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Ultimate 2019 Men's Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're struggling to get your guy the perfect presents, you're not alone. Women everywhere have a hard time finding gifts that'll make their men happy without spending money on things they won't enjoy (or worse, will never even consider using). Fortunately for you, we've done a round-up of some great men's gifts that are sure to please the fella in your life. From head to toe and everywhere in the middle, check out our comprehensive list of guys' gifts (in no particular order).

1. Manscaped's Gifts for Guys

Let's dispel a myth real quick: some people think men don't care about their nether regions as much as women do, but that's simply not true. In fact, according to a study conducted by JAMA Dermatology, almost 70% of men reportedly pay attention to their private parts as part of their male grooming regimens. Manscaping has grown from a passing trend to a normal part of life for many guys, as the awareness of proper hygiene—and the tools that can make it happen—become more popularized. 

That's why Manscaped exists. This company was founded as a means of giving men the same types of dedicated tools their female counterparts have enjoyed for generations...but with the formulations and designs that are specifically meant just for guys. With this in mind, check out these three Manscaped products that'll make your holiday shopping much easier:

The Lawn Mower 2.0

The Lawn Mower 2.0 is a fundamental necessity for any man who wants to make sure his below-the-belt region is ready to rumble when the opportunity presents itself. Whether your man shaves all the way down to the skin or prefers to keep tufts of hair on his spots down there, he needs The Lawn Mower 2.0 in his life. This for-men pubic hair trimmer was designed to avoid nicks and snags with its SkinSafe™ technology that removes coarse and curly hair seamlessly. It's 100% waterproof and shock resistant. As a USB-rechargeable cordless trimmer, it travels easily, making manscaping possible wherever your man may go.

The Shears Nail Kit

Made of high-quality tempered stainless steel, this nail kit is a must for any man. Slide it onto your shopping list as a stocking stuffer so your guy never has to ask where you've hidden the nail clippers again. The Shears Nail Kit is a five-piece nail kit that comes in a portable carrying case to take on the go.

ultimate gift guide the shears

All-in-One Gift Set

Make it easy by purchasing your man the Perfect Package 2.0 subscription. It's got everything your guy needs to get started with an awesome manscaping regimen, including:

  • The Lawn Mower 2.0 electric trimmer
  • Crop Preserver ball deodorant
  • Crop Reviver refreshing spray
  • Magic Mat for easy cleanup
  • Manscaped's cooling, anti-chafing boxer briefs

Plus, you'll get a free gift: The Shed travel bag. This is one gift that just keeps on giving!

Ultimate 2019 Men's Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

2. Engraved Golf Bag Ink Pen Holder

Do you have an avid golfer in your life? Customize his writing devices with this super creative pen-and-golf-bag set from Add a personal touch by engraving his initials into the tag on the golf bag, and stick a little note in it to make the moment even more special when he turns his stocking upside down. Choose from seven different fonts to ensure you capture the essence of his personality in the lettering. This gift is meant to be displayed on your guy's desk, so you can rest assured that it'll drive home the fact that you appreciate everything that makes him him.

home wet bar golf gift

3. Studly Sunglasses

If your man is as special as you say he is, off-the-shelf sunglasses simply won't do. But don't worry! Blenders Eyewear has you covered with an assortment of shades that are made for every man. From super traditional styles to sunglass fashions that are bold and beyond what you'll see on the street every day, this company has really nailed the idea of high-quality stocking stuffers that'll go the distance long after the tree comes down.

4. Cozy Comfort with Tommy John

Sometimes, stocking stuffers are your little secrets that aren't meant to be shared with other people. This is where gifts from Tommy John come into play. This company has mastered the art of making below-the-belt and just-before-bedtime articles of clothing more comfortable and accessible to the everyday man. The full line of offerings includes:

  • Underwear
  • Undershirts
  • Loungewear
  • Clothing
  • Socks

This company is owned by a husband-and-wife team who have set out to make the world more comfortable, one strand of fabric at a time. The whole goal is to provide people with clothing that's tailored, fit, and fashionable. That holds true from the tippy toes of your man's feet to the top of his shoulder blades, and from daytime wear that'll go anywhere to bedtime clothes that are designed to ensure a comfortable slumber that lasts all night long. For your special dude this holiday, we like this Second Skin Balsam Fir Sleep Tee, Pant, and Sock Pack to keep him cozy all winter long!

Tommy johns

5. A Chiller Night; A Chiller Life

Have you heard about the benefits of cannabidiol (or CBD)? This is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that's been shown to have benefits of all sorts, including reducing anxiety and helping people sleep better. Sunday Scaries has elevated the CBD game by creating an assortment of:

  • CBD bundles
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD oils
  • CBD candy
  • CBD energy shots
  • CBD bath balms

Each item sold through Sunday Scaries will easily fit inside your beau's stocking, so you can give the gift of serenity via the variety of options offered by the company. Maybe he prefers to soak in hot baths after a long day's work, or perhaps his weakness lies in his sweet tooth. In any case, you'll find something that fits your guy's personal preferences on Sunday Scaries' site.

sunday scaries

6. Tile Key Finder (and Other Awesome Tile Products)

Does your dude have a tendency to lose things like his keys, wallet, remote controls, and other essential items? With Tile's innovative technology, all of those formerly missing items can easily be located through the click of the Tile app. This company offers an easy, no-fuss way for him to keep track of his stuff, no matter how small or large his things may be. This little stocking stuffer packs a big punch for people who tend to be a bit forgetful, and since it's small enough to stuff into a stocking, you can fit it into the sock with plenty of other presents, too.

tile key finder

7. You Think You Know Me Game

When game night rolls around, forego the same old board games in favor or something with a brand new flavor. You Think You Know Me is a card game that breaks the ice and helps draw people out of their shells. If you and your guy like to entertain, this is a great gift to keep on hand for your next get-together. It features an assortment of question categories ranging from completely innocent to slightly racy. When the laughs and surprises start to flow, everyone's a winner with this game. 

you think you know me game

8. Taste It Gift Box

When your man needs a little vino with his after-work cigar, it only makes sense to give him an All Reds Gift Box from Taste It. The one-time gift box features a mixture of red wines that are ready to be enjoyed, whether your fellow is entertaining guests or enjoying a glass of wine all to himself. If you're giving this gift as a stocking stuffer, you can slide a little card into his sock to let him know he can expect some tasty wine that'll be on its way shortly. Of course, the company also offers a white wine option, in case your beau isn't a big fan of bold reds.

taste it wine gift set

Give the gift of Manscaped's Perfect Package 2.0. With a plethora of primping tools for his private parts, you're sure to hit it out of the park when he opens his presents this year. Trust us, your man will thank you!



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