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Men's Style Guide MANSCAPED™ Edition

Summer is gone. We all miss it, but that doesn’t mean would should mope around, waiting for the next one. There’s a lot to enjoy in the fall, and part of that is new fashion trends. Ok, some of you aren’t ready for that, but we’re going to help you get there. Men’s fashion is in a transitional phase right now, and a lot of concepts are being perfected. For the most part, staying ahead of trends this autumn will actually help you dress more practically and comfortably. We’ll get into the details in a bit, but it really is ok for you to get excited about style. If you aren’t there yet, this guide is sure to find something that speaks to you.

The Outer Layer

Fall fashion starts with outerwear. As the temperatures cool, you get to add light jackets, long sleeve shirts, sweaters and whatever else you like. Eventually, you’re bundling several layers (more on that later), but it all starts with the outer layer. It’s a great time to be a guy. This autumn we’re seeing the perfect fusion of practicality and style in men’s fashion.


Your fall selection should start with overshirts. They can be made from heavy cotton, flannel and other comparable materials. In function, these are just like the flannel you would see on a lumberjack. The good news is that you get to look good when you wear your overshirt. In general, you want to migrate away from the bright and bold colors of summer. This is a theme that applies to more than just overshirts. Darker, muted and earthy tones are all in right now. This doesn't mean you should trade your summer linens for a bunch of black overshirts. Color is still your friend; you’re just matching the demeanor of nature.


Jackets are the bread and butter of outerwear. Just like with overshirts, the latest fashion trends are your friend. For starters, you want a functional jacket that can handle weather. Gortex and other weatherproof materials are abundant, and people have finally figured out how to make them look great. You’re going to stick to the color themes of the fall, but you get a fair amount of freedom in your jacket choices. Jacket styles range from oversized trench coats to light bombers. Choose what you like, as they can all conform nicely to a modern total look. Seriously, you need to make the most of the way fashion is right now. It’s only a matter of time before we’re expected to wear something strange and pretend we like it.

mens style guide

The New Hotness

Yes, that was foreshadowing. There is in fact a new trend that is wildly popular right now. Before you learn about it, you need to understand that this is definitely an early iteration, and in this form, it’s going to be a fad. Before you go shopping, you’ll need to decide if you want to enjoy the short-term benefits of hopping on a bandwagon or skip the cringe that comes when you look at photos of yourself in a few years. 

The new trend we’re discussing is denim suits. If you haven’t seen them yet, you need the visual in that link. Denim suits are being championed by style leaders right now, and until they fade, they are a statement piece for the cooler months. Just realize that denim suits are the short shorts of 2019. They will be panned, re-appropriated and rebranded in the years to come. None of that will save you from ridicule when people look back on their current form. If you can handle laughing at younger versions of yourself, enjoy some denim suits. If you can’t, you need to learn more about self-confidence.

The Other Layers

You’re an adult. You should understand the concept of layering. When it’s really cold, they combine their powers to create a mighty morphing collection of clothes that keep you from freezing. When you go inside, or if the temperature rises a bit, you can shed layers as needed to keep from overheating. It’s not rocket science. 

What you probably don’t understand well is how to layer fashionably. There’s a core concept that can keep you out of trouble, for the most part. Stop and consider how each layer works as the outermost piece. The shirt you have on bottom should look great with your pants and footwear. Similarly, your overshirt and/or sweater should function fine on its own. Obviously, the jacket needs to look good, but when you consider each piece separately, something interesting happens. Since each part of the ensemble looks great with your bottom half, they tend to look good together. You’ll need to double check that, but you’ll find that you don’t need to become a fashionista and color coordinate your fall layers. It tends to happen organically.


While we’re talking about layers, we need to discuss pants. They determine the whole outfit, so you need to know what’s new in men’s pants. Well, nothing is new. Nothing at all. Jeans have been getting it done for a long time. In the darker months, you want to avoid faded looks, and baggy is still out. When you aren’t wearing jeans, the rules for slacks and dressier pants are ancient and reliable. Keep everything to a trim fit, and you’ll be set. Consider it a blessing that one part of your style can remain so consistent.


As you fully transition from summer to autumn, the accessories you consider will transform considerably. We’re talking about changing your shoes, actually wearing a belt and the two additional accessories that love to play in the fall.


chelsea boots

Your first accessory is footwear. At work, your dress code might be dictating what protects your toes. When you’re free, you’re going to be tempted to stick to the tennies. They have their place, but they aren’t the ideal go-to. You’re ready to invest in some good boots. You have tons of options because, once again, form and function have found a happy medium. You can get tough, comfortable, practical boots that also look great. 

Start by looking into Chelsea boots. They look great with suits and jeans, making them a happy hybrid of dressy and casual. They aren’t the only option on the table. Feel free to shop around and find boots that excite you. Just remember to keep color in mind. You want your boots to be able to go with the majority of what you wear this fall.


In a lot of places it’s a little early for scarves, but in the northern parts of the country, the time is here. Scarves are amazing for fighting the cold, and they give you a chance to really make your look pop. These days, scarves are big and have a lot of color options. You’re still mostly dodging bright colors, and you want to avoid a scarf of your favorite sports team unless you’re in a super casual setting. Anything that would look in place in a Harry Potter movie is a great place to start.


