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Crop Care Kit

Crop Care Kit Replenishment

Crop Care Kit

Premium Groin Hygiene Bundle

Crop Care Kit includes premium formulations for below-the-waist hygiene of the modern man. Control odor and fight bacteria with the cruelty-free and vegan ingredients found in this luxurious hygiene bundle. Prepare for an active lifestyle with the Crop Preserver™ anti-chafing ball deodorant infused with cooling Aloe Vera. Refresh on the go with the Crop Reviver™ ball toner & refresher. Wipe away sweat and protect your undercarriage with Crop Mop™ ball wipes. Level up your shower routine with Crop Cleanser™ body wash. Experience Foot Duster™ foot deodorant, a free gift with your order!

  • Maximum odor defense
  • Legendary MANSCAPED™ scent
  • Male hygiene made easy

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kit includes


Collect your trimmings, and you (and your housekeeper) can breathe easy. No errant hairs to vacuum or mop up when you have the Magic Mat. Keep your bathroom clean, and keep laughing with the entertaining news featured on this set of handy, disposable, newspaper-style mats. After trimming, just discard. Now that’s neat.

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