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What Does Your Watch Say About You? You Might Be Surprised...

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What Does Your Watch Say About You? You Might Be Surprised...

Have you ever familiarized yourself with high-end watches? Some guys are really into watches, and for others, it's a foreign idea. The truth is that there's something special about a meticulously crafted timepiece. You can practically see the aged master-worker leaning over a magnifying glass with his gray hair sticking out a little. Who doesn't appreciate that kind of work?

Regardless if you're new or a veteran of the world of watches, it's worth taking a look at some of the best out there. Every watch has something specific to say, and the one you prefer will tell a lot about your dominant personality traits.

You're Charismatic

Charisma is an invaluable trait among men, and it's often hard to describe perfectly. As a charismatic man, you wrote the book on effective body language. You like people, and you prefer that they like you back. You have an effortless smile, and you like giving people advice (sometimes maybe unsolicited). You enjoy trying new things and just getting out there and living.

That's why you're a fan of Diesel watches. They aren't as expensive or recognizable as Rolexes, but you love them for what they are. They have a unique style and charm and that appeals to you. Besides, you're charismatic enough to pull them off.

You're Confident 

Confidence is often the most defining trait of a man. When you walk into a room, people stop and notice you, but you've never realized that it's unusual. You find it easy to make friends with people. You're confident enough in yourself that you don't find the success or quirks of others threatening, and that's why people are drawn to you. Confidence and being genuine come from the same place, and you project both with ease.

Your watch of choice is the Certina. It's a classic Swiss watch. You like it because you understand its value. You know what goes into making it and the history of Swiss timepieces. This watch reflects the fact that you make decisions on purpose.

man's wrist with watch

You're Adventurous

Adventure comes in many forms, and you welcome them all. You'll get lost in a new city, caught in the rain, and eat parts of an animal you've never heard of before. Whether it's roller coasters, rock climbing, or a spontaneous picnic, you understand the beauty of the fleeting moment, and you're always ready to seize it. You're probably also into flying because who isn't?

You favor Breitlings and Omegas. They're the watches of fighter pilots and James Bond. They have adventure-related gadgets like moon dials, and you understand just how cool they are. They look sleek, and they can keep up with your endless sense of adventure.

You're Sophisticated

You're the guy who has the right suit for the occasion. You know just enough about everything to always be in the conversation, but you don't have to be the smartest person in the room. You have charisma and confidence, but they're part of something bigger. You're a person who knows your place in the world, and you own it. You know how to choose a cigar.

Rolex and Cartier are your brands. They're classics for a reason, and you understand why classics are so valuable. You stick with what works, but because these watches have earned their place.

You Love Watches 

There's something in the mechanics of a crafted watch that speaks to something primal in us. Your inner tinkerer is alive and well. Maybe it's a problem-solving instinct. Whatever the source, you like watches for what they are. You're a real aficionado. 

You don't need to be told that you love Patek Phillippe, Breguet and Vacheron watches. You could write a thesis on why one of those is your favorite, and we would be learning from you. Everyone has a passion, and one of yours happens to involve timepieces. 

You're Athletic

You love pushing your body. The feel of burning muscles and heavy breathing invigorates you. You're never short on endorphins, and you're a human furnace because your metabolism is always ignited. There's nothing better than playing sports and taking on physical challenges.

For you, a watch is a tool more than anything else. You prefer fitness watches. Sure, they've come a long way and can be plenty stylish, but you're all about function. You want the watch that can track the laps you swim or the heights you climb. You love pushing your body to and past its limits. Your watch is just another tool in the bag that helps you achieve your goals.

athletic man with watch

You're an Outdoorsman

The athletes and outdoorsmen certainly have traits in common, but in addition to your love of overcoming physical challenges, you hear the call of the wild. It's in your bones, and you can never get enough of it. You love to rough it. You conquer mountains, endure extreme weather and see the hidden gems of nature scattered across the world.

For you, the watch has to be able to survive your passion, and that's why your favorites come from Alpina. They don't have to be overwhelmingly expensive (although those pieces do exist). Instead, the value of Alpina is high-quality watches that can survive nature right alongside you.

You're a Tech Lover

You build your own computers. You probably have lasers in at least three different colors. You're always plugged in, and sometimes, you judge people based on their internet bandwidth. You always want the newest and latest things, and you love being plugged in. You consider yourself lucky to live in the information age.

Your watch choice is simple; it connects to the rest of your devices. It might be an Apple or Samsung watch (or something more niche). The point is that your watch is one part of a larger family of devices, and it's there to keep you connected with the modern world.

You're Wizened

You're the guy other guys constantly go to for advice. Some might call you a man's man. The truth is that you value knowledge and experience, and you never stop trying to grow. You can build furniture, fix a car and replace your plumbing, but you're also comfortable in social settings. Other guys probably watch you out of the corner of their eye to see what they should be doing at any given moment.

For you, it's the Citizen. It's among the classics, and it's a favorite of engineers and guys who make things. It appeals to your sensibilities, and you consider that a good thing.


man holding watch

You're Educated

We're not talking about basic education. You went through graduate school and then back for seconds. You're the person who explains quantum computers to other people, and you're so smart that at least for a minute, they really think they understand. You've taught high-level classes, and you read scientific research papers for fun. Somehow, you love your research so much that you can keep us plebeians enraptured when you talk about it. It's a rare gift.

For you, every watch is fascinating, but there is one that stands above the rest. It's ridiculously expensive, but it's the coolest gadget in the world. It’s the Christiaan van der Klaauw. The real-time celestial orbits are just too much for you to ignore. It's a watch that speaks to your soul, and to be honest, the rest of us admire you for it—at least a little.

Every watch says something. We covered some of the industry leaders and most coveted watches, but countless others aren't here. It's ok to be captivated by watches. There might even be something intrinsically masculine about it. Who knows? What we do know is that you don't need to feel guilty about browsing. And, if you need somewhere to send someone wondering what gift to give a boyfriend, this might not be a bad place to start.




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