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Do Women Like Chest Hair? See What They Say!

Sex appeal is a lot trickier than it used to be. Once upon a time, a guy just needed money. While money usually won’t hurt your game, it’s way less important than it once was. Now, you’re supposed to be smart, athletic, sophisticated, well-groomed... The list is endless. While you’re trying to navigate the new and troubled waters of sex appeal, you’re eventually going to have to look into body hair. What do women really think about chest hair? A lot of guys ask, "Should I shave my chest?" We have those answers for you. Read on, and learn to be a sexier man.

And the Surveys Say . . .

We didn’t simply ask an expert or two about chest hair removal and call it a day. We committed to this project. We combed through countless surveys to really find out what women think about chest hair (and a bunch of other hair while we were at it). We did this for you, bro. So we’re going to hit you with some stats. Some will seem obvious; others might be surprising.

One of the best polls we used was conducted by Tools of Men. They asked over a thousand women about different male grooming habits. When it comes to chest hair, this survey found that only 19 percent of women find chest hair unattractive. Considering the looks dominating Hollywood these days, that might surprise you. The same survey also found that 33 percent of women have no strong opinion on chest hair. A third of the ladies are apathetic on the issue. That means that your grooming doesn’t always have to be about pleasing the opposite sex.

Of course, we looked at many more surveys, and a few patterns emerged. Most women said that they don’t care about chest hair, but even among that group, they made it clear that there is such a thing as too much chest hair. They also all admitted that scruffy or scratchy chest hair is bad, regardless of its length.

When we took an aggregate of all of the chest hair survey data, we came to a few generalized conclusions. Men’s chest hairstyles can mostly be grouped into four categories. Each category has its own popularity amongst the entire population, and each category serves its own niche. We’ll look at them all in detail to help you understand how much chest hair you should be sporting.

The Bare Chest

Do Women Like Chest Hair? See What They Say!

If we’re going to look at the four classic styles of chest hair, this often comes to mind first. A perfectly smooth chest has been a classic look for thousands of years. Take a look at a classic Greek statue. How many of them sport curly hair on the men’s chests? That’s isn’t for a lack of skill, either. The bare, muscular, defined chest is the ultimate classic in manscaping styles.

While that doesn’t mean it’s the only viable style, there are a lot of women who are big fans of smooth chests. It’s why we’ve seen models and movie stars adopt the visual for years. How long has it been since you saw chest hair on James Bond? Maybe 20 years? He’s one of the most masculine characters in fiction, and he’s still bare-chested. That’s something to keep in mind. 

A men’s magazine survey looked a little more deeply into the question of how women feel about chest hair. Roughly 20 percent said that they prefer a man who is completely bare on his chest. That might sound like a minority, but keep in mind that there are multiple options. A majority of women surveyed said that they would prefer a bare chest to excessive chest hair. And, many of them picked it as a second-favorite style when it wasn’t their top choice.

In reality, the bare chest comes with a little nuance. It’s a classic sexy look on guys who are chiseled. This is the real story. Removing chest hair really allows the definition of your muscles to show, and that is what is truly sexy. If you’ve put in the time to carve your pecs and upper abs, then you need to look into ways to show off that work. A bare chest isn’t your only option, but women have repeatedly expressed how they love the look. Just ask a few of the ladies you know to list their top celebrity crushes. How many have chest hair? Are you convinced? 

The Mountain Man

Do Women Like Chest Hair? See What They Say!

The opposite of a smooth chest is a mountain man. This is when you let things go completely unrestrained. Even then, the majority of men are physically incapable of sporting a true mountain man. This is some Austin Powers level chest hair. It’s thick. It’s long. It’s dark. If a woman were to nuzzle your chest, she’d probably come back with a few surprises. That’s the mountain man.

This style is unquestionably less popular than a bare chest, but that’s not the whole story. If you go back in time a few decades, unkempt chest hair was a sign of sexuality. Modern James Bond might have a bare chest, but classic Bond sported so much hair you could see it with his shirt on. A hairy chest is indicative of strong testosterone, and there’s a natural attraction that occurs when a guy is clearly manly. It’s why some guys get women even with unrestrained neck beards. Biology is complicated, and it’s hard to beat.

In every survey we reviewed, the mountain man is easily the least popular chest hairstyle. It’s not something that will get you all of the women. But, there’s a major caveat. In every single survey, there were women who made it abundantly clear that chest hair is the sexiest thing in the world to them. 

If you go with this style, you’re appealing to a niche crowd. That said, you’re appealing to the niche crowd in exactly the right way. If your kind of woman is one who loves chest hair, then your best bet is to protect it avidly from any blade or wax. Sport your mountain man with pride. Just, understand that you’re prematurely killing your chances with a wide swath of modern women.


We just said that the mountain man was the least popular chest hairstyle, but that’s not exactly right. It’s the least popular style that anyone actually likes. Stubble is truly the least popular. It wasn’t last on every woman’s list, but it topped none. It’s pretty simple if you think about it for more than 10 seconds.

Any woman who would want a stubbly chest would probably be satisfied with a smooth chest. The point is to not have overgrown chest hair, right? A stubbly chest presents a host of problems that don’t exist with any other style.

First, stubble is uncomfortable. Women have said they’d be willing to endure the discomfort of stubble to be with a man who shaves, but that’s really missing the point. They’re showing that they want to see your chiseled body. They don’t want to get carpet burn on their face just for getting a little intimate. 

Second, stubble is inherently unattractive. It will usually irritate your own skin. You’ll have splotchy redness on your chest, and underneath the gross aesthetic, your chest hair will be a genuine threat to your date. It’s a twofer of bad news.

