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Top Hobbies For Men (Choose Your Favorite New)

Everyone needs a hobby. In fact, most men need a few hobbies. If you’re feeling short on inspiration or creativity right now, we’re here to help. We have a list of some of the best hobbies for guys. Read through them, and then try something that sounds appealing. You don’t really have anything to lose (as long as you don’t quit your job to pursue your newfound interest in competitive dog grooming). So, get some ideas and then get out there and do something. You’ll be glad you did.

Classic Hobbies

Let’s split the hobbies into two groups. We have some old classics that feel manly, and they tend to be good for you. Some involve learning. Some involve productivity. Others are built around fitness. The general theme is that these are hobbies you have probably thought about at some point in your life. We’re reinforcing that you can pick up any of them whenever you want.


You probably didn’t expect to see this one first, but it’s first for a reason. In the digital age, it’s easy to consume media at will and forget about the joy that can come from reading. Sure, not everyone is going to be able to get into reading the way true bookworms do, but it’s a hobby worth exploring. Whether you’re reading economic analysis or getting into Harry Potter for the first time, what you read matters a lot less than the fact that you’re reading at all. Open a book. You might like it.

men's top hobbies


Now, we can get into some of the ideas you might have envisioned. DIY hobbies are prominent, and they have never been more accessible than they are today. You can make yourself a woodshop and learn how to craft furniture or other things out of wood. It’s super gratifying.

You can go another direction and finally rebuild a car. If you’re not a motorhead, you’ll be shocked by how much you learn from simply trying to work on a car.

You can do some home improvements and remodeling. There’s an instructional video out there for every task you could have in mind, and you can make your home the place you always dreamed it could be.

Go hardcore and take up welding, machining, and metalworking. The possibilities are endless, and every time you start to get the hang of a new skill, you’ll feel great about yourself. It’s one of the most productive ways to kill downtime.

Learn Some Music

The vast majority of guys reading this can fit into one of two groups. There are those of you who never learned to play a musical instrument and those of you who have all but forgotten how to play. Making music at will is an amazing experience, so grab an instrument and get to practicing.

If singing is more your thing, that’s fine too. Try experimenting and writing a song. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. The joy comes from the process.

And if you want to be a little more physical, take up dance. It will never hurt your social life to improve your ability to dance. That’s timeless wisdom right there.

Play Sports

There are a lot of ways to go about this. The ideal option is to join a local league. From bowling to soccer, there are a lot of sports that you can play. It’s great for socializing, amazing for keeping you active, and a ton of fun.

Sometimes league sports aren’t entirely accessible. You can still play sports. Even if you’re just shooting hoops in the backyard or practicing on a makeshift putting green, playing sports at all can help you hone some skills, clear your head, move around and feel good about yourself — unless you’re really bad. Then you’re learning about patience instead. Yeah, let’s go with patience.

men's top hobbies

Take Up Cooking . . . Real Cooking

This isn’t about feeding yourself (although that is the fun part). This is about learning aspects of cooking you’ve never tried before. This is where you experiment with a dehydrator or explore the rich flavors that can be designed with a smoker. This is where you try to make French sauces from scratch and toss a stir fry in a wok for the first time.

Take up cooking with an air of seriousness and learn real skills that have always eluded you. This is a hobby that makes you more attractive to anyone you might want to woo, and it rewards you with delicious food. Maybe this should be the first on the list after all . . .

Explore the Great Outdoors

Being an outdoorsman can come in a lot of varieties. You can go on a simple hike. You can take a backpacking trip. You can get into mountaineering, rock climbing, or kayaking. The list is long. It’s all about unplugging, spending some time in nature, and pushing yourself physically while you allow your mind the freedom to explore its own paths.

It’s about seeing amazing sights and living adventures that give you fulfillment. Get outside, and try to enjoy it.

New Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the classics, let’s look into hobbies that didn’t exist until recent years. Some of them are based on new technology. Others are just proof that humans never run out of creative ways to pass time.


This is not for the faint of heart, but if you really want to test the limits of your physicality, parkour is hands-down the best way to do it. The fitness necessary for entry-level stuff is extreme. If you find yourself enjoying parkour, you’re going to end up pushing your body and gaining strength and stamina you probably never dreamed possible. It’s extreme, but it’s the way to see what you’re really made of.

If parkour doesn’t seem quite right, feel free to explore an ever-growing list of extreme sports that will make you work hard and give you a rush in the process.


Just in case some of you aren’t familiar with the idea, geocaching is where you look for objects that are hidden by other people. Some of them are hidden in urban areas. Others might be on nature trails or other places. Basically, there’s a giant, loosely connected community of people who enjoy looking for caches and enjoying the thrill of victory.

It’s kind of like modern treasure hunting, but there are no Spanish doubloons when you find a cache. If you’re not sure where to start, local Facebook groups and Reddit are a good place to get going.

Online Learning

men's top hobbies

This is possibly the best hobby for people who are stuck at home. Whether you have personal stuff keeping you from going out, or you’re caught up in global immobility, sometimes you need something to do at home, and too much Netflix will drive even the best of us crazy eventually.

Online learning is incredibly accessible. You can stick to free YouTube tutorials, or you can go all out with sites like Coursera that host real college classes. You can learn about any topic known to humanity. You can do it at your own pace and choose how deeply you go into each topic. Are you finally ready to learn calculus? Do you want to get through a programming boot camp? Are you finally going to learn the difference between whiskey and bourbon? 

You can do it all when you spend a little time learning stuff online. It’s kind of like what you’re doing right now. 

Content Creation

If you want to one-up yourself, you can graduate from online learning to online teaching. Ok, technically, content creation doesn’t have to be about teaching things, but that’s not really the point. The point is that you can make something all your own and upload it for the world to see. It could be that song you wrote while learning an instrument. It could be your thoughts on how global politics impacts sea snail migration patterns.

You can make videos, start a podcast, or write a blog. Whatever is in your head that needs to get out, you can use the internet to satisfy your vice.

Here’s the bottom line. There’s no way to fit every great hobby for men on a single list, but this covers the most prominent ideas. You can and should mix and match these hobbies. You should do something that involves learning, something that involves physical activity and something that involves productivity. You don’t have to binge on all of your hobbies. You don’t even have to pursue each hobby on a daily basis. But, when you rotate through learning, moving, and producing, you set yourself up for remaining healthy and happy, even when the world goes crazy around you.



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