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Why boxer briefs are a game-changer.

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Why boxer briefs are a game-changer.

How’s it hanging? 

We ask that a lot around here because in this line of work, it’s a particularly important question. 

When you really think about it, the answer to that question probably depends largely on what you’re wearing right now. If you’re in too-tight jeans, it’s not hanging so well. The same can be said if your underwear is uncomfortable. 

Since we really care and don’t just ask these things in passing, we want to take a minute to talk to you about your underwear. The hope is that by the end of this, you can make sure that it’s always hanging great. 

MANSCAPED 2.0 boxers

What are you wearing? 

What are you wearing right now? How does it feel? Are your giblets a little toasty? Do they ever get cool? How about moisture? Are they stewing in a pile of sweat right now, or are they nice and dry? Too dry? 

You’ve lived with this stuff your whole life. You know exactly what we mean when we say the phrase “stuck to a leg”.  

So the question stands right now. What are you wearing, and how does it feel? 

For most guys, there are a few popular options: briefs, boxers, and commando. (We’ll talk about boxer briefs a little later.) 

So you’re a tighty whitey guy? 

Briefs have been a classic underwear choice for years. They fit snugly. They don’t waste space. They’re easy to take care of. But they have some drawbacks. 

Most notably, briefs can pinch the skin right at the edge of your nether regions. It’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world. On top of that, they can trap a lot of heat, and that can actually exacerbate health complications. This isn’t to say that briefs are going to destroy your junk, but if you happen to have any health issues down there, briefs can complicate matters further. 

Despite all of that, briefs are still the preferred underwear for intense physical activity. They offer more support, and if you’re bouncing around a lot in your exercise, that support is the most valuable thing in the world. 

Oh, you prefer boxers? 

Boxers are kind of the opposite of briefs. Briefs hug the boys pretty closely. Boxers are called “shorts” for a reason. They fit nice and loose. They leave a lot of room to breathe. They certainly aren’t trapping heat or squeezing your stuff (assuming they fit). 

Does that mean that boxers are the superior option? 

Not really. The drawback to boxers is that they offer no support whatsoever. They’re pretty much the worst thing to wear if your daily life involves activities more vigorous than an ambling walk. 

It’s gotta be commando. 

Maybe no underwear is the better choice. You can be truly free like nature intended. After all, our caveman ancestors didn’t wear anything. That has to be the superior option, right? 


Boxers and briefs offer trade-offs, but they each offer benefits. Commando is a clearly inferior option. 

The thing to remember is that our caveman ancestors didn’t wear anything. They certainly didn’t wear pants with metal zippers. That alone is a good reason to never go commando. 

But there’s more. Underwear is supposed to help you control moisture around the boys. When you go commando, there’s no assistance at all, so you’ll sweat freely and it will smell bad. If you want to fit in with modern society, you need underwear. 

By all means, what you do on your own time in the comfort of your own home is entirely up to you. But when you’re out in the world, wear some underwear. 

What should you be wearing? 


So what’s the point of all of this? Why are we even discussing underwear? Is there really something valuable to learn? 

It turns out that a lot of guys are reluctant to try new underwear, which is kind of weird. Your mom bought you a specific type of underwear when you were a child, and that’s just your life now? 

No. We can do better. 

So, in true MANSCAPED® fashion, we’re going to discuss how you can pick the best underwear. 

Spoiler alert: The best underwear is usually boxer briefs, but there are a few points to make in order to reach that conclusion. 


When it comes to choosing the best underwear, lifestyle matters a lot. Considering the pros and cons of boxers and briefs, one type might be better for a long day of work in an office while the other is preferable when training for a marathon. 

Expanding on those ideas, there are a couple of things to realize.  

First, you can have different types of underwear. It’s actually okay to wear boxers to work and briefs to a workout. That’s allowed. You can even go commando when you’re having a day at home all to yourself. 

We want to harp on this to break some of you out of the linear mode of thinking where you just throw on the same underwear no matter what. Take care of your boys. Wear the garments that fit the moment. 



Something that is easy to overlook is that different underwear styles lend themselves to different fabrics. Sure, you can find pure cotton for any type, but have you ever heard of silk briefs? There’s a reason for that. 

The design of the underwear has a big impact on how hot you get down there, and hotter balls demand breathable fabrics. They also need really good moisture wicking. 

With boxers, you can get away with a larger range of fabrics, but ultimately you want stuff that feels good on your skin.  

The secret to great underwear is to get a perfect fabric blend. These days, technology can do amazing things, and you can get a fabric that’s a mix of different high-quality ingredients that all come together to be soft, comfortable, easy to take care of, cooling, low friction, and moisture wicking. 

That sounds like a lot of promises, but high-quality microfiber fabrics exist, they’re fantastic, and it’s past time for you to upgrade from pure low-quality cotton to something better. 


Of course, we can’t overlook the fit. No matter your style, the underwear should fit comfortably around your waist without leaving any indentation marks on your skin. It shouldn’t be so tight that it makes any of your nether regions uncomfortable, but if it’s too loose, you don’t get any support. 

The truth is that boxers and briefs both fall short in this category. Briefs tend to get uncomfortable pretty easily, and boxers have no support to offer at all. The inferior fit of these types of underwear is really why boxer briefs have taken over. 

How boxer briefs are changing the game 

That brings us to the crux of today’s lecture. Boxer briefs give you the best of both worlds. You can have the comfort of boxers with the support of briefs. The lack of elastic bands creeping up under your scrotum certainly makes them more comfortable, but a snug, comfortable fit means that you don’t have to suffer the excruciating sensations of bouncing around. 

You get better temperature control, and because they do fit more snugly than boxers, you get effective moisture wicking. Boxer briefs actually help you stink less. 

On top of that, good boxer briefs offer improved designs that take things to the next level. You’ve probably seen pictures or examples in the store. Good boxer briefs create a pouch for your junk. That gives you room to move around in comfort, but it’s also a little bit reinforced to offer protection. And because the pouch isn’t cavernous, it also helps hold your stuff in place, minimizing those painful bounces. 

This is just a better way to approach underwear. 

Not all boxer briefs are the same. 

Unfortunately, you can’t just roll up to the store, pick a random pack of boxer briefs, and live happily ever after. There are cheap and inferior products on some shelves, and you’re here because you want the best. 

MANSCAPED® has two styles of boxer briefs, both engineered to make you more comfortable throughout the day. The original style was cleverly named MANSCAPED® Boxers. We later revisited the design and made a bunch of improvements, yielding MANSCAPED® Boxers 2.0.  

What these lack in dazzling nomenclature they make up for in performance. They’re made with micro modal and viscose, excellent materials for comfort and cooling. The seams are designed specifically to avoid chafing. They're tagless, machine washable, and touched with satin waistbands to push things to that highest level. 

You can also find a few different fun patterns. We have solid colors, black patterns, and the extra fun happy balls pattern. 



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