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Group of MANSCAPED® models posing while wearing the new Boxers 2.0

Welcome to

Our goal when
we began was to truly
understand men.

We started with the groin because other brands weren’t talking about it, much less making products specifically for it.

How can you cater to men if you don’t care about their most sensitive parts?

Paul Tran, Founder & CEO at MANSCAPED®
Our Founder
and CEO,
Paul Tran
Inside look at the MANSCAPED® Innovation Labs

MANSCAPED® Innovation Labs

Our world class research and development facilities where our industry leaders design solutions to meet men’s grooming needs. We want to make handsome a habit.


MANSCAPED is helmed by a well-groomed and gifted bunch of creative professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields.

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The Lawn Mower changed the way over 10 million men (20 million balls ;) talk to each other about grooming.

This inspired us to create more game-changing products.

Senior Leadership Team at MANSCAPED®
MANSCAPED™ brand story on refining the gentlemen began in 2016


Our Brand's History

As we continue to evolve and find new ways to help men be the best versions of themselves they can be, we must pay homage to our bold, below-the-waist beginnings.

In 2017, the Lawn Mower from MANSCAPED™ was born
Lawn Mower 1.0


The Lawn Mower is born.

Men’s balls everywhere rejoice.

In 2018, the Lawn Mower 2.0 was released with new improvements from the first iteration
Lawn Mower 2.0


We drop The Lawn Mower 2.0

This sequel didn’t disappoint. We listened to what men wanted and delivered with a more powerful and ergonomic design.

In 2019, the Lawn Mower 3.0 releases with the addition of more power, an adjustable trimmer guard, and a new LED light
Lawn Mower 3.0


Another one! The Lawn Mower 3.0

We added a charging dock, boosted the RPM’s to 7000, upgraded the adjustable trimmer guard, and gave it an LED light for an improved grooming experience.

In 2020, the Wheed Whacker was created to help combat other men's grooming needs
Weed Whacker


The Weed Whacker creates buzz

The Robin to our Lawn Mower’s Batman. The Weed Whacker was created as the ultimate sidekick to cover more of men’s grooming needs.

MANSCAPED™ takeover of Penn Station in New York
Weed Whacker


Penn Station Takeover

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere baby! MANSCAPED made a huge splash with a full takeover of Penn Station in New York, officially announcing to the world that we are a brand to be reckoned with.

In 2021, the Lawn Mower 4.0 is released with wireless charging, travel lock, and two adjustable guard lengths
Lawn Mower 4.0


Hallelujah! It’s The Lawn Mower 4.0

Featuring a wireless charging system, travel lock, battery indicator light, and two adjustable trimming guard lengths, this is the crown jewel in below-the-waist trimmers. Oh, did we also mention it looks really damn good!?

Lawn Mower 4.0


49ers Stadium Takeover

Back at it again. We teamed up with one of the most iconic franchises in sports history to tackle over 265 unique placements in state-of-the-art Levi’s® Stadium. Our efforts were embraced by the Niner Faithful, and further cemented MANSCAPED as the leaders in male grooming.

In 2022, UltraPremium collection launches with a focus on beyond the groin grooming
2 in 1 Shampoo


UltraPremium Launch

We’ve always been a champion of the groin, but this was the year that we boldly went beyond to take care of the rest of the body. From your hair up there to overall quality skincare, the UltraPremium Collection was proudly launched to help men feel clean and confident all over.

We sign Pete Davidson


We sign Pete Davidson

Who better to represent the brand than comedian, actor, and “BDE” icon Pete Davidson? A longtime fan and customer (his mom bought him his first Lawn Mower!), adding MANSCAPED Brand Partner to the list just made sense.

The Beard Hedger™ Makes its Debut


The Beard Hedger™ Makes its Debut

Started from the bottom now we’re beard. Continuing to grow our “above-the-waist” product line, we launched The Beard Hedger™, a precision-designed beard-sculpting machine, complete with intuitive zoom wheel to select up to 20 lengths, titanium-coated stainless-steel t-blade and a premium look and feel.

We launch Weed Whacker® 2.0


We launch Weed Whacker® 2.0

This sleek sequel features an improved rotary steel blade for superior performance and comfort – a true cut above the rest.

The Handyman™ Enters the Chat


The Handyman™ Enters the Chat

We gave the traditional foil shaver a facelift and designed the ultimate compact electric face shaver for grooming on the go.

High Tech for Low Places: Introducing The Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra


High Tech for Low Places: Introducing The Lawn Mower® 5.0 Ultra

Meet the new gold standard of groin grooming. This next generation of our marquee product comes equipped with an interchangeable dual-head system that provides a fully customizable trimming experience.

Sure, your groin deserves the best. But so does the rest of your body.

From your privates to your not so privates, we're passionate about creating the best products for every part of you. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

Showcasing some of the top men's grooming products from MANSCAPED®
Male models jumping and posing while wearing the new MANSCAPED® Boxers 2.0

We want you hitting on all cylinders. We're leveling up your grooming game, so you can be at the top of yours.

Because when you look, feel, and smell your best, there is nothing to stop you from becoming that carefree, fun-loving, stylish, risk-taking renegade you've always been.

We Save Balls®
MANSCAPED® & Testicular Cancer Society partnership
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Why should you groom your man parts?


Excess hair can trap dirt and sweat, resulting in odor and bacteria.


Trimming the hedges makes the tree look bigger. Need we say more?


8 out of every 10 partners find groomed men more attractive than unkempt men.


Gain confidence, giving you an edge in your career and social life.

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