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The Jewel Pouch™ in the new MANSCAPED™ Boxers 2.0

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



The Jewel Pouch™ - The New Boxers 2.0

Ah, the family jewels. 

Those precious dangly bits that contain the key to maintaining your family line (if you’re into that sort of thing). Even if you’re not going down the family man path, we’re still talking about the dangly bits. 

Yes, we’re getting ready to talk about testicles. 

Actually, we’re getting ready to talk about how comfortable your testicles have the potential to be because we have a new pair of boxers to highlight. 

Get the trumpets ready and go…

Da da da daaaaaaaa!

Say hello to our new Boxers 2.0 Premium Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs complete with…wait for it….

The Jewel Pouch™!

We know, we know, our original boxers were awesome and they still are, but 2.0, men. These bad boys are taking it up several notches. 

In a nutshell (haha, yes, the pun was totally intended there), we’ve got a few main features to highlight with our Boxers 2.0:

  • The Jewel Pouch™ (Yes, it’s so cool we’re designating more details to this patented design.)
  • Micro modal fabric
  • Comfort and functionality

man in MANSCAPED boxers 2.0

The Jewel Pouch™

Imagine your balls cradled in their own special space designed for maximum comfort. 

Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore, because that’s exactly what we’ve done with our signature Jewel Pouch™ addition to the Boxer 2.0. Mark our words, not all boxers are created equal, friends. 

The Jewel Pouch™ addition has allowed us to make what we feel are the softest and most comfortable boxers available to MANSCAPED™ customers. We’re more than a little obsessed and we think you will be, too. Your boys deserve to be pampered and they deserve to be comfortable all day long, don’t they?

Micro modal fabric

Our team at MANSCAPED™ Labs spent countless hours choosing the right material for the Boxer 2.0 and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with our decision. The Boxer 2.0 body is designed and crafted from Micro modal fabric. This fabric is awesome. 

It’s REALLY soft, like you-need-to-get-ready-for-compliments-on-how-soft-these-boxers-are soft. 

It’s breathable which is kind of an important factor when it comes to your nuts. 

It’s moisture-wicking because we know your balls get all sweaty throughout the day, so any help you can get, right?

Crazy soft and crazy cooling—check and check!

Comfort and functionality

While the Jewel Pouch™ combined with the micro modal fabric, comfort is the name of the game, but wait - we’ve got even more features to highlight for comfort:

  • Smooth flatlock seams (Meaning these boxers are anti-chafing as well.)
  • Tagless (Tags are annoying, so why have them?)
  • Satin jacquard waistband (It’s satin, which is another amazing fabric, so duh. This waistband hugs instead of digs into your body and it is designed not to roll either. Support and comfort, what!?)

Oh, and yeah, we know you have to pee throughout the day, so trust us, the Boxers 2.0 design team took your day-to-day bodily functions in mind. You’ve still got an easy access front fly opening for efficiency. 

MANSCAPED Boxers 2.0

BONUS: We also have a special offer going on!

Check it out. 

MANSCAPED™ prides itself in quality, so the Boxer 2.0 is not some bulk pack set of cotton briefs that are going to stretch out and sag after a few washes. 

No, sir, if you want quality you need to understand the investment. 

On the other hand, we know for some of you, this is your first major investment and we want you to benefit from the comfort of these boxers. We want to prove to you that it’s worth it, because once you try the Boxer 2.0, you’re really not going to go back. 

That’s why (as of the date of this blog post)  instead of a one-pack for $34.99 we’re cutting our price down to $25.99 for the time being. That’s a 26% savings. Oh, and even better, if you buy a three-pack, instead of $104.97 we’re cutting our price down to $65.99. Check the math, but we’re pretty sure that’s a 37% savings. Buy more and save more because ummmm, you should be wearing a new pair of underwear every day. 

So. many. options.

Also, we are in the business of male grooming and hygiene, so we know men like options as well. When it comes to our newly released Boxer 2.0 we have SIX styles to choose from or you can mix and match it up when you go for a three-pack:

  1. El Jefe. Black boxer base with popping gold band.
  2. Midnight Bravo. Black boxer base with black band.
  3. Silver Fox. Silver boxer base with black band.
  4. Gold Nugget. Black base with gold signature MANSCAPED™ ball logo with sunglasses and popping gold band.
  5. Nighthawk. Black base with matte black signature MANSCAPED™ “We Save Balls” logo with black band.
  6. Kingpin. Silver boxer base with black pinstripes and black band.   

Our Boxer 2.0 styles come in Small through XXXL and can also be included as part of our Peak Hygiene Plan membership option, saving you even more money. We’re also throwing in our standard FREE shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee, we’re so confident. Life changing? Probably.



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