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Do Superheroes Manscape?

We know that famous, good-looking guys tend to manscape. And we know that comic book characters sometimes manscape. It helps them achieve the highest levels of sexiness, athletic performance, and masculine appeal in general. But, there remains a higher tier of manhood. There are legends who exceed mortal status, and we enjoy their stories all the time. Superheroes represent the absolute peak, so naturally, we’re left wondering whether or not they manscape. If you go back to the 50s, manscaping might have been pretty rare for these heroes. When you consider the modern superhero, the story is quite different. Let’s look at some of the most popular comic book characters and superheroes and see if there’s any good indication that they do in fact manscape.


Batman is one of the oldest and most popular superheroes in the world. He’s been around forever. So, when Batman picks up on a trend, it might be worth noticing. More often, he leads the trends and others follow. As it turns out, this has been true for manscaping as well.

Now, Batman exists in a lot of different incarnations. The different Batmen have been shown practicing varying degrees of manscaping. Lots of them at least keep their chests smooth. Others go for a burly, rugged look. The simple takeaway is that at least some takes on Batman have been manscaping for decades.

 do superheroes manscape

What’s more, the official comic representation of Batman is actually an advocate for manscaping. There’s an old comic from the 80s where Batman made this clear. In the comic, a different hero, Guy Gardner, moons everyone present. Batman quips that Guy needs to shave his ass. That shows that Batman was way ahead of the curve on this one.

There’s another important lesson here. Batman manscapes. Gardner doesn’t. Gardner is also Batman’s bitch. They eventually have a fight, and Batman settles it in a single punch. Which hero are you going to side with? You’re probably making the right choice.


Like Batman, Superman has been around for a long time. Some versions have manscaped, and others haven’t. You really can get it both ways with the most famous caped crusader of them all. But, when we’re talking about the most modern and recent incarnation of Superman, we have to look to the movies.

The Justice League got a lot of hate. Maybe you liked it; maybe you didn’t. There’s one thing we can’t ignore. Superman wasn’t just manscaped in this movie. He took it to a whole new level. If you recall, there was a bit of controversy over his digitally edited mustache in one of the movie’s early scenes. Superman’s manscaping in this movie was so extreme that it was actually edited into the film. That’s crazy.

Still, you should probably take your manscaping more seriously than the film producers did. The last thing you want is for your body hair to be the subject of this level of ridicule. If Superman, portrayed by the delicious Henry Cavill can’t withstand bad manscaping, neither can you. 

do superheroes manscape


The comics aren’t always clear on the manscaping habits of each hero, but the MCU is pretty consistent on this one. When it was established with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, all three were shown to participate in pretty hefty manscaping. They may not have scenes of each hero going about the business of trimming their body hair, but all three appeared shirtless, and they were all carefully manscaped.

Since that first wave, male grooming has become an expectation for Marvel heroes. Across the movies and Netflix TV shows, we see the manscaping results for Black Panther, Daredevil, Starlord, Luke Cage, and many others. The rule is that shirtless superheroes have to be pristinely manscaped or they aren’t sexy enough for the camera. Think about that for a second.

There is one glaring exception to the rule. The Hulk definitely doesn’t do any overt manscaping. That’s true for both Bruce Banner and the green monster. So, if there’s a lesson to learn from the MCU, it’s that you should manscape to be sexy. But, if you’re a giant, green hulk of a monster, you’re exempt. 

Dr. Manhattan

If all of the MCU is manscaping, then our foray into different superheroes is going to have to step out of the realm of the most popular franchise. That brings us to Dr. Manhattan. The Watchmen came out quite a few years ago, so some of you might not remember this character. He’s the blue hero whose dick is out and swinging a whole lot in that movie. 

There’s a scene where he uses his near infinite powers to grow extra arms and clone himself in order to better satisfy his sexual partner. It’s kinda hot, if you’re into that sort of thing, and it makes it clear how this guy operates. There’s no chance at all that he doesn’t manscape. Plus, you get to see him fully nude, and there’s no sign of glowing blue body hair anywhere. He probably uses his superpowers to make manscaping easy, but the point is that he’s clearly another participant in the trend.

The Spirit

Here’s another stylized comic book movie that you probably don’t remember. The Spirit didn’t exactly smash box office records, but it’s still worth talking about today. For those who don’t remember, The Spirit is an immortal detective who is unnaturally popular with the ladies. He’s basically a super-powered James Bond.

In his overlooked movie, he gets pretty bare, and like the other heroes on this list, he’s clearly manscaped. Considering that he’s the ultimate ladies man of his universe, we have to carefully consider the important question. Is it all a coincidence, or is the manscaping the key to his success? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Jon Snow 

do superheroes manscape

Some of you are going to argue that Jonn Snow isn’t a superhero. That’s fair, but allow a case to be made. First, he comes back from the dead. Even in Game of Thrones, that’s pretty uncommon. He also fights against some pretty super-powered enemies, so maybe it’s fair to suggest that he’s more than a standard mortal in his world.

You might also argue that he isn'’ the greatest hero ever. Are there any white walkers left in Westeros? Didn’t think so.

Let’s get down to what really matters. Jon Snow is easily the sexiest man in Game of Thrones. He scores with the hottest women in the series (even if it’s super creepy), and every woman in the real world has a lady boner for him. He also manscapes. Thoroughly. This case is settled.

Groom Like a Superhero 

We’ve pretty well established that superheroes are into manscaping. Some of them probably do it for the sake of athleticism, but plenty do it to push their masculine sexiness over the top. We’ve easiliy covered all of the top-rated, sexy male superheroes today, and they all take good care of their body hair. If you want to reach this level, you need to invest in good tools. Manscaped has it all, and it’s consolidated into a convenient package. The Perfect Package 2.0 is the complete set of things you need to be a super manscaper.

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do superheroes manscape

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