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The following products of MANSCAPED, LLC and/or affiliate companies are protected by patents in the U.S., the European Union, United Kingdom and elsewhere. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions.  In accordance with 35 U.S.C. § 287(a), this website provides notice that the products listed below are protected by the associated patents listed below.  The following list may not be all inclusive, and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents pending in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Product NamePatent Status
THE LAWN MOWER® 3.0U.S. Pat. No. D908,962. U.S. Pat. No. D955,049. European Registered Community Design No. 007512561-0001. United Kingdom Design Registration No. 90075125610001. Chinese Industrial Design Registration No. ZL 305830783 S.
THE LAWN MOWER® 4.0U.S. Pat Application 29/776,030 pending; Chinese Industrial Design Registration No. ZL 202130204425.5. Chinese Industrial Design Registration No. ZL 202130210903.3; Vietnam Industrial Design Registrations 35818; Malaysia Industrial Design Registrations 21-E1195-0104, 21-E1195-0204, 21-E1195-0304, and 21-E1195-0404; Indonesia Industrial Design Registration A00202102946.
WEED WHACKER® 2.0U.S. Pat Application 29/881,958 pending; Chinese Industrial Design Registration 202330145311.7 pending; United Kingdom Industrial Design Registration 6279402; European Union Industrial Design Registration 015017528; Vietnam Industrial Design Registration 3-2023-00647 pending; Malaysia Industrial Design Registration 23-E0649-0101 pending.
THE BEARD HEDGER™U.S. Pat Application 29/873,004 pending; Chinese Industrial Design Registration 202330282334.2 pending; United Kingdom Industrial Design Registration 6284665 pending; European Union Industrial Design Registration 015020327
THE BODY BUFFER™U.S. Pat. Application 29/850,778 pending; Chinese Industrial Design Registration 202230783855.1 pending; United Kingdom Industrial Design Registrations 6246876, 6246877, and 6246878; European Union Industrial Design Registrations 015008494-0001 and 015008494-0002; Vietnam Industrial Design Registrations 3-2023-00049, and 3-2023-0050 pending; Malaysia Industrial Design Registrations 23-E0232-0103, 23-E0232-0203, and 23-E0232-0303 pending; Indonesia Industrial Design Registrations A00202300473 and A00202300489 pending.
OVERNIGHTER™ BAGU.S. Pat. Application 29/873,583 pending.
SKINSAFE™ REPLACEMENT BLADEU.S. Pat. Application 17/442,785 pending, U.S. Pat. Application 29/776,509 pending; U.S. Pat. Application 29/808,751 pending; European Patent Application 21789410.4 pending; European Union Industrial Design Registration 08782114-0001; Chinese Industrial Design Registrations ZL 202130210839.9 and ZL 202130752462.9; Chinese Utility Model ZL 2021220661036; Chinese Invention Patent 2021110056198 pending; Vietnam Industrial Design Registrations 35816 and 36075; Malaysia Industrial Design Registrations 21-E1202-0102 and 21-E1202-0202; Malaysia Industrial Design Registration 21-E1767-0101 pending. Indonesia Industrial Design Registrations A00202102948 and A11212211245 pending; Great Britain Design Registration 6172553.
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