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At Manscaped we are committed to helping keep a man’s most prized assets clean, healthy, and happy. Maintaining your pH levels is medically proven to improve your skin’s health and reduce the risk of infection, which is why we invented Manscaped Crop Mop wipes. For healthy balls, wipe away, twice a day!

  • Formulated with Active pH Control™ to keep scrotum skin free of irritation and inflammation
  • Infused with aloe for soothing skin
  • Wallet-sized for easy usage while travelling or on the go
  • 10 pack of individually wrapped pH balanced ball wipes

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Crop Mop: The Ultimate Confidence Booster

Convenient Size

Crop Mop wipes are conveniently wallet-sized for easy, on-the-go ball freshening! Keep them in your pocket or wallet.

Macho Material Technology™

Made of a sturdy, multi-layer woven fabric, Crop Mop wipes are extra strong and leave no fabric residue on skin. No lint balls here.

Active pH Control™

Crop Mop wipes feature Manscaped’s proprietary ingredients to actively balance pH levels for on-the-go cleaning and anti-chafing comfort.

designed to perform


Keep scrotum skin free from irritation and inflammation that can result in redness and itchiness. Perfect for keeping clean in between showers.


Our motto is “always be caught with your pants down,” and with these ball wipes, you (and your balls) can always be ready for anything that comes your way. Revel in the fact that your boys are fresh and clean! Others will notice it, too.


Formulated with proprietary anti-chafing ingredients to keep your balls silky soft and healthy. Wipe away bacteria to maintain optimal sexual health and reduce unpleasant crotch odor.

How to use:

The average day can be quite taxing for the male groin. So taxing that one may feel the need to take an immediate shower to get rid of the sins of the day, but sometimes that shower is hours away. Well, Manscaped has got your nuts covered. Whether you’re sitting all day in front of a computer, hammering away at construction, or saving babies from a burning building, we know your balls take a beating. Keep them protected and clean throughout the day with the Crop Mop wipes. Designed for the man on-the-go, Crop Mop wipes can be stored in your wallet, car, gym bag, or work locker.

To use: Simply tear open package from the top right corner, remove wipe, and unfold. Simply wipe around the back and under the sack for maximum freshness and protection. Repeat as necessary until you feel clean and confident.

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