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Best Sneakers for Men

Everyone still wears shoes, right? There’s no secret meeting that went down where men decided that shoes are no longer in? Just wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Since we agree that you need shoes, you might as well learn about the best shoes. For this year, there are some stand-out, extraordinary shoes in a lot of categories. We’re going to get specific and deep into the topic today. We’re only looking at sneakers, but we’re looking at sneakers for every occasion.

Any pair of sneakers on this list could be your only pair and you’d be happy. We’re not suggesting that you need every pair of shoes here. Instead, we’re helping you understand the best sneakers for a number of common purposes. Whatever you pick will be a good choice — you’ll just be selecting from certain strengths and weaknesses. With all of that said, these are the current best sneakers for men.


Let’s kick this list off with something a lot of guys haven’t considered. Luxury sneakers are a thing. When you have a good pair, they’re an amazing combination of comfort and style. These are the sneakers you wear in high society, or when you want your feet to feel like magic.

When it comes to luxury sneakers, Oliver Cabell Low 1 are at the top of the list. They’re the most popular luxury sneakers for men, according to Luxe surveys. They’re also renowned as a great sneaker by anyone who has ever encountered them. They are handcrafted and overwhelmingly comfortable — to the point that you’ll want to wear them to bed. They last a long time and look great. Basically, they’re the Rolls Royce of sneakers.


man running

One of the reasons anyone owns sneakers is for athletic activity. When it comes to running on pavement, there’s a shoe that has proven itself completely. That’s the Brooks Running Ghost 12 Sneakers. They are ultra-light in weight, which will improve your running experience more than you might think. Despite being light, they’re very strong with great support and protection. Everything about these shoes is designed for cushioning and optimizing the run. It’s not often that shoes will have a real impact on the running experience of an amateur, but these aren’t normal shoes.

Showing Off

Sneaker collections are a thing, and when it comes to shoes as a status symbol, nothing comes before Air Jordans. They’re the ultimate in collectibles. In fact, the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold are Air Jordan 1s. They went for a measly $500,000.

If you're into shoes, you have to have Jordans in the collection. You don’t necessarily have to pursue the most expensive shoes of all time, but you can’t get by without any Jordans. There’s no getting around it.

General Comfort

When it comes to all-around comfort, the best shoes of 2020 are Swiss. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has enjoyed Swiss luxury items of any kind. These shoes are an emblem of master crafting. They’re called Cloudnova.

They’re marketed as running shoes, and they were designed by runners for runners. But, once you put them on, you’ll realize that they’re ideal for general activity and comfort. By all means, you can wear them on a jog. You can also wear them when you go to the store. Or fly on an airplane. In reality, you’ll want these delights hugging your feet all the time.


Let’s take a minute to be specific. This entry on the list is about hiking sneakers, not hiking boots. So, these are more of a hybrid. They’re very comfortable and good for some trail running and light hiking scenarios. If you’re going rugged and want high ankle support, you’ll need real boots instead of hybrids.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, the beast hiking hybrids of the day are Adidas Consortium FYW XTA. They are simply amazing, and they’re up to the many challenges that come with life on the trail. In that scenario, these outshine even the best running shoes.

man hiking


We want to take a minute and marvel at the New Balance x WTAPS M99WT. In an era of rapid innovation and stuffing anything you can with as much technology and bells and whistles as possible, these New Balance shoes walk away from all of that. They take everything back to the basics, and they do it with poise and style.

The shoes are well-crafted, comfy, and durable, but they don’t have space gel foams and self-tying shoelaces. They’re a simplified shoe, and they prove that when you simplify to good effect, you create a masterpiece. These are shoes that can handle a little living while still looking and feeling great.

Making People Look

To be fair, a lot of Jordans are great in this category, but some collectors would view it as sacrilegious to actually wear their collector’s items. The shoes on this entry make a statement, but you won’t feel like you’re burning money by wearing them. 

The shoes in question are New Balance x Casablanca 327 ‘Orange.’ They aren’t the only shoes that are good for getting attention, but they are a perfect example. This is a quality shoe that looks great and turns heads. When it comes to outfit coordinating and getting noticed, you need sneakers that fit this mold. At the very least, learn the concept from these shoes. If you think you can expand on it, have fun!

Canvas Classics

Canvas sneakers have been in style forever. They don’t fit every look, but when they're what you want, they are completely irreplaceable. Ever since you saw the Sandlot (some of you younger readers need to stop what you’re doing, go watch that movie, and then come back), you understood the value of canvas sneakers.

We’re not raving on the PF Flyers (although they deserve that attention at some point). Instead, we’re going to introduce you to the great canvas sneakers of today. They’re the Converse FOG Essentials Chuck 70. The name might not be quite as catchy, but they master the classic look with modern craftsmanship and precision. They’re also more affordable than most of the list, and that’s not a bad thing.

converse sneakers


There’s an important style where you mix casual shoes with jeans. It’s a modern summer look, and if you ever want to try it, the shoes make the outfit. Koio Capri Castagna is the signature shoe to use. They’re made from brown leather but still capture a casual sneaker design. They have low ankles, and they’re incredibly comfortable. They’re also made in Italy, which everyone knows is worth at least 10 cool points.

Spend a few minutes looking at pictures of these shoes, and you’ll understand the concept completely. But, don’t settle. If you get the best leather casuals, your feet will appreciate it. There is also something to be said about reaching for the pinnacle of style. Other shoes might look good, but do they look this good?

The Popular Kids

This list would be incomplete if we ignored the category of popularity. Every year or so, there’s a new shoe that sweeps the nation and every guy loves. In 2020, that shoe is the Nike Air Max 270. It is the very most popular sneaker of all right now. It is rabidly beloved, and for good reason.

The Air Max 270 has an advanced react rubber sole that makes it incredibly comfortable. This is bonded to a sleek, classy look that you can pull off in most situations. If you want to know why so many guys love this shoe, put it on your feet. Everyone else has been convinced so far; you probably will be too. The fact that your shoes will look like other guys’ shoes won't’ matter in most sneaker scenarios. Plus, there’s enough variety in the shoe style to go around. This is all about spoiling your feet.

There are plenty of other great shoes on the market. You don’t have to be limited to these 10 pairs, but our research shows that they do stand above the rest in their perspective areas of function and performance. If you want something that takes good care of your feet, makes you look stylish and is always a safe bet to wear (except to weddings, don’t be that guy), pretty much any of these pairs will get the job done. Go ahead and upgrade your shoe game. You can get on with enjoying the summer and feeling great about the choice you made.


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