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The Great Debate: Man Purse vs Satchel vs Fanny Pack

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The Great Debate: Man Purse vs Satchel vs Fanny Pack

In a man's world, there are plenty of debates worth participating in: Brats or burgers? Blondes or brunettes? Whiskey or beer? Bengals or Steelers? Boxers or briefs? Do you wear underwear with swim trunks? Smooth, manscaped skin or burley, rogue body hair? Can you wear long socks with shorts?

Let's face it—these common problems can make men's lives pretty complicated. If nothing else, they certainly serve as fuel for fun debates when you're perched at the bar of your local pub.

There's one great debate we haven't yet touched on: which tool is most appropriate for lugging around your manly stuff? Are you a man-purse kinda guy? Are you sporting a satchel? Or are you a fan of fanny packs? Let's explore the possibilities and dive deep into the dos and don'ts of each manly accessory, shall we? Here's the great debate: man purse vs. satchel vs. fanny pack. Which one is for you?

The Man Purse

A Man Carrying A Man Purse

When man purses were first introduced, technology wasn't what it is now. People didn't carry their entire offices on their shoulders, work from any random coffee shop, and commute from work to play without ever hitting the highway. Jerry Seinfeld first introduced the idea of the man purse (or murse) to primetime TV many years ago, long before laptops were attached to us at the hip.

This polarizing accessory puts people on one side of the fence or the other. There is no in-between. These small, cross-body creations are designed to help men hold their essential items without overloading the exterior outfit's impact. 

What They Can Hold

Think small storage with big opportunities. Man purses are perfect for holding:

  • Cash and credit cards
  • Your partner's essentials when you're tasked with being the caretaker of all things at events such as weddings
  • Keys, wallets, phones, and other everyday necessities

Smaller than satchels but bigger (and more stylish) than fanny packs, man purses win the race in certain situations.

Who Looks Good in Them

Guys who don't give a sh*t look great with man purses. Some guys can only get away with them when they're with their women because the ladies serve as a distraction to this bodily accessory. Dudes who don't care can sport a man's purse well.

Hipsters are particularly attracted to man purses. Combine a small, side-worn purse with a man bun, and you've got existential excellence in a hipster environment. It's all about knowing who you are, what you need, and why nobody else's opinions matter.

When You Should Avoid Them

If you're setting off for a professional appointment, leave your man purse at the house. Additionally, if you've swiped right, and you're planning to meet your could-be match tonight, stuff your pockets with your ID, credit cards, and maybe a little cash, but keep the murse locked safely away in your space. Unless, of course, you're sporting a man bun and planning to pull off the quintessential hipster look. In that case, make sure your man purse is right by your side when you greet your date for the first time.


A Man Carrying A Satchel

Satchels are the best friend of today's busy man. They're sexy, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. The days of fearing the over-the-shoulder bag are long gone. These days, men who sport satchels exude confidence, unlike men before them. Satchels are a statement. They tell people you're busy, successful, on-the-go, and always looking for the next way to make an impact on society. A satchel is a manly purse that's meant to store every item you'll need throughout the day. Built from handcrafted leather or high-quality fabric, this is your go-to bag when you need to store your work and play in one place.

What They Can Hold

In a word: everything. Satchels are built to be a man's best friend, offering tons of storage to get you through the day. Pack up your laptop, stow away an extra change of clothes, and pack up papers you'll need to review later. Satchels are men's answers to women's purses without losing any masculinity along the way. 

Who Looks Good in Them

Every man looks good with a satchel. It's a sexy accessory that tells people you're out to make a name for yourself. You have nothing to apologize for because you're you, and the you that you are is pretty amazing. You're proud of the things you do every day, and you know you're great at your job. You're confident. You're charismatic. You're attractive. You meet new friends wherever you go.

You're empowered because you know you've purchased the right accessory for your situation. But who cares? You weren't looking for anyone's approval anyway.

When You Should Avoid Them

Satchels are pretty versatile. You can take them on planes, to your rendezvous, or work. You don't need to avoid satchels as long as you can bring the confidence along to showcase the success that necessitates the extra storage. Meet our partner after work. Take a Tinder date up on a happy hour offer. Indulge in a guy's night during Monday night football. The key to carrying a satchel is knowing you have the balls to own your stuff. If you left your inner power at home, you should probably ditch the bag, too. But, if you feel like you have the world by the balls, bring your satchel. Your sidekick could bring you good luck.

Fanny Pack

Two Men With Fanny Packs

Before exploring the pros and cons of fanny packs, let's make sure we're not talking about a 1988 version of an around-the-waist purse. Today's fanny packs need a different name because, by default, "fanny pack" elicits images of unending singledom in a man's world. Today's fanny packs offer perfect compartments for people who are out seeing the world.

What They Can Hold

Fanny packs are only intended to hold your most essential items, freeing your hands to do other things while you're out enjoying life. They're just big enough to hold your ID, a little cash, some credit cards, and your phone. If you need to bring anything else with you, you're not attending a fanny pack-friendly event. This accessory is for the minimalist (or a minimalist of the moment).

Who Looks Good in Them

Globetrotters and festival-goers do best with fanny packs. Of course, people who ride bikes as their normal mode of transportation fall into the fanny pack category, too.

If you love to go to live events or are addicted to seeing the world through your travels, a fanny pack will suit you well. These compact compartments enable you to get through security lines without extra hassles because you're only carrying essentials on your person.

If you're heading to a weekend show, leave the excess storage at home, and strap a fanny pack to your back. If you're heading for a hike where you might need to reach for a few essentials if you get lost, a fanny pack can be your best friend. If big festivals are your thing, check the requirements of the venue before you head out. You might find that a fanny pack is the only storage you're allowed to bring into space. It's best to figure it out before you get to the front gates.

When You Should Avoid Them

If you're not a festival-goer or globetrotter, you probably shouldn't sport a fanny pack. While the style has come up in the world over the past few decades, the fanny-pack premise still exists: if you want to get laid, leave your fanny pack behind. There are certain situations in which these belted tools make sense, but, generally speaking, you're better off finding other ways to hide your valuables if you're out in the wild and hanging out with normal people.

Every manly accessory has a certain reason for being in this world. Who are you, and what are you trying to achieve? When you can answer these questions, you're well on your way to finding a by-your-side storage solution that fits your lifestyle and personality. Sometimes, it's about comfort. Sometimes, it's about the situation. Sometimes, it's simply about being sexy and confident. In every case, it's about portraying the real you.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if everything in your bag is essential? If you haven't, maybe now is the time. Reassess yourself. Evaluate your values. Come up with a plan.

Embrace yourself in this great debate. What's your take on man purses, satchels, and fanny packs? The comments section below is open for discussion, so feel free to share your thoughts!

Now, head over to and get yourself a pair of the best men's underwear and get your manly bag-carrying on.




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