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Who Still Wears Tighty Whities?

When it comes to men's fashion, most people think of jeans, sweaters, and suits. But there's something far more important than anything that goes on the external layers: underwear. The type of undies a guy chooses can say a lot about him. Most men opt for boxers or boxer briefs these days, but since people still sell tighty whities, we were left with the question: what kind of man is still wearing these underwear? We all know Homer Simpson is on Team Tighty Whitey, but who else falls into this group? Let's explore!

1. Actor Tom Hardy

When MySpace photos resurface these days, there's plenty of people to be alarmed. After all, the social media site, although still in existence in a different form, died as the predecessor to Facebook many moons ago. That means many people could find themselves facing embarrassing photos they'd long since forgotten about.

But that wasn't an issue for actor Tom Hardy. The Legend actor, who's seen posing in his diaper-esque tighty whities feels no shame over his photos, telling celebrity news outlets, "I’ve got no shame about my Myspace photos, especially the one of me in my underpants, which is a glorious photo of a man in his natural habitat." In fact, Hardy proudly talks of his "tighty-whitey budgie smugglers," insisting there's nothing to be ashamed of and reiterating that he feels like an Adonis in his tighty whitey-inspired selfies.

2. Actor Tom Cruise

Okay, we can't say for sure if Tom Cruise himself actually wears tighty whities, but we can all remember that very iconic scene in 1983's Risky Business. You know the one. The music starts as we're staring at a staircase. Before you know it, a sock-cladden Cruise, wearing nothing else but a long-sleeved, button-down shirt and those infamous tighty whities is jamming to "Old Time Rock and Roll" like nobody's ever done before (or since).

3. Actor Neil Patrick Harris

Sure, his non-outfit might've just been a spoof on Michael Keaton's Birdman, but Harris made a point—and plenty of photo ops—when he stepped on the stage at the 2015 Oscars. As Harris passed through a slew of reporters, his clothes began to peel off, one item at a time, until he was left in nothing but his tighty whities. 

Of course, this leads us to the question of why did Harris's costume resonate so well with the audience? For obvious reasons, celebrities don't often show up to Red Carpet events in nothing but their skivvies, so that alone was worth a double-take. Even the scantily clad women who show more skin than fabric usually show up in something besides their underwear. Naturally, most of the stars in the audience had seen the soon-to-be Oscar-winning film, so they got the joke. In case you're wondering, the trailer for the movie includes the following quote as the narrator meditates in the air, wearing tighty whities: 

"How did we end up here? This place is horrible. Smells like balls."

As a follower of Manscaped, you already know how to get rid of that ball smell, but if you're new to our story, let us stop for a minute and tell you how you can eliminate that "smells like balls" feeling when you walk into a room.

who still wears tighty whities

Trim Your Pubic Hair

That's right, guys. If Birdman would've used The Lawn Mower 2.0 to trim his tresses, his body wouldn't have as many places to harbor the bad bacteria that can make balls smell bad—or worse, make entire rooms smell like balls. It just takes a few minutes to get the forest out of the way of the tree so your balls can breathe more easily. If it was that simple, everybody would be doing it, right? Well, apparently not, because it really is that simple and we're here to get the word out so your balls can stop sending people away from confined spaces. We're really just doing you a favor, you see.

Shave Down to Your Skin

If you really want to give your balls the best chance they'll ever have at living a long, stench-free life, shave them down to the skin. The Plow is a safety razor that's specifically designed for those delicate areas where other razors simply shouldn't go. This single-blade, double-edged razor will do the dirty work on your dark and hard-to-reach spots without inflicting any harm or damage to your down-below area. If Birdman would have looked out for his lower region the way we recommend, his room would have smelled like the clean scent of Manscaped's products instead of balls. 

