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Man bag essentials

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



man bag essentials

No matter what you’re doing, you need to carry some essential items with you. Sunglasses, wallet, and keys make up the trinity in this regard. It’s hard to imagine a situation where you leave the house without them (unless you’re out solely after dark), but when you really think about it, these three things don’t cover every situation you’re bound to face.

It makes sense for men to take a bag with them, and if you’re considering that habit, you need some ideas on what should be in the bag. We’re going to look at this from two angles. One set of essentials is for your bag when you travel. The other is specifically for a daily outing and the bag you should probably have with you.

Travel bags

The first class of man bag we’ll discuss is the travel bag. This can be a suitcase or a duffle. It can also be an over-the-shoulder bag, day-trip bag, overnight bag, or anything else comparable. The point is that this is bigger than a backpack, and you have room to carry more than just the bare minimum. We’ll talk about daily essentials in a later section, but let’s start with the basics for successful travel.

man with duffle bag

Essentials for travel

When you’re on the road, you need to carry more stuff. We all know that, and surely you already account for bringing clothes, shoes, and a toothbrush. Still, there are other essentials that should always travel with you.

One is a daily bag (see examples in the next section). You can get fold-up backpacks that are extremely light and durable. They fit in your suitcase without any trouble, and you can use them to carry essentials around when you’re out and about on your travels.

Another travel essential that is easy to forget is The Shed. That’s your travel case full of male grooming items. You should take these with you so it’s easy to keep yourself fresh and sexy.

Lastly, don’t forget extra shoes. You should have something comfortable and durable for when you travel, but you never know when you need nicer shoes (especially on a business trip) or some sandals. It’s pretty easy to plan your shoes around your trip, but it’s worth making room for a second pair. Trying to do everything with one all-around pair of shoes won’t always work.

the shed

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Daily bags

When you’re not on the road, you still need your daily bag. This is like your gym bag, but smaller and less specific. Common daily bags would include a crossbody, briefcase, or backpack. You can store whatever you need in them, and they’re easy to bring with you.

If you’re over 40 and have kids, you get an additional bag option known as the man purse — or more commonly known as cargo pants and shorts. They’re out of style for most of us, but the rules of fashion change for dads.

In fact, you can think of cargo shorts as a great analogue for your daily bag. If it’s something you want in those extra pockets, it should probably go in your bag.

Daily necessities

Daily essentials are simpler than travel necessities. These are just the things that you never want to be without through the course of a day. The perfect example is chapstick. As you go through the day, it’s easy for your lips to chap, and having that stick handy means you never have to leave the problem untreated. You’re always ready to go. Chapstick fits great in your pocket, but it also takes up negligible space in your daily bag.

Another item you should always have is a breath freshener. Whether you have gum or breath mints, you need to be able to keep that dragon breath under control. It’s important for business interactions, being social and having a nice moment with someone attractive. Never keep your breath fresheners out of reach.

The new must-have is hand sanitizer. That’s a lesson we all painfully learned in recent times. Keep a bottle around you. It’s also a great way to break the ice or make a new friend. There will always be someone around who needs to bum some hand sani.

crop mop wipes

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Another new item on the list is the Crop Mop™ ball wipes. This is a refreshing wipe for your nether regions. On a long day, things can get a little sweaty and gross down there. If you have a Mop or two on you at all times, you can refresh as needed. They’re packaged to fit in your wallet, so they certainly won’t be a problem in your man bag.

The final essential (aside from your wallet and keys) is sunscreen. Skin cancer is no joke, so always keep sunscreen handy. If you’re going to be out of the shade, give yourself some protection.

If you keep these items in your bag, you’re ready for most occasions that will befall you on a daily basis. Add them to your travel bag, and you’ll be good to go on any modern journey.



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