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Crop Cleanser


Crop Cleanser

invigorating body wash loaded with vitamins

8 oz

  • Description
  • Ingredients

This uniquely formulated moisturizing hair and body wash was designed specifically for high activity and total body cleansing. Ingredients include soothing aloe and sea salt. Infused with natural hydrators to leave your skin clean, fresh, moisturized and reinvigorated, it’s perfect for post trimming, as well as during everyday showering.

Formulation callout:

  • Features Active pH Control™
  • Carefully balanced formula that both cleanses and hydrates
  • Regulates skin’s natural sebum activity
  • Unique formulation complements and prepares skin for all Manscaping activity, including trimming and refining

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formulated to perform

cleanses and nourishes

Natural ingredients like aloe and sea salt cleanses and freshens the skin while keeping your skin hydrated and nourished.

all-around wash

A luxury foaming utility gel wash suited for the entire body including hair and body.

unique scent

Unique Manscaped scent keeps you feeling fresh the entire day.

how to use

After trimming, it’s time to wash up. Use the Crop Cleanser gel wash as both a shampoo and body wash for all over cleansing. To use as shampoo, use 1-2 pumps, apply to hair, lather, and rinse. To use as a body wash, apply 2-4 pumps to a washcloth, then vigorously scrub your body, paying special attention to the just-trimmed areas.

pro tip:

Our unique Manscaped scent is sophisticated and is great for not only your body, but your hair, too.

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