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Valentine's Day date ideas

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Valentine's Day date ideas

Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday if you think about it too much, so don’t. It’s an excuse to spend too much money and have a little fun with someone you like being around. What’s not to like?

We are also of the opinion that a day dedicated to love should not be limited to the love of just those in a romantic relationship. Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate those we love. Love for your family, your friends, your dog, yourself.

So for this Valentine’s Day, we’re busting out some date ideas that might go beyond the “traditional” boundaries of the holiday, and we hope this inspires you to share the love. 

dinner date

Good ol’ traditional 

Some people like the mushy-mushy. If you have a significant other that loves the American consumer version of Valentine’s Day and is a hopeless romantic, own it. 

  • Make a reservation at their favorite restaurant.
  • Get dressed up. 
  • Pick them up with a farmer’s market bouquet (we’re not doing the cellophane wrapped grocery store flowers anymore).
  • Do the restaurant’s pre-fix menu and wine pairing. 
  • Take all the pictures.    

And remember we mentioned friends? Friends like to eat. Friends like to drink. Friends like flowers. There’s absolutely no reason why you and one of your friends, or a group of friends can’t get dressed up and follow the exact same steps above.

Nothing says love like falling

If you’ve never tried skydiving or bungee jumping before, why not make Valentine’s Day the day you do it? It’s outside, it’s exciting, it’s a multi-hour activity you can make a day out of, and you’ll be full of endorphins for hours afterward. And if your partner chickens out, you can still go and they can watch you scream while falling from 14,000 ft or bouncing up and down over a gorge. 

Picture this:

  • You call your significant other and tell them to dress comfortably and you’ll be picking them up in an hour.
  • You have their favorite bagel and coffee waiting in the car when you pick them up.
  • On the drive, you have a fun playlist full of alternative 90s jams. 
  • You arrive to the location of said skydiving or bungee jumping activity.
  • You explain why this is going to be awesome.
  • Then, the two of you sign the liability waivers, sit through the safety training, get geared up, and splurge on the photo package. 
  • Jump!
  • Hopefully live.
  • Laugh, hug, cry knowing you made it out alive and did something awesome.
  • Calm down, get back in the car, and go get cheeseburgers and milkshakes with a new lease on life.

One quick note about adrenaline dates. If you aren’t used to high-adrenaline activities, be ready for a big crash at the end. You’re all going to be very sleepy, so plan accordingly.

couple skydiving

Go for a hike

Get outdoors. Blow off some steam and breathe in the fresh air with the one you love. Go find a deer. Or at least try and see a deer. 

Here’s what the day could look like:

  • In the morning, search “highly-rated trails” in your neck of the woods that are the length and level you and your partner can handle.
  • Pack a backpack with lunch for two and some summit beers (never forget the summit beers).
  • Remember, you also need water.
  • You might also need sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, and extra layers depending on where you live and the type of hike you’re going on.
  • Jam out in the car on the way to the trailhead.
  • Hike. Enjoy nature.
  • If it’s a long hike, stop halfway for lunch and beers. If it’s a short hike, finish the hike and have lunch and beers after.
  • Enjoy the day! 

Date with yourself

Love yourself. It’s your only truly life-long relationship. Whoa, that was deep, huh? 

But seriously, self-love is part of self-care, and we can all use a reminder to take care of ourselves. While every single one of the ideas we’ve come up with so far can, in fact, be done by you alone and you will have a blast, we have a few more:

  • Go for a bike ride and then visit your favorite brewery for lunch and a pint. 
  • Spa day with all the add-ons.
  • Museum day with lunch out at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.
  • Did you know Whole Foods has a bar? Pick a new recipe that you’ve been wanting to try, go get a glass of wine at Whole Foods, get groceries, then buy a bottle of wine, go home, put on some tunes, make the recipe, and drink more wine. 
  • Picnic in the park with a book.

man at a spa

Spoil yourself. Just do it.

Share the love. Be the love. The world definitely needs love right now, so do your part. 

Mic drop.



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