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Men's Summer Style Guide Featuring Manscaped

Summer is in full swing. If you aren’t careful, it’s going to pass you by. So, if you’re ready to get out and make the most of the fun season, then we’re going to help you look your best. We have a little guide for you to help with 2019's summer fashion trends.

Boat Style

Have you ever seen how rich people tend to dress when they’re on a yacht or a sailboat? Well, that’s in fashion this summer. We’re not talking about straight up swimwear for all occasions. But, light is in style.

This starts with boat shorts. Everyone else is going to tell you that chino shorts are the hotness, and they aren’t wrong. What you need to know is that there’s a whole section of boating shorts that are similar to chinos in look and fit, and they’re something you should consider for your wardrobe. If you aren’t comfortable with that, then be a sheep and just wear chino shorts like everyone else. As long as you avoid board shorts and dad-style cargos, you’re ok.

The more important facet of boating style is the shoes. These things are comfortable and look great. They’re designed to prevent slipping, so they’re surprisingly practical in a wide array of settings, and they’re not particularly hot on your feet. You can even wear them without socks if you like, but if you do add the sock layer, make sure those things don’t show. It ruins the look.

This summer, you can wear your boat shorts pretty much anywhere that doesn’t require a suit. Once you break them in, they’ll probably be your favorite shoes. Also, be sure to enjoy them now, because they don’t work as well in the winter — especially if you live where it snows. 

mens summer guide featuring Manscaped

Showing Some Skin

Boat style is a nice introduction to summer fashion, but the nuts and bolts of enjoying the warm months is showing skin. This isn’t just for the ladies. You work hard on your body, and summer provides ample opportunities to flaunt what you’ve got. There are some guidelines to this, but when you know the rules, you can use your hard-earned body to get quality attention from the ladies (or dudes). 

The first rule is easy. If you’re doing a physical activity that causes you to break into a sweat, you’re allowed to go shirtless. This includes working out, swimming, hiking, playing sports, and anything else you can think to add to the list. It doesn’t include sitting in a hot car in traffic. You have to be active (or tanning) to earn the right to go shirtless. This is important because these rules apply to other clothing options.

Tank tops essentially have the same rules as being shirtless. There might be a few instances where a tank top is ok and shirtless isn’t (like running to a convenience store for forgotten sunscreen), but mostly you should treat tank tops the same as being without a shirt. 

If you want to show your body without showing skin, you have a lot of options for that too. Firm fits are in style (as long as you’re fit), and they do a great job of revealing your gains at the gym. For summer, tees and polos should be your go-to items, and color is your friend. It’s all about being bright right now, so don’t hold back. Just be sure that your wardrobe isn’t clashing with itself.

Now, in all of these cases, you’re looking at a revealing outfit. Being fit allows you to get away with doing this, but fitness alone isn’t enough. You have to complete the look, and this means manscaping. No matter how cut you are, excessive body hair will ruin your sex appeal. Just grab a Lawn Mower 2.0 and spend a few minutes a week maintaining your upper body hair. If you don’t, even those tees and polos will show off how bad your male grooming is.

mens summer style

Enjoying Night Life

When we envision summer fun, we probably think about bright sun, being outside and water. That’s all fine, but nightlife is a different animal in the summer too. People tend to stay out later and get a little wilder when it’s warm. For your nightlife, a few tips will point you in the right direction.

Let’s start with pants (not shorts). Jeans are still allowed, but look for a less-heavy denim. It will help you move and keep you from burning if you get active. Slacks are still in play this summer, but follow that denim rule. Lighter slacks look and feel better. Also, if chino shorts look good, obviously full-length chinos are in. These let you play more with color, and they’re ideal for getting on the dance floor.

On your upper body, buttons are your friends. No more tees and polos. Instead, you want a full button shirt with sleeves. Since it’s summer, this doesn’t have to be a heavy overshirt. Instead, light and airy is great. You can leave a few top buttons undone to show a little chest, and you can absolutely push those sleeves up to stay cool. It’s a sexy look. Trust us.

Your feet are another matter. Boat shoes actually still work in a lot of nightlife settings, but they aren’t exactly good for dancing (if that’s your thing). The general idea is to keep your shoes simple. No sandals at the club. Also, color is allowed. 

Lastly, if you haven’t settled into an evening style, start looking at linens. They cost a little more, and they’re worth every penny. On top of the elegance that they bring to your style, they’re extremely light and cool. Linens are pretty much the ultimate for summer attire, so start learning more about them


men's summer style 

Even though summer is the warm part of the year, it isn’t always hot all of the time. Even if you live in Miami, there are occasions when you’ll need a jacket. Sudden storms, abnormally cool nights and venues where the air conditioner puts in overtime can all leave you feeling unexpectedly cold or wet on an otherwise warm summer day.

Summer jackets are unsurprisingly different in function, form and look from winter coats. They’re typically light and sometimes waterproof. A simple pullover can be all you need for most occasions, but if you really want to look great, consider a light bomber jacket. They look just like traditional bombers, but they’re made from lighter fabrics that work great against a minimal chill.

Then again, you can ditch the jacket altogether and get an overshirt. Overshirts are basically thick button ups that give you a lot more flexibility in style. They’re usually enough to keep you warm from anything except a downpour, so see if you can find one that you really like.


The last thing we’ll discuss for summer fashion is accessories. Some things you wear don’t change with the seasons. Others do. Regardless of your preference, we’ll go over the most important pieces so you can tie your look together with the perfect finishes.


Let’s start with hats. Generally speaking, baseball hats are fully back in fashion. Rock your favorite team or brand and enjoy it. You’re not limited to trucker hats (what was that all about?), and the collector’s look is long dead. Your brim can curve, and you don’t need authenticity stickers when you walk around. That stuff stays on the Jersey Shore.

If you want to get past baseball hats, there are options, but it’s tricky. Not everyone can pull of a wider-brimmed hat. If you want to experiment, make sure someone you trust is giving you honest criticism of your look. But, if you can pull it off, alternative hats can look amazing. 


The other accessory every guy needs is a belt. In the winter, you’ll mostly stick with strong, leather belts. They get the job done. They’re still acceptable in the summer, but you have a few more options this season. Woven belts, often made from cotton, give you a whole new way to keep your pants up. They come in tons of designs and colors, and they’re amazing for any belt work that isn’t in a formal setting.


The last major accessory for any guy is the watch. The key to watches in the summer is to have a little fun with it. Fitness watches and smart watches are perfectly acceptable in most cases. So, too, are high-functioning timepieces. Divers watches and similarly advanced wristwear can look pretty darn good if they aren’t outclassing the rest of your ensemble. Still, if you have a formal timepiece that you really love, it will work any time you’re wearing pants and long sleeves — even if they’re informal linens.

That should be enough to get you going this summer. Fashion is in a fun place, and you have more ways than ever to look good. You can even step away from trends and sport a retro or classic look when you’re into it. Still, if you want to back your new fashion sense with a total package, you need We won’t just help you look and feel your best. We’ll equip you with the tools and knowledge to fully master your lifestyle.



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