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Manscaped, Inc. and its affiliates (“Manscaped”) maintains a Do Not Call list and this Do Not Call Policy (“Policy”) for compliance with applicable laws, including TCPA. 

This Policy is available upon request.  To request a copy of this Policy, please use the contact information below.  If you would like to be added to Manscaped’s company specific Do Not Call List, please use the contact information below.  At a minimum, you must provide your telephone number(s).  Any additional telephone numbers must be provided to Manscaped to be added to Manscaped’s company specific Do Not Call List.  Please allow up to thirty days for your telephone number to be added to the Manscaped company specific Do Not Call List, and for calls to the registered number to cease.


Manscaped, Inc.

Attn.: DNC Compliance

3394 Carmel Mountain Road, Suite 140

San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: (800) 497-3037


  1. Generally. Manscaped and its employees respect the wishes of those individuals who utilize the Do Not Call list, or request that Manscaped not contact them by telephone.  To that end, Manscaped instituted this Policy, and intends to comply with this Policy and requests for no telephonic contact.  This Policy is mandatory for Manscaped in connection with its telephonic campaigns.
  2. Do Not Call Policy.
    1. Consumers may request that Manscaped refrain from or cease to call them, and place the consumer’s name on Manscaped’s company-specific Do Not Call list (“Manscaped List”).  Any request to be placed on the Manscaped List may be made in writing, or by telephone, to the contact above.
    2. Consumers need only provide Manscaped with the pertinent telephone number(s) to be placed on the Manscaped List. 
    3. Any consumer, whether a past or present customer or otherwise, may request to be placed on the Manscaped List. 
    4. Upon receipt of a request for a phone number or phone numbers to be added to the Manscaped List, Manscaped will endeavor to immediately process the request. All requests will be processed within thirty (30) days. 
    5. Once received and processed, a request to be placed on the Manscaped List will remain on the Manscaped List for at least five (5) years.
    6. If a consumer moves, changes its telephone number, or adds more telephone numbers, the consumer must provide Manscaped with any updated or changed telephone numbers for the applicable number to be added to the Manscaped List. 
    7. Manscaped can only add to the Manscaped List the exact number(s) it receives, so consumers should be careful to provide the correct and complete phone number.
    8. The telephone numbers provided to Manscaped as a part of a request to be added to the Manscaped List will be treated as confidential, and only shared as necessary to comply with the do not call request.
    9. To the extent Manscaped works with third parties that perform telemarketing services for Manscaped, Manscaped will forward any updates to the Manscaped List on a regular basis. 
    10. Being on the Manscaped List means that a consumer will not receive a sales call on behalf of Manscaped. Manscaped may still contact you for non-solicitation purposes, including billing information or order questions.
  3. Agents and Employees. All Manscaped employees and agents that are involved with outbound telephone solicitation for Manscaped are trained in this Policy, as well as other Manscaped internal policies.   This Policy is reviewed with employees by management on a regular basis, and re-training is implemented as necessary.  Further, Manscaped reviews this Policy on a regular basis to determine any necessary modifications.
  4. Requesting A Copy. If a consumer requests a copy of this Policy, it will be sent by US Mail to the address provided by the consumer, or electronic mail, to the electronic mail address provided by the consumer.  This Policy is also posted at
  5. National Do Not Call List. Manscaped honors the national Do Not Call List, however, in certain circumstances, Manscaped may be able to call its own customers, even if the customer is on a state or national Do Not Call List.  If a consumer desires that Manscaped not call them, even though the consumer is a Manscaped customer, the consumer should add its telephone number to the Manscaped List using the process described above.  The Federal Trade Commission also offers a free service to consumers allowing them to place their residential phone number on a National Do Not Call Registry. This service is offered and maintained by the federal government, not by Manscaped. Consumers may add their residential phone number to this list either by calling 888-382-1222 or by going to
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