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The best boxer briefs for men

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



the best boxer briefs for men

Our legal team is going to have a field day with this one, but we’re going to go ahead and say it. We think we’ve designed the best boxer briefs for men. 

Seriously, we think we’ve achieved the best.

It only took us two years and countless hours of trial and error, but the MANSCAPED™ Boxers 2.0 are a masterpiece.  

Why, pray tell, do we think our boxers are a masterpiece?

The Oxford Dictionary defines masterpiece as “a work of art that is an excellent, or the best, example of the artist’s work.” 

Our MANSCAPED™ labs product designers are masters of their craft. The Boxers 2.0 is the best of what they’ve designed and produced in the realm of men’s boxer briefs, so we think that meets the definition spot on.  

We also in general think boxer briefs are the way to go. Kick tighty whities and baggy boxers to the curb. 

The reason our Boxers 2.0 design is a masterpiece is due to the perfect combination of protection, support, and coverage. If you’re new to the world of boxer briefs, we highly suggest making the switch. For the sake of your nether regions.  

All of that to say, we have an amazing new product, but let us just outline a few more reasons we think the Boxers 2.0 are…simply put, awesome:

  1. Premium ultra soft material
  2. The Jewel Pouch™
  3. Style options
  4. Price point

    MANSCAPED Boxers 2.0

    Premium ultra soft material

    At MANSCAPED™, we truly believe that comfort is confidence. When it comes to creating the best boxer brief for all the men out there, we chose the best material available and it took us two years to finalize the specs and design. 

    For the Boxers 2.0, we decided on a material so soft and smooth that during our testing trials we heard people say they forgot they were even wearing them. What is this magical material, you might ask? Welcome to the realm of Micro Modal fabric

    Not only is Micro Modal crazy soft, but it’s breathable. When it comes to your nuts and other dangly things all hanging out together down there, breathable is key. This fabric is also moisture-wicking which means it works hard throughout the day to keep things cool and minimizes sweating. Sweatiness leads to stankiness, and that’s just not positive. 

    We also have a cherry added on top with our satin jacquard waistband. Our design has smooth, flatlock seams which means there are no itchy areas and everything lays flat. The waistband is also tagless and the satin material hugs, not digs. No constriction and nothing bunching. 

    The Jewel Pouch™

    Oh, man, are we excited about this component! 

    As we explained earlier, men’s underwear should be the perfect balance of comfort and support. When it comes to male anatomy, what area arguably needs the MOST support we can give it? 

    Exactly, your balls. 

    Our MANSCAPED™ lab team put countless hours into creating a specific boxer brief space just for your balls, The Jewel Pouch™

    How awesome is that? 

    Your balls were the subject of this design. And yours, Mike. And yours, Sean. And yours, Hal. We have access to a lot of balls when it comes to our lab designs and product testing. Sigh. Lots of balls…what a resume builder, eh?


    The Jewel Pouch™ is an extra layer of fabric in the Boxer 2.0 design that actually cradles your nuts. When you see the boxer brief you’ll actually notice a ball-specific special space. We made it gold and it’s really obvious. Nothing but golden support for your nuts.. 

    As a bonus, this nut-specific pouch is also lined with perforated performance fabric which gives your boys even more breathability and ventilation. 

    The Jewel Pouch

    Style options

    Just because this is underwear, does not mean style is thrown out the window. Oh, no sir, that’s not acceptable at MANSCAPED™. 

    The Boxers 2.0 comes in six different styles for all your personal preferences. We have pops of gold, we have black on black, we have silver, and even pinstripe making an appearance with this line. You can mix and match it up all you want. 

    Price point

    Last, but certainly not least, is the amazing price point on the Boxers 2.0. 

    At MANSCAPED™, we value quality and our prices reflect that, but at the same time, we know everyone loves a discount and some savings. 

    As of publishing date, our Boxers 2.0 one-pack is on sale right now for $25.99 (a 26% savings). 

    If you get our three-pack, you’re going to see even more savings. Our Boxers 2.0 three-pack is on sale for $65.99 (originally $104.97). 

    These boxer briefs are designed to last if you treat them right (yes, you have to read the washing/drying instructions). We also have free shipping, so there’s that.

    Do it. 

    Invest in your balls. 

    Invest in the Boxers 2.0.



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