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cologne - limited edition


Revel in the sense of refinement and masculinity with this one-of-a-kind, alluring fragrance. A clean and fresh scent designed for the refined gentleman. Opening with a light citrus burst, it dances around with a gentle touch of sambac jasmine before settling into the anchoring notes of vetiver and light woods. Refined is the essence of Manscaped, bottled.

  • Signature Manscaped scent smells just like our other formulations 
  • Light, yet masculine, pleasing fragrance
  • Long-lasting scent doesn’t fade quickly
  • Non-allergenic ingredients
  • Formulated by Whiff Perfume Labs
  • 50ml spray bottle

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Refined Masculinity On Demand

designed to impress

crisp, clean, and sophisticated

A sophisticated approach to standing out amongst the masses. It’s your statement: strong enough to make an impression, but charming enough to intrigue.


A citrusy burst, known to inspire confidence and composure and demanding the outmost respect from those you encounter. Has staying power, but won’t clear a room.


Demands the utmost respect from those you encounter in the most subtle way. The perfect complement to a firm handshake.

how to use

1. Spray cologne behind each ear. In doing so, you won’t cause irritation if you’ve just shaved your neck. And if anyone is trying to kiss the sides of your neck, they won’t get a mouthful of cologne.

2. Spray cologne on the back of the neck , where the hairline stops. This will create a scent trail as you go about your day, causing heads to spin and attraction to occur.

pro tip:

Spray on DRY skin (preferably right after a shower), 3-6 inches from your skin.

what people say

Make A Bold Statement Tonight

Try Refined Cologne

What people say

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Make A Bold Statement Tonight

Try Refined Cologne
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