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Groomsman gift guide

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Groomsman gift guide

You’re getting married. That’s exciting. You have a whole lifetime of happiness to look forward to, or whatever. Much more importantly, you get to have a huge party and get all of your best friends together for a weekend. You want to make the most of that, and to do it, you have to plan a few things. You want to have a killer bachelor party. You might want to pack a few more bits of fun into the wedding weekend. You might even go big and do the whole thing destination-style.

In the midst of all of that, you can make the whole experience even better when you find great groomsmen gifts. Good gifts will make the groomsmen happy, but they can also make the weekend more fun. That’s why these ideas are here to help you find the perfect gifts that check all of the boxes.

The Performance Package 4.0

The Performance Package 4.0 from Manscaped™ is a box full of male grooming supplies. It has an amazing body hair trimmer, an ear and nose hair trimmer, a pair of some of the most comfortable boxers imaginable, and the extra stuff you need to have a great time grooming. If you have any single groomsmen, this gift will help them improve their game. If you have any who aren’t single, this gift is likely to improve their experience in the bedroom. Basically, you’re trying to help the guys have as much fun as you will on your wedding night. That’s a real friendship.

the performance package 4.0

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Sub these gift ideas for a grooming set

If they don’t need a whole set, you can still satisfy the grooming theme with more appropriate gifts for each man in the party.

Individual tools

If everyone has a trimmer, you might upgrade their grooming arsenal with something they need. It could be a safety razor or a nail care set that allows them much better finger care.

Formula refills

When you groom, you need things like lubricating gel and moisturizer to keep your skin from getting roughed up by your razor. You can get your boys refills of these things — since you’ll always run out at some point. Whether it’s body wash or anything else they use, a refill is always appreciated.

Ball deodorant

Manscaped Crop Preserver

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Technically, this could be counted as a refill, but many guys don’t know about ball deodorant, so we wanted to mention it specifically. Ball deodorant is a game-changer, and it can redefine how you feel in your daily life. If your groomsmen aren’t already on this train, you can introduce them to the thing they will love the most.

Foot deodorant

Manscaped Foot Duster

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Foot deodorant doesn’t do as much to make you feel amazing throughout the day, but it’s still important. If you want your guys to be the sexiest, most confident versions of themselves, foot deodorant will help—no more stinky feet. Everyone wins.

Ball wipes

Manscaped Crop Mops

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Crop Mop® ball wipes are designed to freshen up the balls when they need a little extra attention. Every man should have these in their life, and if your groomsmen are unfamiliar with the concept, this gift will be doing them a huge favor.

Personalized flasks

The most classic of all groomsmen gifts is a personalized flask is a perfect way to thank them for what they’re doing and celebrate the brotherhood. Every guy wants to have a flask, and a personalized flask makes it a little swankier. You can all enjoy your flasks together throughout the wedding weekend, so no one ever has to be too sober for anything. If you’re going to give a flask, remember one important rule. You should never give someone an empty flask as a gift. It’s bad luck or something.

groomsmen with personalized flasks

Sub these gifts for a flask

If a flask doesn’t feel quite right, some variations on the idea hit the same note but might work better for your groomsmen. 

A whiskey set

A good whiskey set is a gift when you want to go a little bigger than a flask. A good set will have a pair of whiskey glasses (or it can be a bigger set with more), whiskey ice or ice molds, coasters, possibly a decanter, and any number of other little features. It usually comes in a classy wooden box or case, and the whole thing screams style and affluence.

Shot glass set

If you want to go a little smaller or be more personalized, shot glasses can do it. You shouldn’t just get random shot glasses from the dollar store. Instead, shot glass sets allow you to personalize the gift and make a statement.

Bottle of liquor

If everybody has a flask or it doesn’t feel right, you can get them a bottle of their favorite liquor. You can all enjoy it together, or they can take it home to have nice drinks later. It doesn’t matter.

Pocket knife

You can never go wrong with a high-quality pocket knife. Whether you’re considering a classic Swiss-style knife or a single, strong blade, pocket knives are infinitely useful and customizable. You can get them monogrammed. You can get them high-end maple or ivory knives, or you can focus on practicality and get a durable, functional knife that they are sure to use.

pocket knife

Sub these gifts for a pocket knife

If a knife isn’t the answer but is in the right vein for your groomsmen, these alternatives might be perfect.


A good multitool is as important and valuable as a pocket knife, and it might suit your groomsmen better. If you want to get outside of norms, you can look into something like a Wallet Ninja. It’s a useful multitool that fits in your wallet like a credit card.

Outdoor or survival equipment

Other cool gift ideas would be a quality compass, a filtered straw that can allow you to safely drink any water, or a paracord kit. If you want to amp up the fun, you can get everyone a good hatchet, and then you can all go have a hatchet-throwing contest while you throw back a few drinks. Is it dangerous? Of course. Will it make for great memories? Definitely.

A round of golf

A good time can be worth more than a silly trinket. Take the boys out for a round of golf. You can have a good relaxing time or get competitive — whatever suits the group. The point is that you’ll have some guaranteed fun together when everyone comes for the wedding.

Sub these events for a round of golf

Not everyone enjoys golf, but there is probably an event all of your groomsmen would appreciate.

A camping trip

A camping trip is a budget-friendly plan. Have a nice camping trip with the guys right before the wedding. You can get in touch with nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

Casino night

You can go the opposite direction and take everyone to the casino. You can drink, gamble, and get into trouble together. That’s fun for the whole family right there.

Sports event

If you’re all into the same sport, go to a game together. It’s your treat, so they’ll feel appreciated and what not. More importantly, you can get rowdy and let loose.


The other classic event, you can all go to a concert together. It can be a rowdy concert, or if you guys are all high-class socialites, it can be an opera or something. It’s about having a good time. You don’t have to conform to anyone else’s expectations here.

Cold, hard cash


There’s a stigma against giving people cash as a gift, so here’s the compromise. Some guys would much rather have a gift card than a flask or a pocket knife. It’s a simple truth, and if you go this route, you can give out groomsmen gifts that they can completely personalize and enjoy to the fullest. If your bros would appreciate this kind of gift, then don’t hold back. It’s ok to give them something you know they like.

Sub these gifts for a gift card

There are alternatives to gift cards that will still be very satisfying for your groomsmen. Best of all, you can mix and match to cater to each guy’s personal preferences.

Subscription boxes

There are tons of subscription boxes out there, and they can be pretty cool. There are boxes for outdoorsmen, Star Wars nerds, whiskey drinkers, cheese lovers, and just about everything else. With about five minutes of effort on Google, you can find a box for each of your groomsmen.

Subscription services

Instead of a box full of stuff, you can buy them a month, year, or whatever of a subscription service. This service can be something generic, like a music service subscription. You can get a little more personal and get them an upgrade at their local gym or a month/year of refills on their razor blades. Think about it a little, and you might find something that they can appreciate.

A redeemable coupon

A coupon is almost exactly like a gift card, but it’s a little bit more specific. You can get them a free massage, shave, or haircut. You can buy them a round of golf that you don’t all play together or do anything else along these lines. The redeemable coupon allows you to give them an experience they’ll enjoy even if you can’t all do it together. It’s customizable and personally valuable.



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