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Where to vacation this fall

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



where to vacation this fall

Everyone needs a vacation now and then. We often pack trips into Christmas breaks and the summer, and those are great. But, a fall vacation comes with big perks, namely, cooler temps and fewer tourists. In most places, you can avoid annoying crowds this time of year. Also, the changing of the seasons presents new opportunities for sightseeing, adventure, and living your best life.

If you like the idea of a fall vacation, consider these nine destinations. We already have.


Zion National Park, in Utah, has some of the most spectacular hiking trails on the continent. You’ve probably seen pictures of the famous red stone, hidden oases, and mountain-top hikes. The problem is that the place is often packed in the summer. If you want to enjoy this amazing adventure spot, autumn is the time to do it. You can skip the crowds, and the brisk autumn air will keep you from getting too hot as you put in your daily steps.

Zion national park

The Berkshires

If you want to see pretty leaves changing color for the season, there are some spectacular locations. It’s not fair to say that any one of them is the best. We picked The Berkshires in Massachusetts because of a strange tiebreaker. If you’re feeling the Halloween spirit, Massachusetts has some of the best ghost tours and spooky fun in the business.

Aside from that, Asheville, North Carolina, Barnard, Vermont, and the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee will all provide you with amazing views and delightful little towns to enjoy on your vacation.

Whichever of these you pick, the vacation has excellent romance potential. Book a bed and breakfast with a special someone. 

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is considered by many to be the best place for skiing in North America. So, why would you go in the fall? Well, it’s also on the edge of Yellowstone and at the base of the Grand Teton. These parks are nothing less than spectacular in the fall. Also, it won’t be crowded at all.


Let’s get out of the U.S. for a minute. Most people think that fall vacations are mild and filled with natural beauty. If you agree with that, then Tuscany is perfect. It gets a little hot and crowded in the summer (along with the rest of Italy). In the fall, you’re looking at actual paradise. You can drink and eat your way through the countryside with world-class wines and the best Italian dining. 



Charleston, South Caroline, is one of the most charming places on the planet. It’s also deep in the South, which means the summers are filled with 100-degree weather and high humidity. That’s the definition of misery.

In the autumn, the weather is basically perfect. You can comfortably stroll through the city, enjoy the beach and soak in the intoxicating atmosphere.

New Orleans

Another great Southern city in the fall is New Orleans. Everyone talks about Mardi Gras, and that is a special thing in this city, but don’t sleep on Halloween. If you’re into spooky stuff, New Orleans is packed with ghost tours, real creepy history, witches' graves and all of the good stuff.

On Halloween night, Bourbon Street is a giant party where you’ll see the best costumes and have a great time. It’s also not shoulder-to-shoulder like Mardi Gras, you can get into the bars or on a balcony to enjoy the festivities.


Rarely do people think about vacations to New Mexico, but you’ll want to pay attention to this one. Albuquerque, like other states in the southern half of the country, gets painfully hot in the summer. In the autumn, it’s amazing. You get great views and gentle weather.

Most importantly, Albuquerque has the most underrated fall festival you can find. The Balloon Fiesta occurs every October. There are thousands of hot air balloons that absolutely flood the sky. It’s an experience unlike anything else in the world.

albuquerque balloon fiesta


It’s hard to pick a favorite spot in Greece. Delphi is amazing in the autumn. Being up in the mountains, you can see for miles and soak in the fall vacation feeling. 

The islands also make a strong case. Santorini is beautiful throughout the year and a lot more fun when you skip the crowds of tourists. Mykonos is the party spot. It’s still lively in the fall, but you don’t have to shoulder your way through crowds to have a good time.

Even Athens is great. It’s one of the oldest and most fascinating cities in the whole world, and in the autumn, you won’t die of a heat stroke if you take a walking tour.


Last on the list is Hawaii. The truth is that there is no wrong time to go to Hawaii. You get the same climate and experience pretty much throughout the year. The advantage of the fall is that it’s the least crowded season. Tons of people like to be there for Christmas. Whale watching peaks in February, and you can safely assume that the summers are crowded.

In the fall, you can enjoy all that is the magical paradise of Hawaii without waiting in lines or heavy traffic. You can relax in Maui or take a kayaking and zip lining adventure in Kauai. It’s all viable.



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