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Top 5 Most Popular Men's Haircuts

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Top 5 Most Popular Men's Haircuts

We're far enough into the year that we can start asking the important questions. Which haircuts are in right now? If and when you finally get to have a professional haircut, what should you do with that now precious opportunity? Well, five styles have risen above the rest and come out as leaders in the battle royale, commonly known as men's fashion. Here are the top styles you need to know.


The textured look is the top dog right now. It's very popular, and for a good reason. It's designed to take advantage of the natural elements in a guy's hair but with some control. It's more common with curly hair, but there are plenty of straight-haired textures going around right now.

To get a better idea of the textured look, remember back to the early 2000s. Every young guy on a Disney production had the same look. It was overgrown, moppy, and unruly. Take that same idea and add a tamer to the equation. You're still going for a very natural look, but it's no longer shaggy and unkempt. There is order in the chaos, but it's still a stark diversion from the overly styled, product-heavy looks that have dominated men's hairstyles in years past.

The textured look can be mixed with all kinds of fades. It can be implemented at different lengths (although medium length is dominant right now). Textures can work with all colors. The versatility is why they're so common, and the textured look is one of those popular styles that will prove more timeless than most.

moppy hair young man

The Caesar

Speaking of timeless looks, we're going back to one of the oldest haircuts on earth. The Caesar has been around for more than a while. It dates back to actual Ancient Rome. Over the eons, it has gone back in and out of style countless times, and each resurgence comes with a new twist.

The last time this haircut made waves, it was very stylized. Guys would get the cut, and then they would use a lot of product to lock it in place. Today, it follows the general theme of modern haircuts. The essence of the Caesar is the same — it's a styled, short haircut — but the emphasis on control has been relaxed.

Caesar haircuts basically require no maintenance. Unless your hair is particularly unruly, all you have to do is keep things short. You can pretty much style it with your fingers every day, and because it isn't reliant on lots of product, it'll hold no matter what is in store for your day. The modern Caesar is the ultimate low-maintenance short haircut of today.

The Quiff

The quiff is another classic, but this one is less modernized. The quiff has been around for decades, and it never truly fell out of fashion. All it does is adjust to the day's style, and right now, quiffs are medium to medium-long in length. Other than that, they're the same old haircut. They're ideal for showing off a strong hairline and healthy hair. They require a little bit of maintenance, but it's still not a particularly troubling haircut. If you like proven looks and low-risk style, go with a quiff.

Slicked Back

If you think about the greased hair of the 50s and modernize it, you'll be close to the new slicked-back hairstyle. It's for longer hair (but not shoulder or ponytail length). It favors straight hair, although some guys try to make it work with a light curl.

The modern take on slicked-back hair is to use a little less product. It will still have deliberate shape and texture, but your hair doesn't have to be crystallized or dripping with grease to make the look work.

The emphasis is actually on the sides and the facial hair (which is surprising to many guys). But emphasizing the holistic look, you don't have to be quite so dictatorial with the hair on top. This helps it fit in with the modern motif of a natural look (although it's probably the most restrictive of the top styles) while still catering to guys who like that power suit fashion mentality. The sides of the head will be very closely cropped, if not shaved. Meanwhile, you need sharp facial hair (as in sharp lines in your grooming) that is never overgrown. The overall look of the cut comes together. It drips with sophistication and shows a forward-facing sense of fashion.

Short Sides

Man's Haircut With Short Sides

This isn't exactly a haircut. Instead, it's advice on modern haircuts. Every single style that is in right now has short sides. How low or high the sides extend will vary with the cut, but man buns and long hair are less common right now (with a major exception listed below). It's all about those faces right now. The sides and the back are frequently undercut and kept extremely neat. Embrace this style, and wherever haircut you ultimately choose will be fairly modern.

The 2020 Special

We have to take a moment to talk about the unusual circumstances surrounding haircuts in 2020. Eventually, this will all seem dated, but those who lived through mass quarantine will know. Without access to haircuts, we've all been forced to embrace a new style. It's the no-cut. A lot of us have grown our hair in wild and interesting ways we never really had the opportunity to try before. Undoubtedly, this will lead to some short-term hair trends that make the 80s look like a time of careful reservations, but it's part of life, and we may as well steer into it. Now, all we have to do is come up with a clever nickname for the look. Is it the quarantine cut? The flu 'do? We obviously need help with this, so tell us your best names for the ridiculous but lovable hair born of this quarantine.

With all of that covered, there's a final hairdo that has to be mentioned. That's the men's grooming do. Quarantine or not, in the face of modern styles, guys still have to take care of their male grooming. Don't let that slip, or else your excellent haircut will be for naught. Until next time, take it easy and stay healthy.



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