The lesson here couldn’t possibly be any easier. Don’t allow your chest to be stubbly. If you’re going to keep things smooth, you either need to shave often enough to prevent stubble, or you need a grooming option that doesn’t produce stubble. Waxing is the most common option. It’ll remove the chest hair, and it won’t grow back like a forest of cacti when the hair returns. 

Balanced Grooming

Last, but not least, is the most popular style of chest hair. Most women admit that they find some amount of chest hair attractive. As long is it isn’t enough to threaten to suffocate them when they snuggle, they’re usually pretty happy. This means that most guys need to learn a little bit about manscaping in order to please the ladies.

It might sound tough, but every woman has a different preference. Some will want things carefully manicured and short. Others like it to look natural but under control. Finding the sweet spot is an endless battle, but a few ideas can help you stay ahead of the game.

The first idea is to abandon the razor. Balanced grooming is best achieved with a trimmer. You can use a long cutting guard. You can also use upward strokes that don’t get too close to the chest. This helps you thin the hair without grinding it into submission. It helps you achieve that natural-yet-controlled look.

The other idea is to make the chest pop by grooming other parts of your body. Chest hair looks more deliberate when your shoulders aren’t fuzzy. You can also tame the pits a little. Most of all, clear your neck. It creates a distinction that really identifies where your manly chest hair begins. To be more specific, you don’t have to completely shave your neck at all times. Neck hair just needs to be noticeably shorter than the rest of the beard, and it should never be long enough to fully curl over.

One way or another, you can use grooming to make your chest sexier, and you can increase your sex appeal across the board. You can also use it to improve your times in some sports or whatever, but that’s not really what any of us are doing here today, is it? 

Do Women Like Chest Hair? See What They Say!

Navigating the Wilderness

That’s all a lot of great information, but if you’re with someone or chasing someone specific, how does it help? How can you know what chest hairstyle is the right one for any particular female? After all, it’s pretty easy to find a woman who will claim to like virtually any body hairstyle under the sun.  

Well, the solution to this problem is the simplest of all. Just ask. It might be awkward if you spring a direct question out of the blue, but there’s little reason to think that asking a woman she likes is a faux pas. We live in a modern age. Women aren’t expected to work barefoot in the kitchen anymore. We can do this crazy thing where we ask them what they want. It’s crazy.

If you’re not trying to please any particular person, you get an entirely different option to deal with your own body hair. You can try to steer into a niche. How do you like your chest hair? Have you done the work and want to show off your muscles? Are you completely lazy and indifferent about it? Are you a little self-conscious and think that some grooming could help you?

You can pick any style and go with it. The driving idea is that you’ll simply attract women who like the chest that you’re sporting. This is a case where there really are plenty of fish in the sea. Do what you want. Find someone who likes you when you’re doing what you want. That can lead to something way more fun than simply conforming to vanity (unless that’s your thing). 

The beauty of manscaping in the modern age is that there is something for everyone. Experiment. Find what you like. After that, you don’t have to worry about attracting women who aren’t really into you. Just, make sure you have lots of topless photos on any profiles you create. All women love unsolicited nudity.

The Keys to Application 

Hopefully, you now have enough information to decide what you want to do about your chest hair. That’s just step one. You still have to learn to pull off the style. We’ve briefly mentioned a few techniques up to this point, but now we can dig a little deeper into the mechanics of manscaping

Match Your Grooming to Your Style

If you’re just going to let it run free, then you can skip to the next section. Yes, there’s still work to do even if you go full mountain man with your chest hair. For the rest of you, the game plan should be to match your grooming method to your style. If you’re going bare, then you need a reasonable way to keep the chest hair at bay.  

Waxing often is the best approach. It lasts a long time and it prevents the stubble problem. Still, if you’re determined not to wax, you can use a really good trimmer (we like The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer) to keep the chest hair super short. It’s like shaving but a little easier on the skin and hair. The trick is to not cut the hair below the surface of the skin. That reduces stubble. Aside from that, the next section has a few tips that should help. 

If you’re going somewhere in between bare and burly, then a trimmer is all you need. You’ll have to play with your cutting guards to figure out how long you want things. In general, we recommend avoiding clear, neat lines in your chest hair. Some women may like it, but it’s not as universally sexy as on a strong jawline. Also, pay special attention to the nips. You shouldn’t have scraggly hairs growing out of there. Murder those suckers.

If for some reason, you’re determined to have a 5 o’clock chest shadow, then you’ll have to work for it. The same techniques that work for beards will work for your chest. Allow us to look at you side-eyed for a moment.

Alright, let’s move on.

Take Care of Your Skin

Crop Cleanser

The last thing you need to understand is skincare. No matter how you approach grooming, you want the skin and hair on your chest to be attractive. That means you need good hydration (a little lotion now and then usually gets the job done). You also want to take care of the hair.

This might sound too good to be true, but the secret to a sexy chest (in addition to working out) is an all-in-one body wash. If your body wash has formulas for skin and hair, all mixed together, then you get the best of all worlds on your chest. You’ll be clean. Your hair will be softer (this helps with that stubble problem again). And, you won’t get chest dandruff. We saved this bit of news for now. Chest dandruff is never sexy.

Get some Crop Cleanser hair and body wash. Use it when you shower. Profit.

That concludes today’s lesson. You know how women feel about chest hair. You know how to pick a style and stick with it. The lessons are clear. What you do with them is up to you. Pick up your men's grooming kit and make your body work for you. Good luck out there.


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