Hats are not in right now. As much as possible, you want to show off your excellent haircut. Still, the weather is going to force you to wear a hat at least some of the time. When that time comes, stick to beanies. Baseball caps are great in the summer, but they rarely mesh well with a layered autumn look. Wide-brimmed hats are even harder to pull off these days, and we’re still waiting for top hats to come back around. Someday . . . So, when the cold makes you want to cover your head, a good beanie should be your first thought.


Our last accessory is the most fun. In the summer, you’re wearing less and keeping things casual. It makes it hard to work stylish bags into the mix. Sure, you might carry something for a beach or pool day, but in general, the only bags you get to carry in the summer are on vacation. This fall, you can bask in the ultimate expression of practical fashion. Backpacks are in, and you’re almost expected to have one. The new styles work perfectly with your favorite jacket. They’re trimmer, but they’re also optimized. You can carry electronics in there, store your outer layers when it gets warm and keep an umbrella. For backpacks to be in fashion is one of the greatest things to ever happen to guys. Make the most of it. It might not last forever.

mens style guide


Now is a time to enjoy a little more shiny in your wardrobe. Watches can work, especially with sleeves, but they aren’t universal. The same can be said for anything that goes around your neck. Less is often more, but layered outfits give you a little more opportunity to wear something you love without looking like you’re headed for the Jersey Shore.

The Bottom Layer 

We just spent a lot of time talking about what you should wear, but style doesn’t start with clothes. The most important layer of all is the one you can’t shed. We’re talking about your skin (and physique). There’s a lot of maintenance that goes into staying sexy throughout the fall and winter. We’re going to cover that to make sure you don’t use layered clothes as an excuse to let yourself go. You’ve done that enough times.

Working Out

You know that you need to work out throughout the fall, but that doesn’t mean you’re actually going to do it. When the daylight hours get scarce, seasonal depression and other factors make it a lot harder to keep in shape. This isn’t something unique to you. We all go through it. There’s a trade secret that helps banish the seasonal melancholy and keep you working hard, and it’s surprisingly simple.

Take a few walks. By themselves, the walks help you burn a few calories so you don’t go completely flabby, but that’s not the real point. If you want to be cut, you still need the gym. Walking just happens to be the most powerful, natural way to beat seasonal feelings of lethargy. Ideally, you can walk to the gym three times a week. The initial walk will help you enter a better mindset, and you’ll get a better workout. If that isn’t feasible, find a way to work more walks into your schedule. Adopt a dog if you have to. This is the simplest and most effective way to stay ahead of the moroseness that usually kills your fitness in the fall.

Taking Care of Your Skin

A lot of guys suffer from worse complexion in the cooler months. Maybe it’s because you get less sun. Perhaps swimming and sweaty exercise in the summer has an impact. It could be changes to your diet. There are a lot of things that can impact your complexion and skin health. Rather than worry about which is the key, take care of your skin. Wash your face daily. Use a good soap in the shower. Most importantly, don’t let the cold weather convince you to take long, hot showers. Warm showers are great. Long and hot showers are both bad for your skin and can contribute to complexion issues.

Male Grooming

The last means to perfecting your bottom layer is male grooming. This is going to surprise some of you, but the darker months are better for hooking up. Think about it. You know more people with birthdays in September than any other month. What time of year is nine months before September? It has long been established that people have more sex when the nights are longer. We can speculate as to why, or we can stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. What really matters here is that you need to be ready for sex when it comes your way. That’s why we’re going to remind you of the MANSCAPED four-step guide to male grooming.

Trim First 

The majority of your body hair needs at least a little trimming. It’s the first step to a good grooming session, and it’s vital that you do this before you shower. Trim the boys down to whatever level you like. Keep your chest and pits properly tames. Make sure your butt is as smooth as a baby’s. Your trimmer lies at the heart of your manscaping, and using it liberally is the best way to be extra sexy when it’s time to remove some clothing layers.

the lawn mower 3.0


Shower Effectively

We already mentioned that long, hot showers are bad. One of the reasons you want to shower after grooming is to keep the length of your shower down. The more important reason is to disinfect your skin after shaving. Shaving spreads contaminants. Following through with a shower prevents those contaminants from causing an infection. It’s simple science, and it’s very important.

Love Your Skin

We talked about general skin care, but after grooming, you need a little extra love on the flesh. Trimming and shaving both cause irritation and skin problems. If you follow your shower with a little TLC, it’ll keep you from having razor bumps, red skin and that firey feeling that sometimes follows a shave. Hydration and aloe are your friends, and you can find products specifically designed for the lower reaches. The last thing you want is traditional aftershave on your freshly shaved balls.

That does it. You have an abundance of great fashion options for this fall, or you can go all-in with denim suits. It’s all up to you. Just don’t forget to take care of your body, even when it’s masked by all of your new, sexy clothes. A sexy body is a confident body, and it’ll help you wear your new fashion to the best of your ability. Follow this guide, and you can be celebrating an accident of your own next September! But seriously, take care of yourself, and make sure to stop and enjoy your autumn lifestyle.


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