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Going to the beach and what you have to know first

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Going to the Beach and What You Have to Know First

Beach season is here again! It's time to shed the extra layers, slather on the sunscreen, and let your hair go wild...the hair on your head, that is. However, the same rules do not apply below the nape of your neck. As you might let your head hair grow out so you can quickly throw it into a man bun before you hit the beach. 

Proper grooming isn't just about adhering to best practices where your hair is concerned; it's also about making sure your skin is in good shape, too. With the hot summer rays soon to be exploding from the sky and warm water waiting to be jumped into everywhere, here are the top things you need to know before you set your GPS for sandy shores.

Waxing is a terrible idea before heading to the beach

You might be considering waxing part (or all) of your body before you put your pecs on display for the whole world to see. While we could come up with a hundred reasons to keep the word "wax" out of anything that has to do with your plans to groom, it's especially important if you're going to be out in the sun at the beach shortly after you undergo the process.

Here's why: Waxing literally rips the roots of the follicles from the skin, exposing open pores, which are prime to invite bacteria, dirt, sweat, and other nastiness directly into your skin—each element of which is most certainly present at the beach. If your recently waxed skin gets infected, it can lead to breakouts and incredibly unsightly skin. Not to mention the irritation and itchiness that can occur if you get sunburned on skin that's just recently been waxed is something we wouldn't wish on our most annoying neighbors.

Wax In A Cup

How to remove hair without wax

Before you head to the beach, a high-quality body groomer will do the trick quite nicely, leaving your body hair as naked as you want it to be without the worry of exposed pores that could otherwise ruin your fun in the sun. 

Start with The Lawn Mower® 4.0. This tool was designed to ensure every inch of your body fuzz gets proper attention using a ceramic blade system that won't rip or tug at your tufts. From your shoulders to your testicles—and everywhere in between—The Lawn Mower® 4.0 should be your go-to tool for summer swimsuit season.

Shaving just before heading to the beach can cause irritation to freshly exposed skin

By definition, whether you're trimming, shaving, or both, you're removing a protective layer of hair that once shielded the skin beneath it from certain elements such as UV rays, heat, chlorine, sand, and salt. Even the toughest of skin can get an attitude problem when there are so many external elements attacking it from all angles. If your skin tends to be super sensitive—if you're shaving areas that are notably sensitive on every man—do yourself a favor and defuzz your body the night before your big day at the beach; this will give your skin time to calm down after having blades brush against it.

Make sure you keep a proper after-shave regimen so your skin enjoys proper healing

Man Putting Crop Cleanser In His Hand

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Shaving the night before is just one part of the process. No matter when (or where) you shave, you need to take good care of your skin after you put the blade away. Wash with a healing body wash that's formulated with soothing elements such as aloe vera and sea salt to ensure your pores are thoroughly cleansed, and your skin gets hydrated in a healthy way. 

Always protect your balls

You can expect to sweat when you spent the day out in the sun. Even if you're taking frequent dips into the ebbs and flows of the crashing waves, your boys are still going to get pretty boiling hot as soon as your trunks start to dry out.  Crop Preserver® is an anti-chafing ball deodorant that's designed for the high-friction areas between your legs. Crop Preserver® leaves the entire jurisdiction of your junk-free of bad bacteria with a moisture-protecting layer that keeps the good stuff sealed in and keeps the bad gunk away.

How to keep the health of your balls at the forefront, even when you're at the beach

If you're like most guys, you don't really want to whip out the dry gel-like formula of Crop Preserver® and give your balls a nice, thorough rubdown from the comfort of your beach towel. Then again, maybe that's really all you've ever wanted to do with your day. Who are we to judge? If you fall into the prefers-more-privacy category, you can always stash a few packets of Crop Mop® in your beach bag before you leave the house. These handy, dandy little dudes are super compact and discreet, allowing you to freshen up your phallus anywhere, any time. Since they're individually wrapped, you can have ample aloe available for your down-below area, even when you're on the go.

Single Crop Mop

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Sunscreen is essential

Whether you're going for a full-shave, a simple trim, or you're letting some of your hair do its own thing; you always need sunscreen! And you need to put it everywhere that could possibly be exposed to the sun. Don't forget that even waterproof sunscreen isn't actually permanent. Aim to reapply your sun protection at least once an hour and every time you emerge out of water.

For best results with sun protection

Slather your entire body in sunscreen when you're still standing in your birthday suit. This will ensure you're able to grab those areas you might not otherwise think of (have you ever had sunburned ears?!) Once you've covered yourself in UV protection from head to toe, you can keep up with the parts that are exposed to the sun while you're out having fun. 

Never neglect after-care

A long day on the shores of your favorite beach can lend itself to sun damage, dry skin, burning, peeling, and an assortment of other sun-related situations. Even if you've made sure to protect yourself thoroughly throughout the day, your skin will likely be tired and ready for a little TLC when you settle into your home. Aloe vera contains properties that naturally help deter damage caused by the sun. After you've been at the beach all day, your skin will have had encounters with all sorts of things that can dry it out and leave it dying of thirst. A solid layer of aloe can replenish hydration and douse dry skin in the moisture it needs to look healthy again.

Pro tip in the aloe vera department

Keep one bottle of aloe stored in the cupboard at room temperature and keep another bottle in the fridge. The cold aloe will feel amazing if you've exposed yourself to a little too much heat.

Get your grooming tools

Don't step into your bathing suit before you're ready to bear your bare body to other beach-goers. MANSCAPED™ has everything you need for your male grooming regimen. Whether you just want to take a little off the top of your tuft to make sure it doesn't peek out from beneath your board shorts, or you're ready to go all-in with smooth balls that are meant to be touched, we've got you covered! Get your Perfect Package 4.0 today and make the unwanted hair go away!



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