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Replenish Pack

$29.99 (a $65 value)
Replenish Pack

Replenish Pack

$29.99 (a $65 value)

Thanks for Joining the Manscaped Movement, you handsome devil, you.

We’d like to reward you for your sheer brilliance and manscaping capabilities by offering you our exclusive Replenish Pack. So don’t fear if you run out of the products that have enriched your life. We’ve got you (and your nuts) covered! For a piddly $29.99, you get everything you need to replenish your Perfect Package. For existing Manscaped customers only.

  • Crop Cleanser invigorating body wash loaded with vitamins
  • Crop Preserver residue-free, anti-chafing moisturizer
  • Crop Reviver performance ready toner & refresher
  • Magic Mat set of disposable shaving mats
  • Refill Pack The Plow Blades The Plow blade refill (10 blades)

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formulated to perform

what you get

Crop Cleanser

You know the deal: Treat your jewels properly and watch your love life explode. Our Crop Cleanser is strong enough to cleanse your manly bits without over drying them. Ingredients like aloe and sea salt soothe and invigorate, while Manscaped Active pH Control™ maintains a proper skin pH for less irritation and redness.

Crop Preserver

Only the elite among us know that ball deodorant is a need, not a want. This unique liquid talcum moisturizer keeps your bits dry, moisturized, and smelling great. (Because we all know that high temp areas like the groin make for funky scents.) Features Manscaped Active pH Control™ for a balanced skin moisture barrier.

Crop Reviver

Wilted manhood? No way! With Crop Reviver, a few spritzes of what the ladies call olfactory heaven is all you need. Not a cologne, not a soap, but a refreshing toner. Spritz this when your goods aren’t feeling so good, day or night, and get refreshed! Features Manscaped Active pH Control™ for scent and freshness control.

Magic Mat

Collect your trimmings, and you (and your housekeeper) can breathe easy. No errant hairs to vacuum or mop up when you have the Magic Mat. Keep your bathroom clean, and keep laughing with the entertaining news featured on this set of handy, disposable, newspaper-style mats. After trimming, just discard. Now that’s neat.

Refill Pack The Plow Blades

Sharp edges never felt so good. Refill Manscaped’s perfectly-sized single-blade razor with its specialty blades. After using the trimmer, get detail-oriented around your manhood with these uber-smoothing blades you’ll find in The Plow. For your refining pleasure.

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