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Boxer briefs vs boxers: Which is better?

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Boxer briefs vs boxers: Which is better?

Are you more of a pizza or cheeseburger kind of guy?

Pepsi or Coke?

Beach or mountains?

Commando or underwear?

No, no, always underwear, friends, sorry we even went there… 

Anyway, as humans, we all have our preferences, but at MANSCAPED™ we’re here to tell you that boxer briefs are the way to go

Nope, don’t even start arguing, we’re the male grooming and hygiene experts in this relationship, and we’ve formed a pretty solid opinion on this one. And don’t worry, we’re going to go into all the details because unlike some people in our universe, we actually have a solid set of reasons for our opinions. 

That's right. If you have an opinion, you better be able to back it up, Joe. 

We don’t like boxer briefs just because. We prefer boxer briefs because they are the superior product. 

We will give boxers credit that they have their place if you’re lounging around the house, or if you feel they make for comfy PJs. We have also heard that boxers are really nice after something like surgery, for example, because they are looser but still cover your junk. 

MANSCAPED Boxers 2.0

However, when it comes to everyday support, comfort, and functionality in the underwear department, boxer briefs are our daily choice hands down. 

That's especially true if you're living any kind of active lifestyle. 

To further show our love and support for boxer briefs, we are excited to present our newest line of MANSCAPED™ Boxers 2.0 Premium Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs.

Why are they so awesome? We thought you’d never ask. 

The awesomeness that is MANSCAPED™ Boxers 2.0

The MANSCAPED™ Boxers 2.0 Premium Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs AKA Boxers 2.0 is our latest enhancement of our already amazing Performance Boxer Briefs that have been in our product line for a while now.

If you’re a MANSCAPED™ customer already, you know that we are not just satisfied with the initial release of something, even if we kind of nail it on the first try. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to deliver you the best products and we take feedback well. 

The Boxers 2.0 is the result of a lot of time, effort, design and redesign meetings, observation, and experimentation. The MANSCAPED™ product team has sacrificed their ball comfort in order to figure out the best boxer brief design for you. We'll spare you the war stories from our ill-advised raw wool experiments. Suffice it to say that we spare no effort in our quests for better ball products.

That’s right, we experiment using our own balls because if it’s not good enough for our nuts, it’s not good enough for yours. We have high standards and you’re welcome. 

The Boxers 2.0 are amazing for a number of different reasons:

The Jewel Pouch™

At MANSCAPED™, we’re so good at this male grooming and hygiene thing that we’re straight up patenting stuff. 

The Jewel Pouch™ (note the trademark) is a dedicated space that cradles your stones in place with a perforated performance fabric for extra breathability.

It’s our signature sack, boys. Your nuts have a designated space. That’s pretty special if you ask us. 

The Jewel Pouch

Anti-chafing design

We know that anywhere nuts are involved you are at risk of chafing throughout the day. With the Boxers 2.0, we’ve done everything we know how to do to design a boxer brief that tries to avoid this. 

These boxer briefs are designed to be super breathable and moisture-wicking which allows you to walk, run, and strut with confidence. 

Cucumber-cool nuts is our goal. 

Smooth flatlock seams

Comfort, comfort, comfort. 

That’s the name of the game with our products, so with these boxer briefs, we’ve tried to think of every annoying area in a pair of underwear and just eliminate it. 

That’s right, gone. With smooth flatlock seams, you’re not going to deal with anything digging into your legs throughout the day. The Boxer 2.0 lays flat against your skin and this also helps with #2 above. 

Micro Modal fabric

Ooooooo, Micro Modal fabric. This one might be our favorite aspect of the Boxers 2.0. 

Suffice to say, we love technology and wicked cool fabric is a result of modern-day technology. 

Micro Modal fabric is a specially engineered modal rayon material that is known for four main qualities:

  • softness
  • breathability 
  • Moisture-wicking abilities 
  • resistance to shrinkage

Our Boxers 2.0 are made up of 95% of this stuff (with the other 5% made up of elastane and nylon for a snug fit). 

Satin jacquard waistband

Roll out the red carpet because this underwear is satin swagged. 

Oh yeah, in addition to having a body made up of some of the most comfortable fabric on earth, we added even MORE comfort to the waistband of the Boxers 2.0. 

We don’t use satin lightly and it’s truly the best material for the waistband. 

Satin hugs. 

Say bye-bye to bands that dig into your stomach or roll when you move. Like a warm hug, your undies will be perfectly snug around your hips. 

MANSCAPED boxer briefs


Because tags suck, so we just got rid of them. 

There’s this cool technology that allows you to print or steam on tags right onto the fabric. You don’t feel a thing, but all the necessary information is still right there on the back of your underwear. 

Don’t worry, we included those instruction symbols for how to wash the Boxers 2.0 because we know laundry is hard for some of you. Please, for the love of God, just Google laundry instructions, men. It’s not hard (cough, cough machine wash cold and line dry cough cough). 

Alright, fine, we’ll spell out the directions for washing:

  • Wash cold at temperatures between 65 °F and 85 °F
  • Wash on a delicate/gentle cycle
  • Do not bleach your boxers
  • Hang to dry

These are not your grandpa’s boxer briefs. Take care of your stuff, men. 

Front fly opening

Because we know you need to pee. 

Even though we love modern technology and design you kind of need a fly when you’re talking about men’s underwear. 

We don’t see this one going away any time soon…

Six different style options

Oh, yeah - SIX! 

Don’t you feel spoiled? 

We will let you peruse the website and check our model team, but we’re sick of seeing men’s underwear in the same colors. Our brand is meant to make you feel different and special, so our designers had fun rolling out these style options:

  • Gold Nugget
  • Nighthawk
  • Kingpin
  • Silver Fox
  • El Jefe
  • Midnight Bravo

We feel they each have their own personalities, so we’re confident they will speak to the general public. You might be Gold Nugget for date night and Silver Fox during that business meeting. Or vice versa. 

Whatever you need, men, to boost your confidence, we think we’ve got you covered. 

Six different size options

MANSCAPED™ men come in all shapes and sizes, so our Boxers 2.0 range from Small to XXXL. 

Small: 28-30 in

Medium: 31-33 in

Large: 34-36 in

XL: 36-38 in

XXL: 39-40 in

XXXL: 41-42 in

1- or 3-pack purchase options

You should wear new underwear every day, so depending on what your needs are in this area we have 1 or 3-pack options for the Boxers 2.0.

We’re also twisting your arm with the 3-pack as you have the opportunity to save more money. Bulk buying, baby. It’s a thing. 

Part of the Peak Hygiene Plan combo

If you’re a MANSCAPED™ member, hopefully you already know about our Peak Hygiene Plan combo options and the Boxers 2.0 are now included.

For those of you not so familiar, we know that when it comes to grooming and hygiene products, things run out. They also wear out over time and you need to replace them. 

But we also know how much of a pain it is to run to the store or remember to buy something online proactively sometimes. Even worse, being out of supplies is the easiest reason in the world to let yourself go a little bit. So we’ve built replenishment into the purchase for you, and that can apply to your blades, formulas, and even your boxers. 

The Peak Hygiene Plan for the Boxers 2.0 includes a pair of boxers and a bonus product of your choice, every 3 months. That’s right, fresh undies delivered to your doorstep every quarter. Is this even real? There’s also no commitment and you can cancel anytime.

This Peak Hygiene Plan is a part of our overall product, tool, and formulation line, so check it out.



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