Shower with the Right Solution

No matter how much hair they have or don't have, your balls will always smell if you're not showering below the belt, as well. Hot water and a wash cloth can't do the duty all by themselves; you need a pH-balanced body wash that can conquer the toughest areas without drying your skin or inviting chafing and itching. This is where Crop Cleanser comes into your life. With this magical elixir, your balls will stay fresh and clean all day long; no need to worry about awful odors protruding through your home, unless, of course, they're caused from something other than your balls.

Slather on Ball Deodorant

That's right, guys. If Birdman would have protected his balls with Manscaped's Crop Preserver, our anti-chafing ball deodorant could have saved him from many an embarrassing situation. This handy little invention provides an essential barrier to the skin while simultaneously battling the bad bacteria that can lead to ball odors. With this element in your male-grooming toolbox, you'll enjoy all-day freshness.

Spritz on Long-Lasting Freshness

One more thing before you hop into your briefs, boxers, or tighty whities, make sure you spritz on a bit of Crop Reviver. This revolutionary formula is designed specifically for highly sensitive, high-friction areas of the body. It reduces inflammation and keeps sensitive areas fresher, longer.

Who Still Wears Tighty Whities?

4. Fictional Character Kramer

There are plenty of notable scenes from Seinfeld over the years. Of course, who could forget the day when Kramer bounced into an audition wearing nothing but his underwear? The female executive described him as, "Sexual, athletic, and without a trace of self-consciousness." Her colleague then chimes in, stating, "His buttocks are sublime." Kramer was certainly never known for his finesse or debonair demeanor, but he pulled off something good that day—a day that lives in tighty whitey infamy.

5. Fictional Character Walter White

Who isn't familiar with Breaking Bad's Walter White by now? The cancer-stricken man, who set off to make meth to provide for his family in his final days, was notoriously seen time and time again in his tighty whities. Bryan Cranston, the actor who played the iconic Walter White, said of White's tighty whities, "A grown man in tighty whities, wearing them is funny. [Another character I played] wore them because he always wore them and it never occurred to him to wear anything else. He’s still a boy. Walter White wore them because he stopped growing."

6. Producer and Filmmaker Phillip Soulliere

Producer and Fimlmmaker Philip Soulliere told Mel Magazine that he wears tighty whities because boxer briefs used to ride up his leg. He finds that tighty whities give him more support, but that's probably because he's never had Manscaped's Boxers. Our anti-chafing, cooling boxer briefs were designed to keep your boys where they're supposed to be without riding up or folding down. They feature a wide, no-roll waistband and a proprietary microfiber blend that ensures breathability and repels moisture. We're willing to bet Soulliere's tighty whities can't do that.

7. Model Cole Benedetti

Model Cole Benedetti indicates we're in a revolution of tighty whities. In an Instagram post in which he's flashing a black pair of tighty whities, the model says, "I wear these kinda underwear alright??!!" Benedetti's clearly proud of his tighty whitey affinity, but maybe he's missing out by not wearing a high-quality pair of boxer briefs that can protect his boys while keeping him comfortable all day long. The model says of his tighty whities, "I prefer them, because they help with my sex drive. When my balls are sagging, it's harder for my dick to communicate with them." We hear you, Cole, but that doesn't mean you're relegated to tighty whities for the rest of your life. If you find the right boxer briefs, you could enjoy solid dick communication without dealing with the stigmas that come with tighty whities. Not like we think you're at a loss for self-esteem, of course!

Who Still Wears Tighty Whities?

8. Cartoon Character Homer Simpson

Yes, we know we referenced him already, but we'd be remiss to leave out the world's most quintessential tighty whitey-wearing man. Homer has been donning his favorite bottoms (perhaps his only bottoms) for three decades, letting the entire universe know just what makes him feel comfortable when he's roaming the house in search of his Duff's Beer. 

9. Actor Xaver Hutter

Just before he goes full-fledged naked in front of the camera, actor Xaver Hutter sports his tighty whities as he tries to grab the attention of the woman across the table from him in Weisse Lilien." This 2007 flick still has people talking about the scene in which the actor nearly instantaneously goes from fully clothes to fully buff in the blink of an eye.

