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Men's Summer Fashion Guide Featuring Manscaped

Summer is here. The lifestyle of carefree fun, hot dates, and too little sleep is upon us. It is up to us to make the most of this time. One thing that can certainly help you have a great summer is upgrading your wardrobe. Sure, looking good is important, but a proper execution of summer fashion will also help you stay cool and comfortable through the heat strokes. Today, you’re going to get a condensed guide of all things related to men's fashion for summer 2019.


It’s the first thing on your mind when you think about summer clothes. We get to wear shorts during the hot months, and sometimes that means we get to take our comfort levels to new highs. This summer, that is definitely the case. Of all things, basketball shorts are fully in fashion.

Slow down for a second. This does not mean that you can wear athletic shorts to a July wedding. Stop that. It does mean that in casual settings, you have a full license to wear the most comfortable clothing on the planet. Even better, you don’t have to stick to boring colors and patterns. You get to enjoy every aspect of basketball shorts being in fashion.

That said, not all of life takes place in extremely casual settings. Sometimes, you have to try at least a little. For those moments this summer, you want to look to chinos. They’re light and comfortable, but they have a little class too. Pastel colors are all the rage, but you still can’t go wrong with the classics: khaki, black and navy. 

If you’re feeling a little more experimental, there are some subtle trends on the rise. Jean shorts are trying to make a comeback, but they’re still risky. Also, pleated shorts are looking good, but not everyone pulls them off equally.

When shopping for your new shorts, the rules should be familiar. Baggy is out. Loose is fine. The cut should go right to the knee when you’re standing.

mens summer fashion guide featuring manscaped


The other staple of summer fashion is open-toed footwear. In the past, men have been shamed for letting the toes free. Those days are behind us. You’re fully welcome to grab some sandals and enjoy the summer breeze on your freed feet.

Inevitably, there are some caveats. You have to manage your toenails. A lot of you dismiss this, thinking that you already take care of your toes. Many of you overestimate yourselves on this one. Here’s a little help to improve your toenail game. Aside from toenails, some of you need to spend a little time grooming the hair on your toe knuckles. Sure, summer is a time to feel free, but don’t feel free to walk around like a total Sasquatch. 

When your feet are ready to be revealed, the best sandals on the market are a classic: Birkenstocks. The strapped leather look is timeless, and you’ll look smart keeping up with this tradition.

There are some new trends that might be a little fun. Bright and bold colors are actually making headway in men’s sandals right now. It can be tricky to find something that truly works, so consider John Elliott Suicoke or Dries Van Noten as your guides.

The last major player for summer sandals is your set of pool slides. This is where you get the most freedom. These are always completely informal, so be as creative and have as much fun as you want. It’s pretty hard to go wrong as long as they protect your feet. 

mens summer fashion guide featuring manscaped


Sadly, you’ll have to cover your toes at some point during the summer. A lot of shoes are good for every season, and you should already have some of those. We’re going to focus on what you might be lacking.

If you only had one pair of shoes for the entire summer, it should be leather sneakers. They’re classy; they’re comfortable; and they work for everything that doesn’t require a black tie. They are the lynch pin to an adaptable wardrobe that can handle brunch in the morning, drinks in the afternoon and clubbing all night. Get some leather sneakers. 


Moving upstairs a bit, it’s time to look at summer shirts. The key is coolness. No one wants pit stains if they can help it, and a few summer fashion trends can help you. For starters, you can wear cotton tees a lot more in the summer than other times of the year. Pastel colors are great, but don’t sleep on stripes. They can add a little muted color and fun to the wardrobe, and they look amazing with your chinos. 

If you want to steer a little more in the direction of a preppy look, polos are a classic for a reason. They’re still accepted everywhere from golf courses to movie theaters. Just make sure you get a good fit. Outright baggy is sloppy, but a tight fit is hot (in the bad way). A comfortable, loose fit is the sweet spot.

If you need sleeves, it’s time to invest in linen. Done right, it looks amazing and feels even better.

Most importantly, you want to get away from solid colors. Yes, we just said they’re the reliable standby, and it’s ok to have them in the mix. That said, colored patterns are on the rise, and it feels like a waste not to take advantage of that.

The last shirt item on the summer list is the tank top. Let’s get this out of the way. Tank tops are great for working out and as a removeable piece of your swimwear. If your shirt is coming off anyway, then a tank top is fine. That’s it. Don’t let the rise of basketball shorts convince you that you can wear a tank top all day every day. 

More importantly, you can only show off the chest if you do it right. Marvel movies are convincing women that the smooth chest is the way to go. That means that, at bare minimum, you can’t be sporting the hamburger-meat-spilling-over look. That’s true for all of your shirts, not just tank tops.

mens summer fashion guide featuring manscaped


One of the best parts of summer is that you can wear a lid with your favorite team on it. That’s fully in fashion this summer. Grab your favorite hat and sport that bad boy. Just make sure it isn’t the completely acid washed, over-abused rag for a hat that you should have thrown away years ago. It’s ok to invest in something new, and when you do, get a hat that actually functions. Flat brims are well on the way out, and the trucker fad ended years ago — unless you actually run a big rig.

Getting Formal

Completely formal settings in the summer are the same as any other time of year. That said, summer weddings and similar events often sit just shy of formal. This is where you want something suit-like, but not so stuffy. This is your chance to learn about separates. The concept is pretty simple. Imagine if you had three different suits, each significantly distinct in its fashion. You want to wear a piece from each as your outfit.

In practice, it’s a little more complicated, but we won’t leave you hanging. This guide should get you going. When you use separates correctly, you can look smart (but not like you’re trying too hard) and still stay reasonably cool in the hot months.

Male Grooming

We talked a bit about grooming in a few spots. You have to keep your chest and pits under control. You shouldn’t be dragging hairy knuckles around. That said, there’s an element to grooming that is absolutely vital to summer fashion. We’re talking about the parts that (most) people won’t see. 

Grooming below the belt is surprisingly important to looking good all summer. It isn’t because people can see the poof of your unkempt bush (we hope). It’s because grooming the boys can help you feel more comfortable. Trimming the pubes will keep you cooler throughout the summer, and when you add some quality ball deodorant, you’re going to hit comfort levels you didn’t know existed. That will translate to a more confident and relaxed demeanor. That’s the key to fashion.

They say that the clothes make the man, but that’s really just a variation of “fake it til you make it.” In reality, the man makes the clothes, and feeling great downstairs is a key element of that fact. If you really want to look and feel your best this summer, you have to pair a clean body with your upgraded wardrobe, and we can help you. is the one resource you need for everything related to manscaping.



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