and most other materials) simply absorbs sweat and other bodily fluids, causing you to reek as the day moves along, especially given the fact that your pubes are stuck in a scientific Petri dish for most of your waking (and maybe sleeping) time on Earth. 

When we decided to branch out and start making boxers, we kept this in mind. We wanted to make underwear that was made for men's tough-to-tend-to private parts. That's why we created a material that wicks moisture away and helps prevent chafing. Think about the clothes you wear to the gym. If you wear a t-shirt, you'll see and feel the sweat when you really start getting your blood pumping. However, if you wear moisture-wicking materials that are specifically designed for intense workouts, you'll stay cooler and you won't walk out of the doors soaked like a drowned rat. That's what we're doing for your balls—keeping them cool and dry.

3. Breathable SmartBand Technology™

If you've ever had a pair of boxers that insists on rolling over at the top when you sit down or walk for a while, you're fully aware of how annoying and frustrating a rolling waistband can be. At MANSCAPED, we agree. That's why we made sure our boxers won't disappoint you. They'll stay put, right where you want them to be because they feature a wide, no-roll waistband that offers maximum support and super elasticity at the same time. The end result is comfort in a classic fashion.

Best Men's Underwear and Why We Designed Them

4. A Wide Variety of Sizes

We know every man's body is different. That's why we offer sizes ranging from small to XXL. We want you to be comfortable, no matter what that may mean for you.

Why Men Love MANSCAPED Boxers

You can read the reviews for themselves. The products we provide guys are top of the line, and our customers are sincerely happy with our brand. What are men saying about our boxer briefs?

High Quality at Its Finest

Once you've tried our microfiber blend, you'll never want to go back to store-bought briefs again. Our material is made specifically for men's lower regions. Its sole purpose is to keep your balls from overheating while you enjoy the breathability and outstanding quality that we've built into our brand.

Holding Everything Right Where It's Supposed to Be

Your balls shouldn't be free to run amuck when they're in your pants; they should have a place to call home and a pair of briefs that keeps them there. We're proud to say that our boxers know how to handle your balls with perfection. Everything will stay right where it's supposed to be throughout the day. You won't have to worry about your balls breaking out into bat wings, which is not only uncomfortable—it's downright unnecessary. Leave the batwings for your favorite superhero and get on board with briefs that take care of your boys the way they're supposed to be pampered.

The Replenish Plan is the Way to Go

Tired of looking in your underwear drawer, only to discover you've once again worn holes into every pair of your favorite underwear? Fear not! Our Manscaped team has made it our mission to ensure guys everywhere can have the private-parts protection they need when they need it. With our Replenish Plan, you'll have a new pair of MANSCAPED Boxers delivered right to your door every three months. You'll have an ongoing supply of the best briefs in the business, and you won't even need to head to the store when you're looking for more. Our goal is to make manscaping—and everything related to your junk—jive as easily as possible with real life. How's that for great service?!

Best Men's Underwear and Why We Designed Them

Definitely Helps Reduce the Smell of Balls

In our opinion, this statement speaks for itself. This is one of our top reasons for producing private-part protection that's built with a barrier of intentionally designed microfiber. We're looking out for you, guys. We know how it goes.

Speaking of Reducing Ball Stench 

While our boxers certainly do their part to reduce the smells that can arise from a man's crotch, the balls often need a little help staying clean and stench-free. This is where our other products come in handy. It all begins with a quick trim using The Lawn Mower 3.0. This nifty little device swiftly removes hair while helping reduce pulling, tugging, or tearing. It sets your lower landscape up for success by eliminating the playground in which bacteria likes to breed. (Bacteria is the cause of smelly scrotums.)

Once you've trimmed the top layer, head right into the shower to wash off with our aforementioned Crop Cleanser. This beautiful little bottle is a head-to-toe cleansing wash that's especially great on genital junk.

After you towel off, don't forget to apply ball deodorant. Crop Preserver's sole job in life is to keep the sweat, stench, and bad bacteria at bay so you don't have to feel self-conscious about the smells emanating from your southern hemisphere. It also has anti-chafing elements, which pair quite well with the fabric of our MANSCAPED Boxers, ensuring every step you take and every seat you sit in provides you with maximum comfort as the hours of the day wear on.

One final note: Crop Reviver is your last line of defense before you step into your briefs. Don't leave this sensitive-skin barrier out of the equation!

MANSCAPED has everything you need to keep your lower region cool, calm, and collected all day long. From the trimmers and razors that remove hair to the products that'll keep your penis feeling its finest and the boxers that top off the entire manscaping session with confidence, we're here to help. Guys, don't delay. Get your Manscaped Boxers today!



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