Why Do Men Still Wear Tighty Whities?

Despite the fact that there is a bit of a stigma against this type of underwear, often being seen as childish or unmasculine, some guys still insist on wearing them. Why? Some men say they simply don't like having the excess fabric around their junk, especially when temperatures are warm. Other guys claim they still wear tighty whities because that's what their moms bought them when they were kids, so that's what they're used to. Even some Millennials have cited the fact that their moms purchased tighty whities when they were growing up, as boxers and boxer briefs hadn't quite made a mark on below-the-belt fashions in the early '90s. 

 In an interesting article on Mel Magazine, readers shot back at the aforementioned statements, indicating that men who still wear tighty whities as adults do so because they [sic]:

  • "Don't really care what covers their bottoms"
  • "Bought a pack on sale and wear them for frugality sake"
  • "Received them as a gift and therefore wear them"
  • "Some hipsters wear them because tighty-whities are 'retro' now"
  • "Emergency! They've got nothing left."

When asked why some men still wear tighty whities, one Reddit contributor said, "Do you like hugs? Cool. So does your sack." This would indicate that tigthy whities may have more benefit for some guys than we previously thought. Other readers cited the fact that they don't like their balls sticking to their legs, which is undeniably an uncomfortable experience for all elements involved. While some men prefer tighty whities when temperatures soar so they can keep their boys separated from their bodies in the right way, other readers who work in cold climates indicated they prefer tighty whities so they're balls can enjoy the warmth of their bodies without shriveling up or turning "funny colours". 

Another responder to the aforementioned Reddit post indicated that he wears tighty whities to hide his boners. We might ask you, dear reader, if this is truly a problem for most guys, or just that guy. At a certain age, unexpected boners kind of become a thing of the past, don't they? And if you're having trouble going in public because your pubic region might poke its face up to say hello, that almost sounds like more of a medical issue than something that's solely someone's underwear's responsibility. 

Who Still Wears Tighty Whities?

It's safe to say that none of these men have tried Manscaped's anti-chafing boxer briefs. If they had, they'd be in good company with the people who post positive reviews such as the following [sic]:

  • "I tried these out as I teach elementary PE in an old warm gym and needed to try anything I could to get away from the discomfort I felt each week. These have changed everything and I have no discomfort anymore. Worth every penny!"
  • "Extremely comfortable probably the best boxers I've worn."
  • "Everything about these are dead on. Waistband stayed in place all night even with tossing and turning and overall one of the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever warn."
  • "Comfortability and high quality at it's finest! Would definitely recommend buying if your looking for some good undergarments."
  • "Love how they let my boys breathe, as well as keep the boys from breaking out the bat wings."
  • "Bough these for my husband who has been dealing with some chafing issues. He says these are the absolute best, most comfortable boxers he's ever had."

Let's not forget, dear gents, that you're not the only ones who are buying your underwear. If you have a partner in the house, he or she might be making your ball-holding purchases. It's important to talk to your partner about your preferences, rather than just going with whatever drawers land in your drawers. If you have personal preferences, such as letting your balls breathe (and let's be honest—what guy doesn't want his balls to breathe??!), make sure your partner knows your preferences up front. It's not fair to be stuck with a pack of tighty whities just because you feel obligated to wear them around your junk. Now, if you're looking for something kinky that's for off-hours play, we won't judge if you don a banana hammock of the thong kind. What you do behind closed doors is your business; what you do when you're out in your day-to-day life is ours. That's why we created boxer briefs that deliver maximum athletic performance by way of Crop Cooling Technology™ that'll keep your lower region at a temperature-controlled level while inhibiting overheating and facilitating optimum pH levels. And, thanks to our Contour Flex™ Fabric, you can rest assured that your boys will be able to breathe down there, even when you're working out or just working. 

When it comes to keeping your junk calm, cool, and collected, nothing does the job quite like Manscaped Boxers. These anti-chafing, cooling boxer briefs will keep your boys exactly where they need to be all day long. Order yours online today!



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