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manscaped set

All you need to start your grooming ritual with Manscaped - in one box.

The Perfect Package
best bang
The Perfect Package

Limited Edition

The complete grooming kit for spectacular results

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$49 value

The Shed

Travel friendly & water resistant travel bag

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grooming supplies

Gentleman’s essentials.

The Lawn Mower

Electric hair trimmer


Crop Preserver

residue-free, anti-chafing Ball deodorizing moisturizer


Crop Cleanser

invigorating body wash loaded with vitamins


Crop Reviver

performance ready toner & refresher


The Plow

Safety razor


The Shears

Nail kit


The Shed

Travel bag


Magic Mat

set of disposable shaving mats


Man Mint

Ultra Fresh Breath Mints



“Your balls will thank you” logo tee


Blade Refill 10X

Refill Pack The Plow Blades