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How to Rock That Longer New Hair Do After Quarantine

Quarantine months sure are taking their time. It seems everyone is in agreement that the universe didn’t actually begin until March of 2020. Everything before was just a happy dream. Dramatizations aside, lockdowns have added new and interesting challenges to all of our lives. Plenty of you reading this are in places where it’s not exactly easy to get a haircut. You might be rocking longer hair than you ever have before. If that’s the case, there are some things you need to learn, and we’re going to summarize those for you nice and easy.

Taking Care of Longer Hair 

As your hair grows, you’re going to have to put more work into keeping it clean and healthy. The rules kind of change along the way. It’s not really bad, once you know the tricks. But without these tips, you’d be in a lot of trouble. Ultimately, you can work these tips into your daily hygiene/manscaping routine, no problem.

 long quarantine hair

Washing Your Hair

As it gets longer, you have to transition your hair care according to the golden rule. You want to wash it less and condition it more. Understanding what shampoo and conditioner do can help with this transition. 

Shampoo isn’t really designed to clean your hair. It’s a scalp treatment. It helps break up oils and unpleasant buildup on your scalp. When your hair is short, it’s easy for your scalp oils to get to all of the hair. This offers a natural moisturizer and treatment for your hair. You can wash your scalp frequently, and your hair will still get access to plenty of those natural oils.

As your hair gets longer, the same amount of natural oil gets spread pretty thin. If you wash too often, those oils will never make their way down the hair fibers. That leads to dryness, split ends, brittleness, and all kinds of problems in your hair. So, you wash it less often, and you deprive your hair of that natural conditioner a little less.

Still, long hair needs more help than it will get from your scalp. It needs a real conditioner, and you’ll have to condition more frequently as you have more hair. Ultimately, by the time you’re done transitioning, you’ll be washing your hair once or twice a week, but you’ll be conditioning every day.

To wrap this up, there’s one more tip. Long hair doesn’t need extra shampoo. The shampoo isn’t for your hair, remember? So the same amount is appropriate the whole time. But, as your hair grows, it will need increased amounts of conditioner every time you shower (but still probably less than you’ll be tempted to use at first).

Final point. Crop Cleanser, by MANSCAPED, is a shampoo, not a conditioner. So you still need it to stay clean, but you’ll want to work a good conditioner into your shower routine.

quarantine hair

Brushing Your Hair

As that length grows, you’re going to have to start brushing your hair. It’s important to understand that this has nothing to do with styling your hair. You want to brush it every day — typically right before you go to bed. The reason goes back to those natural oils. When you brush your hair, you break up any oil buildup along the strands. The brush helps to evenly distribute your natural oils. This helps it maintain a natural sheen and keeps it healthier in general. On top of that, brushing helps with tangles and just keeping your hair clean. 

Who knows, you might like it enough to work some brushing into your male grooming in general.

Style Tips for Longer Hair

Making long hair look good is entirely different from styling a short do. We’re going to keep it brief, but these tips will get you well on the way to a great look.

Transitioning Hair Lengths

Everyone is different. So if we’re going to generalize hair growth for everyone, remember that the type of hair you have will influence how you style it. In general, hair tends to grow in a few phases. When it’s super short, it doesn’t misbehave very much. It can’t. It’s too short to stick out in weird ways, so you don’t have to put as much effort into styling. That’s why so many guys stick with a shorter do. 

As it gets longer, it will enter a wild phase. It has the means to stick out or misbehave in new and frustrating ways. In order to deal with it, you’re going to turn to coaching products (like hair gels and hairsprays). These are important for keeping some semblance of order with hair that is at an intermediate growth.

Eventually, the hair gets long enough that its own weight will start to pull it down. Now, it can still get frizzy or wild, but it’s less erratic and more of a large-scale problem. When hair is longer like this, you’re going to worry less about coaching and switch to contouring. You’re going to pretty much have to let the hair do its natural thing, but you can use products and techniques to make it look a little more deliberate.


That brings us to products. Strong coaching products are great for shorter hair. As it gets longer, you need to transition to pastes and creams. Ultimately, creams will be your standard for very long hair. Excessive coaching can’t find that natural look, but a nice cream can help you deal with static, and there’s a string for every level of curliness. This helps your hair lean into its strength and allows you to manage it without being a dictator to it. The natural look is ultimately the sexy look, and you’ll be in a good place.



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