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Creature comforts - Make your life uber-comfortable

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Creature comforts - Make your life uber-comfortable

The best thing about living in the modern world is technology. We have opportunities and freedoms to do things and live in a way that the wealthiest kings of the past couldn't even imagine. Every day is a new opportunity to discover new experiences and find ways to improve our daily lives. It's fun and exciting, and when focused a certain way, extremely comfortable.

It's that last thought that holds our interest at the moment. A more comfortable life is often a less stressful life. With a few creature comforts, you can improve your day and empower your mentality to face challenges with gusto. So, here are ten ideas to improve your general comfort level regularly.

Smart home systems

The Amazon Alexa system is probably the best known and leads the pack, but you can go with any smart home system that you like. You can pair it with front door security with things like Ring. You can choose the Apple or Google ecosystem or anything else that you like.

These systems do everything. They can run the lights throughout your house, music systems, TV and other entertainment, thermostats, garage doors, and anything else you want controlled. They work on timers and voice commands, or you can control them through your phone. When everything is automated through these systems, it's all a lot easier. Once you get used to running the lights and such from simple voice commands, you'll come to expect it everywhere.

The best part is when you're at a friend's house and ask Alexa to do things only to be greeted by silence.

Extra-plush rugs

plush rug

You can treat your feet, too. Extra-plush rugs feel amazing when you walk on them. You can put one by your bed, so it's the first thing you touch in the morning. You can put them wherever you'll walk a lot, and they'll caress your feet regularly. They'll always feel fantastic, and you'll love having them.

Top-of-the-line towels

A shower always feels wonderful. You can extend the comfort of a great shower with better towels. If you've ever stayed at a classy hotel with super plush towels, you understand the comfort. When that soft caress greets you out of the shower, you're just plain winning at life.

Aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy candles are amazing for relaxing and de-stressing. They come in every aroma or "flavor" that you can imagine. They work great with a bath, but you can also use them while relaxing in the living room. It's really about what works for you. Find the right scent, and your aromatherapy will melt your troubles away.

Better coffee

You already drink coffee (sorry, tea lovers). When you invest in your home coffee, you upgrade the quality and have it on demand. There are three ways to improve your home coffee game. The first is with a better coffee maker. An espresso machine or high-end device can make coffee faster and more convenient. It also opens up a wider range of flavors and styles of coffee.

The second method is to focus on the beans themselves. You can get imported coffee that blows away anything you've had before. If you're looking for the best of the best, skip Columbia and try coffee from these locations instead: Kona (technically not imported, but it travels a long way), Turkey, Ethiopia, or Kenya.

Your third option is to invest in better creamers or other flavor add-ins. This is the easiest choice and a great place to start, especially if you're keeping the budget high and tight. Get the flavor add-ins that you really like. It's enough to elevate any coffee.

espresso machine

Shower speaker

What's the one way to improve the shower experience? How about jamming some of your favorite tunes? With a shower speaker, you can get good quality sound that won't worry about water damage from the steam.

If you try this out, here's a pro tip. The speaker doesn't necessarily have to go in the shower. Showers often have terrible acoustics. Play around with locations in the bathroom to get the sound that you want.

Amazing underwear

Manscaped Boxers

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Why shouldn't your crotch and bum feel amazing all day? Great underwear can reduce friction and prevent chafing. It can wick moisture, so you don't get all sweaty. It can even help you stay cool on a hot day. When you upgrade your underwear, your entire life becomes more comfortable.

Upgraded bed or sheets

Everyone should invest in better sleep quality. You can upgrade your bed by exploring some of the newer innovations in sleep technology. You can get a custom bed, invest in new memory foam designs that aren't super hot. You can try out a sleep number or look for the latest space-age mattress. Go to the mattress stores and try it all out. Don't settle for a good enough bed. Hold out for the one that is genuinely perfect.

If you want to save a ton of money, upgrade your sheets instead. Soft sheets that don't trap heat can transform your nightly sleep experience. You won't be sorry.

luxury sheets

A bidet

We saved the best for last. A bidet on your toilet will redefine your entire perspective on life. You might think that's an exaggeration, but that's because you've never tried one before. The French invented two things that make the world a better place, and you've probably had pastries before. It's time for you to experience the wonder of a bidet.

You can get add-ons for your toilet that don't require a major upgrade. They're affordable, clean, easy to use, and easy to install. You can go with a fancy model that includes a dryer in the setup. Anyone who is obsessed with wet wipes is already halfway there. Once you try it, you'll never go back. 

Those are the top creature comforts that make your daily life better, but there are countless other niche upgrades that you might enjoy. What is something you've always wanted but never justified getting? How would it change your regular routine?



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